What is the difference between an arrogant person and someone who is confident and has charisma?

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The difference is how we look at it. it's a matter of personal opinion ( of others ). for the person himself I believe it's the same state of mind. with different degrees of course, but it doesn't make it a different state of mind at all. this difference in degrees creates different reactions from us. some of us would think it's bad, and call it arrogance. others would find it ok, and call it self confidence. that's why you will find the same person believed to be both, at the same time, by different people.


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It does seem to come down to our perception.

(01 Nov '09, 15:14) Pink Diamond

Arrogance is a trait of the ego and is a feeling of self importance that usually includes some kind of contempt or feeling of superiority to others. Genuine self confidence comes from your higher self and is a self assurance in your own ability without any feelings of being superior to anyone else.


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An arrogant person usually needs to show others that s/he is better than others or more correct, smarter, richer, more knowledgeable etc. This desire to rise higher than others may come from an inner feeling of inadequacy, which the arrogant person wants to cover by trying to lower other people. Arrogance is very ego-centric.

A confident person usually has a balanced and realistic image of himself/herself. This surety has been gained through experience. A confident person is not threatened when others do well. Confidence is usually a mature and soulful stance where there is room for other influence than the ego.


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I'd say also that arrogance is more a sign of someone who doesn't value themselves so they puff themselves up big to look better. Arrogant seeming people tend to be quite insecure underneath in my experience.

Confident people don't need anyone to approve of them; they approve of themselves without needing to tell anyone or make it obvious, so they come across as more genuine and likeable too.


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Arrogance is an over bearing manner, intolerable presumption, and insolent pride. Which mean it is an person that acts like for what ever reason status in life, money, power or whatever he/she feels more than you and acts that way for he/she has made it to that status in life and he/she feels they are intitle to act that way for they are an higher class than you are financially, prestigiously, famously or whatever and you should know this and act accordingly.

Confidence is a feeling of selfassurance, a feeling of trust in a person, reliance, good faith. Because they are confident in them selves or others for their qualifications, hard work, gut feeling or what ever they feel it within themselves for themselves or others. They trust in, depend on and have faith in themselves or others.

So arrogance and confidence is nothing alike they are as different as night and day. One makes you feel proud if someone has confidence in you but if they show arrogance towards you; you feel belittle, deflated, disrespected and made to feel lets of an person.


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We could judge someone as being arrogance but simply they were doing confidently to help us. We could judge someone as being confidence but simply they were doing proudly to show something as the best.

If they are arrogance, simply put they have less sense of helping someone rather put their self on a first priority (or at least more important than the others).

What is the difference between arrogance and confidence? An arrogance splits priority orders for their own concerns, while confidence puts priority as it should be as far as their own faith.

  • It's within our heart, it's within their hearts. There is no way for us to judge accurately without getting closer to them and examine their faith, their tolerance properly.

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