I read yesterday about Manifesting Experiment 3 and I think I need some help... I find a bit difficult to write them backwards. I have made a list of what worked for me when I learned my second language, and made the list the other way around.

See how it looks:

~Speak fluently.

~Read fluently, without need of a dictionary. (For me it works this way, when I get to read a lot, I start feeling like speaking. I know it is different for other people)

~Read short, easy texts, with a little help of a dictionary.

~Learn advanced vocabulary.

~Get to understand the Grammar right.

~Do some exercises.

~Learn basic vocabulary.

And I think this is it! (It's a language I already knew and forgot, that's why my grammar only needs revision, not learning).

Am I forgetting something? How will it work to spend only five minutes daily learning vocabulary? Wouldn't it take me ages?

Vesuvius has already told me how visualizing helps learning faster here, and I mean to apply both methods, but I am still not sure that I got it right. (I mean Manifesting Experiment 3)

Please help me out! :)


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Hi BJ09,

Thanks for asking the question.

The idea of working on it for five minutes is only a suggestion...there is nothing magical about doing five minutes work on anything :)

The idea of Manifesting Experiment 3 is to make you feel good (in alignment) about the goal you are chasing.

What happens with many people is that they set a goal, list a series of actions to take to achieve that goal and, once the initial surge of enthusiasm wears off, the tasks feel difficult to do so they start skipping them, and soon they reach a stage where whenever they think about their goal they now feel bad that they haven't stuck to their plan.

The goal now becomes another source of resistance in their lives, instead of providing inspiration and focus.

It's that feeling bad that is the problem, not the fact that they haven't done the tasks on the plan. The truth is that you can actually not do most of the tasks on your plan but, because you remain in a good-feeling place about your goal, it will still manifest (sooner or later).

So I only suggested doing five minutes work daily as the minimum required to let yourself win at this game for the day - and thereby let yourself feel good that you are doing something, rather than feel bad that you haven't done everything yet.

There is no upper limit on the amount of time you can keep working on any goal task on any day if you feel like it once you have completed that minimum.

If five minutes seems too little as a daily minimum, make it larger, or even choose some other measurement of what your daily minimum should be, such as an idea a day, if it is appropriate to your goal.

In my own rather busy life, I have days when five minutes spent on anything non-essential can seem like a luxury. For other people, it might be way too little. Choose whatever time (or work unit) you feel is right for you but make sure it is something that you can stick to everyday no matter what...so that you experience the daily win.

Regarding the steps in your plan, it really doesn't matter too much if you can't list them all. The only step that is vital is to know what the next step is.

So you could actually implement this method just by knowing what your goal is, what the next step towards your goal is, and nothing else.

Every time you complete the current next step, you can then think of what the new next step is, and focus on that.

One reason I suggested doing a full Backwards Plan upfront is that through the visualization of the steps involved, you are performing a useful exercise in vibrational alignment. If you can make your goal feel real and achievable to you, it will manifest more quickly than if it seems like a vague, distant far-off thing. Having a plan can make the achievement of the goal seem more believable to you...it's like having a map of exactly where to go, instead of just wandering aimlessly around.

Another reason is that the feeling of progression towards your goal is much more significant if you can see the milestones being achieved along the way. As you put more and more completion marks on your chart, you will start to be drawn into wanting to keep an unbroken list of completion marks.

Having something to work towards that is gradually building-up can be highly motivating. It's one of the principles that Inward Quest operates on...having a reputation score that keeps growing keeps you more engaged with the website (even if you are not consciously aware of it) than if you just randomly asked or answered questions now and again.


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If, by feeling good, you mean motivated and inspired to take the natural next steps towards achieving your goal, then I am on board one hundred percent. I'm still not convinced that simply feeling good about accomplishing something (especially something tangible like learning a new language) can be achieved by simply feeling good about it unless, by feeling good about it, you are drawn to those natural actions (whether they be physical or mental) that would cause the goal to be achieved.

(05 Oct '10, 20:32) Vesuvius

You can also become the kind of person who will attract people who want to help you. Motivational problems underscore most peoples' ability to achieve things, so the value of working on that aspect cannot be underestimated. Still...

(05 Oct '10, 20:37) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius - yes, the idea of this method is to take enough action on a consistent daily basis that you then feel naturally inspired to take more action. The action that needs to be taken to align with your beliefs draws you towards it so it feels effortless rather you needing to push yourself into it. I have to still say though that manifestations do happen out of the blue without action...but I would say you need to be open to the possibility of them. If you believe action is absolutely necessary (as this method assumes), then action will be absolutely necessary.

(05 Oct '10, 21:17) Stingray

Thanks, @Stingray. Each time we spar like this I gain a little better understanding.

(05 Oct '10, 21:49) Vesuvius

@Stingray Thanks for replying! This is the experiment I'm having more trouble understanding. Didn't want to seem dumb, but I had to ask. :P Quote: "In my own rather busy life, I have days when five minutes spent on anything non-essential can seem like a luxury." I am afraid that in those days, my five min work towards my goal feel more like a chore instead of making me feel good about it. I need to feel certain that that won't be the case or it will spoil the whole thing! Another problem is consistency. Inconsistency is my middle name. I need to defeat that... I want to succeed this time!

(06 Oct '10, 14:01) BridgetJones09

@Vesuvius Thanks for your input too. I also gain understanding with your sparing. :)

(06 Oct '10, 14:04) BridgetJones09

One more thing (sorry): Say I do 10 min or longer, I get a completion mark ✔, but if later during the day I do 5 more min, I get another completion mark, that making two ✔✔, right?

(06 Oct '10, 15:28) BridgetJones09

@BJ09 - yes, you are right...the five minute minimum will seem like a chore...that's why the chore aspect of it is so small, just five minutes. But the trade-off is that it will still make you feel good once you've done that five minute chore, so it opens up the possibility that you will then do more and will feel inspired to do more. You don't need to force this inspiration to come. If day in, day out, you are just turning up at the goal, sooner or later, you will reach a vibrational tipping point and the inspiration will start coming.

(06 Oct '10, 17:25) Stingray

@BJ09 - yes, you only get a ✔ everytime you start again later. The reason for this is that it is often starting a task that is the hardest part of it. You must have encountered the situation where you have been putting off a task for a long, long time. Then finally when you start it, you just feel so good that you started it that you keeping going and going with it. I've discovered so many times in my own life that if you can get past the hurdle of starting something, you are well on your way to completing it.

(06 Oct '10, 17:28) Stingray

@Stingray Thank you! I am already on my track :) One ✔ yesterday!

(07 Oct '10, 12:10) BridgetJones09

Well done, BJ09 :)

(07 Oct '10, 18:05) Stingray
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