Now I got myself with all the thinking perfectly "stuck" yet constantly changing.

What a great paradox! Then again not great at all.

Here is my dilemma, though it really isn't (But my ego-self sees it as such, where my "ego-selfless" don't). There are concepts of duality and oneness. The challenge I'm having right now, is that both of them, duality and oneness contain themselves. And are dependent on each others' existence. Duality creates oneness and oneness creates duality. Just like yin and yang. They are perfectly balanced and equal.

I have been exploring this concept for a while and now I'm seeing it everywhere and in everything. Paradoxically, it doesn't make me sad nor happy, yet it does make me both at the same time. You see I cannot even say, although I say it, that I want or not want something in life. Need or do not need anything.

Indeed you can argue, that one needs to eat and breath, but the result of that is life and not doing so results in (physical world) death. So there is and is not the need to do it. Therefore it can't even be argued.

Simply put, I cannot weigh one option over another. Because that's not how you can handle equality. For then it would not be equality and you are handling inequality.

Perception - all that it is. But how can you choose one side over another, if there's nothing to support the decision. In other words, all there is to support the decision are both sides at once.

And the more I think of this, the more I feel enlightened and unenlightened at once. So detached and attached to everything and nothing due to no perception yet all perceptions.

This post has become its own paradox. My ego-self screams "help!", while ego-selfless says "none is needed".

I feel like a villain and a victim at the same time. The Victim of my own crime :S

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well to help you out i could say this oneness or God is truth. everything exist in truth. if i ask you in truth does black and white exist? you will say yes it is true black and white you see the duality is in truth. even if you tell a false truth(lie) it is in truth. but then why did you need to add something false to the truth? for what reason? then you find out the reason of the lie in then why is the ego hiding the truth?since it will eventually blow up in your face? so the duality that blind you to the truth is your ego. ego is the false center. find the reason of what is false and you have the truth.then you have the meaning and it is put to rest in its proper place. you cannot stop your though or destroy your though. you can only understand them and put them to rest. sure you can ignore them and say i have stop them but who is saying that? the fact that the though comes back eventually is the proof that they where never stop in the first place. i am sure you have know some people like that they say i will solve this and they always come back with the same thing not solve. problem is always about other people and they do not look about them self for them only success is important they care not about other things. they will always ignore the truth they cannot stand it. they see truth as something removing their power. but in fact truth is the real power truth is God. out side of the truth nothing exist only total darkness the void empty dark space. God is himself and you are you like every one else. you are made in is image with the same potential. the oneness belief is not so bad in it self because we all communicate at the speed of light through the grace of God so yes some one could say that this is oneness. i am not a divider am i? it is the same thing in everything in this world there are different level of understanding.some use phone some know how phone works some built phone and some create phone. none of them are wrong at their level of understanding. some know more then other and can help the other one understand the next level. also yin and yang can become all white or all black.wuji and taiji. well lets say to answer if they are a point of no return that they are the farther shore you can go. what exist outside of God truth?


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white tiger

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In a way you are right white tiger. God or all there is - is existence. Equally to God then there is All there is not - the nonexistence. But since we are already part of existence, we do not need to care for nothingness. So we are already taking one side of duality in fact and so I don't feel so bad taking other sides of dualities from the grant scheme to tiny detail. Yet always being biased in the way of the truth of existence shall be my guide.

(27 Mar '12, 09:57) CalonLan
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