First of all I want to say hello to all of my old dear friends here. I love you all and miss you too. My life is been a bit crazy as of late. Many things in my own personal life, as well as with my work with channeling I do too. It is so amazing to think of how much I have changed and grown too sense I started coming here. I am in my life more so embracing new beliefs that allow me to be less resistant.

Letting go of all the things that that don't serve me and allowing new things in that do. It is amazing to see these things play out. Sometimes it feels very overwhelming and scary, and yet other times it feels so wonderful. In hindsight we see it is all perfect, just as it needs to be. I once answered a question that I have tried to find to reference here, but for the life of me I cannot locate it.

Basically the question ask " Do we lie about who we are on Inward Quest?" My answer was something to this effect, "I often have spurts of coming on and off here, I do that because vibrationally I can ONLY be here when I am in the vibration to take answers or to answer them from my heart to help benefit others.

Am I lying by doing this? NO. I am only not here when I am not of the vibration to do so. " And now that question brings me to this one. How does it work that for long periods of time I disappear from I.Q.?

How does it work when I am not here for months and months at a time, even when I am going through huge changes ? What would keep me away for so long?

Love u all


EDITED 7/15/2014

Again I find myself being away from a group I love so much and so dearly. I read the question/answer from here and it doesn't fit quite right. So much we change our thoughts and perceptions. I have grown in my own heart and mind SO MUCH sense I first started coming here, hell even sense the last time I posted LOL. Sense then I have been divorced from a marriage that was no longer fruitful and happy, I have moved into my own place with a lovely soulnmate of mine. I have blew up in my channeling work. What changed ? How did I gain such wonderful things ? What in that time has kept me away from here ? I love it here. Although my previous answer encompasses some of the same answer here, it is still not 100% clear to me. Any answer will do LOL. I love you all and have missed u all.

Love n light,


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TReb Bor yit-NE

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@TReb Bor yit-NE - Rob, about a week ago, I was thinking to myself, "Gee, Rob hasn't been on IQ in a while...too bad...he added so much to the site." Really glad to have you back!

(20 Jan '14, 15:45) lozenge123

rob, we can comment from the outside, but it is you that sets priorities of what is worthwhile

(20 Jan '14, 15:52) fred
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What in that time has kept me away from here ? ... Any answer will do LOL

In that case, let me provide you with my version of "Any answer" :)

I don't think it's something that just happens with Inward Quest. I find the same phenomenon of love-it-then-leave-it happens with any set of "life-changing teachings".

There are times when we feel drawn strongly to those teachings, then suddenly without warning we lose interest in them, perhaps even switching over to the "other side" and attacking the original teachings as being "wrong".

And then, sometime later, just as mysteriously, we feel strongly drawn to the original teachings again...but this time, we approach them from a slightly different viewing them from a different loop of the same upward spiral.

alt text

What I think is going on with this phenomenon comes down to a concept succinctly expressed by Abraham as:

"Words don't teach, life experience teaches"

I think what happens is that we have a period of academic understanding where we take on board theories and explanations and then a part of us decides that it is time for some practical experience.

So that part of us manufactures reasons for us to dissociate from the academic understanding, even causing us to try to refute the original teachings, in order to then apply what we have learned for ourselves in our everyday physical lives. We then go through numerous life experiences that give us different perspectives on the knowledge we've acquired (though, often, we may not be aware of new perspectives until those experiences have long passed and we can view them more dispassionately).

Some time later when that part of us decides we've integrated enough knowledge with practical experience, we feel inspired to come back on the next loop of the spiral for another dose of theory :)

So I wouldn't worry about it, Rob. It's just life :)


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@TReb Bor yit-NE - Rob! Welcome home, sweetheart. So good to see you here again, you sound very good. You have been weathering big life changes my friend, and yet here you are, not only landing on your feet, but sprouting wings! I never doubted it for a minute. Life will get better and better, sweeter and sweeter, I just know it. You have been very much missed here, and your timing is perfect.

To answer your question, I think it helps to remember that IQ is itself alive and dynamic. During the time you were away, it wasn't what you needed, anyway. The vibration here did not line up with your own at all, so it would have been as though the place didn't exist for you.

For the record, though, you may have been gone but you were not forgotten. I didn't want to badger you; I knew you would know where to find us, and felt you may have needed some space. At the time your life changed so much, so did Inward Quest. So too, did my life - profoundly. (We haven't had the chance to catch up with each other yet, I feel a marathon chat coming soon!)

It seems as though so many of us are realigning, causing tremendous "clattering" experiences in our lives. It has been a very "bumpy ride", to say the least for myself anyway, but all that has clattered so noisily out of our lives has made room and paved the way for so much that is exciting and new!

So here we gather, ready to co-create the next chapters in our lives. It makes sense that we are all here at this moment, and I am very glad of it, appreciating this exciting time - right now! :)

Love you big!!! Grace :)


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Awwwwww. I am so glad too sweetheart. Love you.

(11 Mar '14, 16:17) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE Rob it is good to see you back again. I thought that browser problem you and Jai were having did you in for IQ. It nearly did to Jai.

(11 Mar '14, 16:25) Wade Casaldi

Vibrational matching is everything, isn't it? I know there are some online communities I've been involved with that I've drifted away from and back to (and permanently, seemingly, away from) as my own mood/vibrational setpoint has changed.

And it was only really recently that I realized that people on IQ were periodically working out their own issues, and that there was some intermittent conflict. I literally had not noticed it until that point. It was just invisible to me. I didn't click on those questions, I suppose, or if I did, I scrolled past the problems without seeing them. In fact, when I recently noticed some stuff I had previously not realized that was present, I had a one-two punch a learning experience, where I thought "Wow! So THIS is how vibrational matching up works!" and also "Hmmm... I guess I can only see this stuff because I myself am in an unusually ornery place!"...which made me a little paranoid. Hah.

I've wondered about the people on here who I think are really consistently enlightening teachers, because I have found that the higher and cleaner my vibration, the less I really have any interest in talking about problems - my own, or those of other people - so I am slightly mystified, but profoundly appreciative, that those who are further along than I am are willing to, from their place of knowing, reach a hand back and share their understanding. I hazily imagine that you must be REALLY steady in your mostly-in-the-Vortex state to be able to look back at people who are still struggling on that path to say "Here's what worked for me when I was at that point in the road"?

Also, this stuff has helped me understand why Abraham often seems to kind of hustle hot-seaters through their question, if they feel that it's a negatively-oriented one. In sum, IQ has been an incredible learning experience for me, and I'm so grateful to have found it!


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@corduroypower "I am slightly mystified..." I also appreciate all those valuable answers very much... however I think there is nothing mystical or altruistic about people who help others. They are probably the most selfish people in the world. In the same way some people like solving sudoku puzzles and even spent their money on buying sudoku books (which basically are books full of problems that need to be solved), these people like solving people's issues.

(21 Jan '14, 20:59) releaser99

Think about it, they even spend money (often monthly) to have access to the internet... so they can find people's problems from all around the world. Crazy, huh :)? But indeed, this is what life and every hobby is about - focusing on challenges and reaching for the emotion of accomplishment and alignment in the process. :) Also, the best way to learn is to teach...which is again nothing but being selfish :).

(21 Jan '14, 20:59) releaser99

That is a really good point! I used to love hanging out on a website where you answer peoples' questions - so satisfying! I suppose I meant more that it's surprising to me that people who are smart law of attraction types are still able to "hear" some of our more low-vibration questions - do you know what I mean? I think it just surprises me given my own "I'm feeling good and I'm not willing to talk about your drama" feelings in "real life".

(21 Jan '14, 21:04) corduroypower

But maybe as you get more distance from your own drama, you can see other peoples' drama more as puzzles (Sudoku!) it will be satisfying to solve, and less as something you yourself will have to become vibrationally involved in?

(21 Jan '14, 21:05) corduroypower

@corduroypower Yes, I think your own Vortex knows best whether it is the right thing to do at the time or not. For myself, I notice that sometimes I feel like helping and sometimes I absolutely don't. But when I feel I shouldn't and I still do, it kicks me right out of the Vortex. When I feel like helping, then the other person's issue doesn't bother me at all. I can see the pattern of the problem, like seeing a sudoku pattern and can still enjoy solving it while staying in high vibration.

(21 Jan '14, 21:28) releaser99

@corduroypower "But maybe as you get more distance from your own drama, you can see other peoples' drama more as puzzles (Sudoku!) it will be satisfying to solve, and less as something you yourself will have to become vibrationally involved in?" Exactly :)! If something triggers you, it means something about it is active within you. However, if something like that happens, you can always soothe yourself back into the Vortex so it won't bother you next time.

(21 Jan '14, 21:42) releaser99
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Inward quest is just like everything else in your life, you attract into your life whatever you give your focus, energy or attention to ... and IQ is a great place to find answers to questions that trouble you ... and a great place to offer your heart experiences and knowledge to assist others in living better and more fulfilling lives

alt text

So what is the hidden motivation for "everything" you do? ... experience happiness, live a happy and fulfilling life.

You may have a long list of wants of things to be done but whatever you say you wish for is just a road that you imagine will take you to where you really want to go and that place you ultimately want to go to is feelng happiness all the time whatever is going on around you.

have fun :)


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It seems we are all coming back......I have been away on my own quest for the past year to learn and experience new things. When I did move on I just had this inner feeling that inward quest no longer served me. Then recently something told me to come back?

....Hello everyone!!


answered 05 Feb '14, 21:47

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Welcome back Eldavo!

Yes the energy has shifted here back to what I remember Inward Quest used to be. Like Camelot has been rebuilt. :-)

(05 Feb '14, 21:58) Wade Casaldi

Welcome back @Eldavo! :) It is so nice to see so many folks coming home to IQ.

(05 Feb '14, 22:21) Grace

There are just so many minutes in an hour, you have your priorities. I could say the say same thing about listening to your broadcasts ,rob. I get the notifications in through various means. But there just doesn't seem to be the right time.
As far as IQ is concerned I almost on a daily basis take a look in here. Sometimes I write an answer, sometimes I work the answer in my head.And sometimes I see what others say.
As far as you not being here all the time . Your answers and questions are still here and inspire many.
So really you never left.


answered 20 Jan '14, 04:47

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Why do we leave and return to Inward Quest? Does our vibration dictate it?

Yes, of course it does. Rob I like you and it seems that you are always joyfully present. If you are not currently posting I read your previous posts and, to me, you are there!

I realize, more and more that I move by inspiration. Sometimes I feel like coming to IQ and seeing what is happening and I always get something worthwhile, like grabbing a book at random and opening to a page and the paragraph.

So it is, here, today.

I am puzzled by some who intentionally step over the line and get suspended. Others with hand to brow stating, "Your gonna miss me when I am gone." Then don't leave. poignantly reminding me of a song,

Miss me

Which reminds me of another song

How can I miss you?

Being playful here. Everyone has a part of this Journey. Cannot be otherwise. I think that you (this is a general "you" meant here) really can't do anything wrong because your inner being is always guiding you. So whatever you do is part of your personal "plan" whether you consider it volitional or not.

We are the otters of the Universe, designed to play whatever games our inner being suggests. Happy hybrids of Spirit and Matter/Animal.

As dear @white tiger suggests, Experience and enjoy.


answered 20 Jan '14, 10:40

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Dollar Bill


@Dollar Bill - "I am puzzled by some who intentionally step over the line" - Clattering moves in Mysterious Ways :)

(20 Jan '14, 12:37) Stingray

@Dollar those that step over the line and get themselves suspended don't always do it intentionally ... shortly after my first attempts here on IQ a few years ago my account was suspended because of deliberately disrupting the site ... looking back, true i was disrupting the site but it certainly wasn't my intention ... i felt so disrupted inside, i felt like an extraterrestrial just landed from another planet ...

(20 Jan '14, 14:43) jaz
(21 Jan '14, 06:22) ursixx

@jaz - Intention doesn't matter, vibration matters. If you are not (or no longer) a vibrational match to a person, place or group, the Law of Attraction will manifest circumstances to bring about a separation. There are no accidents, mistakes or near-misses...just vibrational matching to something, or vibrational matching to something else :)

(21 Jan '14, 11:10) Stingray

@Stingray - LOA manifested a "clattering" fall down concrete steps that I certainly never intended. Best thing to happen to me in 10 years! It shook me loose from situations of mismatched vibrations that had been getting more and more uncomfortable. Changed my life. I only wish I had paid more attention and given my feelings the respect they deserved, then I could have manifested the change a tad more easily... but I will remember next time. Thank you @Stingray. :)

(21 Jan '14, 15:01) Grace

BTW I love a good storm

(21 Jan '14, 15:27) ursixx

I'm glad you find my profile so interesting @$. I'm sorry you weren't able to recognize the message I was trying to convey when I posted the Letterman video. Next time you don't understand something I post, please ask for clarification. The Letterman video doesn't have anything to do with me leaving nor is the song about me. Listen carefully to the convo between Dave & Anna. That's the point (s) - NOT the lyrics. If you still don't get it - don't hesitate to ask.

(22 Jan '14, 02:06) ele

@ursixx thanks for the beautiful group of three ... L&L

(23 Jan '14, 04:24) jaz

@Stingray it certainly wasn't my intention to disrupt the IQ site, so what was my intention, or rather what was my vibration? my vibration was penetrating into the machinery behind the scenes of IQ and all i found was a vast void ...

(23 Jan '14, 04:42) jaz
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I'm not sure what turns members against each other. For a while IQ as much as we loved it, felt like pain and anguish. It has taken a toll on myself and Jai.

But thankfully we stayed through the turbulence that we felt destroyed both of us. But through it all I believe that love prevails, friendship last even how we may be seen in a bad light changes and the truth shines through breaking that dark cloud.

We see these from an emotional perspective of action and reaction. But I believe it gets deeper than this to frequencies of our being. Those of harmony come together while those that are out of harmony tend to want to change others and show them how to get onto harmony. However there is something to be considered...

To each his own, we all march to the beat of a different drum. What we need do is consider what frequency we are on and understand that others do not need to be on that same frequency.

Using a radio dial as a metaphor, I like Hard Rock, someone else likes, Soft Rock, another likes New Age, another likes Jazz, someone else likes Country, another likes Death Metal, someone else likes Funk, another likes Blues, another likes Shred, someone else likes Rap, another likes Classical, someone else likes Opera, another likes Christian modern, another likes Christian traditional, someone else likes Goth, another likes Classic Rock, another likes Classic Metal, someone else likes News.

So we are all different frequencies, we listen to different frequencies. When we clash, I'm trying to enjoy Blues (Stevie Ray Vaughn is playing!) but wait what is that sound clashing is someone trying to listen to Country? (Box Car Willy is playing!) No, no, no, this wont do, I must convince this person to see things my way, I mean come on it's Stevie on guitar! But... the other is saying what is that screeching guitar noise? I am trying to hear Box Car! I have to convince this person to see things my way, I mean come on it's Box Car Willy!

This is where the clash starts when we feel that we have to correct another person's frequency. Next come hurt feelings of being attacked and then the retaliation which causes the other to feel hurt and attacked. This causes retribution and so the original feels attacked again and thus responds with retribution. Both sides feel that they must defend themselves from these attacks and so the situation escalates.

This goes on and escalates until both feel very hurt, misunderstood and misrepresented. Both sides feel it was the other person's fault and if that person could just be convinced to see the error in thought everything will heal.

It is a matter of frequency and this is where our understanding or misunderstanding spring fourth from.

There are times we to keep from this hurt must leave IQ for a while. We find the clash is too much of a burden to handle. The only way back to our happiness and center is to disconnect and say they just don't understand me, but that is alright, we have to walk our separate ways. Someday there will be something we again agree on, but for now we don't.

Rob it is good to see you are back, Treb you too, welcome back!

I wish to thank our moderator and Simon, I know it is a though job when you see the train derailing and have to take hard decisions to place it back on the tracks. I am glad this train is back on the tracks of love, peace, and consideration.


answered 19 Jan '14, 20:55

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Wade Casaldi

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Yes, I think our vibration dictates not only our activities on IQ, but everything, we do.

I have not been feeling up to par lately, and I guess you could say that my vibrations are "low". Wade has been reading to me the questions and answers here on IQ, and that has kept me up-to-date with you all, but I guess I have just been feeling too crummy to actually write much. I have been sleeping a ton, too (a long winter's nap??? LOL), but I think I am detoxing from all the meds I was on from my MRSA infection over Christmas.

Also, I have been laying low for other reasons which I choose not to discuss- but it seemed prudent to just "hide" for a while.

I am sooooo glad to see you back, Rob & Treb- I have always enjoyed your presence here, and am glad you just did not fade away!

Vibrations are everything. You can deliberately "raise" your vibrations by doing those things which make you happy. I am working on that...depression has got me in its claws. I am sleeping a lot right now, but if this keeps up, I will definitely work hard to "raise up" my vibrations. Writing this, for example, is one way to do that. Participation in an upbeat community always helps. There are other ways- combating a problem that has been troubling you- that works well...Finally getting to that chore which has piled up and up also helps. But we all come and go for a is normal, I think. Life has a way of keeping us from the computer sometimes.

Glad to see you back, Rob. Truly!

Love ,

Jai ♥


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