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I know that we all have probably wished at one time or another for this...I thought it would be nice to at least discuss it, and perhaps come to some sort of way to talk to each other more personally.

I am making this a Community Question, so I get nothing out of it! Just be polite, and let the group know what you think!

Blessings, Love and All that! Jaianniah By the way, this is how you say my name!!! JYE-ANN-NYE'-UH....or just JYE for short....jmg

asked 22 Mar '11, 19:39

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Barry Allen ♦♦


In the Thai language Jai or Jye means Heart ♥

(23 Mar '11, 00:16) Eddie

I just noticed the pronunciation guide for your name. I had it right, thanks for clearing that up. Mine is pronounced June like the month, i, purr like a kitty. It is obvious on here, but when I meet people it can be quite the thing to get them to say my name right. LOL not Jennifer, than you very much.

(23 Mar '11, 01:02) Fairy Princess

Eddie, that name was given to me by my Spirit Guide. He told me it meant "heart of God!!!!". It's very cool that it translates out into something!!!! Junie, thanks. Thanks to you both. Love and Blessings>>>>>>>>Jai

(23 Mar '11, 01:23) Jaianniah

Jai rythmes with pie ,I like both :D

(23 Mar '11, 10:15) ursixx

Nice. The reason I moved to Thailand is because unlike Western language and culture that's Head based, the Thai language and culture is Heart based. A good person is literally 'A Good Heart.' :)

(24 Mar '11, 02:14) Eddie
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Maybe instead of instant chat, have a mailbox so that we can send private messages to people would be good. I have never been in a chat room if that is what you mean. When I say instant chat, I mean that little pop up that you chat back and forth on, but when you leave, the conversation is gone. I like the idea of having inboxes that we can post private messages in.

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answered 22 Mar '11, 20:04

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Fairy Princess

Good point, Junie! I think you have something! Love>>>>>>>>

(22 Mar '11, 20:07) Jaianniah

I agree, instant chat is too Facebookie, lol. I'd be happy to receive and send private messages. Considering the nature of IQ and the common interest, we'd probably make a few good friends as well :)

(23 Mar '11, 00:21) Eddie

I'm sure I noticed a chat feature on the Inward Quest Facebook page, or maybe that was just related to an account I once tried...not sure.

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answered 22 Mar '11, 20:28

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Yes, you would have to join FB (reveal real identity), "like" inwardquest then find other likers that you recognize from IQ and have them accept you as a friend.

(22 Mar '11, 20:54) you

Yes agreed Latka Facebook is a rather clumsy way to handle this because it is a mixture of FaceBook friends and IQ friends that you can find and mostly when i am on Facebook I am taking care of my virtual farm anyway. lol

(23 Mar '11, 03:20) Wade Casaldi

Altering the software that runs Inward Quest to incorporate chat is not possible because we do not control the development of that software.

However, if there is demand (and some agreement from IQ participants as to what chat software/service to use) then we can certainly set up some kind of Inward Quest instant chat "place" for those who wish to take part.

So I can see if there is a genuine demand for this, please upvote this answer only if you think you would take part regularly in some kind of instant chat for IQ participants, and please comment to this answer with your preferred chat software/service.




There wasn't much of a response to the "chat" idea so I guess there is not that much interest from the regular users here.

However, it is clear there are some who use the site who do wish to have a greater degree of social involvement with other Inward Quest users. With that in mind, as you can see, we've now added some further Facebook features into the site pages to see if that helps a bit.

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answered 23 Mar '11, 07:55

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Simon Templeton ♦♦

edited 06 Apr '11, 18:17

It would be nice to mingle in a chat with you all agreed.but I wonder how much content to the core of the site would be lost.
Maybe have some kind of webnair where it would be on a predetermined date and recorded so could be played back? maybe with a topic? or not ,just shoot the breeze
if we look at Simons about page is a chat a missing bubble? or not? to link to a chat away from isnt that hard probly (chatnango) I think is an alternative
IMHO I like the solitude when I ask and answer. so a chat on the same page I would not like so I up vote for a remote chat not one on site
well thats my 2cents

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answered 23 Mar '11, 10:14

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I agree about not being interrupted while answering. These are deep questions and they require deep answers that require deep thinking. Some questions, I come back to a few days or a week later to answer after I have mulled it over.

(23 Mar '11, 14:36) Fairy Princess

A chat would degrade this site. Maybe a solid shoutbox for the mainpage may can improve the community thinking.

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answered 06 Apr '11, 20:27

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Tibor S.

Hi I have an idea for this chat capability on Inward quest.

Having made a couple of websites before, I know that there can be something like a subdomain which is treated differently from the main domain (As if it was a completely different site).

For instance, maybe it could be like and then the chat script would be installed on that domain without having to be restricted by the software that Inward quest is currently using.

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answered 08 Jul '11, 23:35

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Surely any way to be intouch with IQ friends would be good. I feel I know several already but instant chat would be much more personal.

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answered 23 Mar '11, 07:27

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