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Yesterday I earned the Motarboard badge but somehow my points went down over night. I'm not sure where else I can address this question. This can be deleted.

asked 23 Mar '11, 10:17

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

(23 Mar '11, 10:48) ursixx

I still don't understand the votes, reputation system . I just post questions and answer occasionally when I think I have something to contribute!

(23 Mar '11, 13:00) evelyn
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The question has been closed for the following reason "No longer relevant" by Kathleen Kelly 30 Dec '11, 11:50

If the pattern you have noticed is that your reputation points went up dramatically then vanished overnight, it is likely that the voting fraud systems within our Inward Quest site software have been activated.

There are automated monitoring systems built into the Inward Quest software to prevent fraudulent voting. If the software detects that an abnormal number of votes have been cast by one user to another user, the software can decide for itself that those votes are fraudulent and the accumulated points will be removed automatically. It is quite possible also for the software to automatically take action against the user casting the votes.

It seems that a user on this site decided yesterday to use all (or most) of their votes for a particular day to vote up as many of your answers as possible and this is probably what triggered the fraud systems to activate.

Sorry, but this is not something we can do anything about since it is built into the heart of the software we use to run the website and is not under our control.

The details of how the fraud systems activate, and what else they are capable of, are only known to the software developers themselves but they are designed to protect the integrity of the website voting system.

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answered 23 Mar '11, 10:50

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Simon Templeton ♦♦

Brian, I went through your answers and upvoted on all the answers I liked(a lot). This website said I am not allowed to do that. They said I was playing games. I was certainly not. Brian, the short time I have been here I decided that what you say really resonates with me more than most. I respect you more than you know. So I went back to see what you said and how you said it to certain questions (not all). So I voted for them. This site says I am not allowed to like your answers. Go figure. So I guess they took them back. My voice (or mouse) does not matter or count here. I can't believe I'm even typing this, meaning I thought I'd be banned by now. No doubt I am a character but I do not fool with the system. Be well.

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answered 23 Mar '11, 17:02

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Thank You my friend and much love and respect to you as well.

(23 Mar '11, 18:44) Brian

Why not space your votes for Brian over a period of one week? That way the software will not become suspicious. It's there to protect the integrity of IQ after all...

(24 Mar '11, 01:55) Eddie

Had I known that I certainly would. Thank you Eddie.

(24 Mar '11, 03:57) you
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