I read that all of the old cells in our body change to new cells on a seven year cycle. Could a disbelief in aging keep us young?

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Rather than disbelieve in aging, just believe the scientific fact that all of the approx. 50 trillion cells in our body are completely replaced every 7 years, including the oldest, our brain cells. Combine that belief with living a stress-free joyful life and you will know that aging, like everything else is a belief that we
buy into :)

This then raises the question: how can that injury that you got 20 years ago and that you've been telling everyone about ever since still be present if it happened 3 bodies ago? Could that also be a belief that you're holding onto for whatever reason?


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I think the last part of your answer speaks volumes, Eddie :)

(24 Mar '11, 20:28) Michaela

Yeah, I saw an opportunity Michaela, so tagged it on the end :)

(25 Mar '11, 00:11) Eddie

good point! love n light, rob

(26 Mar '11, 12:52) TReb Bor yit-NE
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It is a collective conscious belief. Once the collective conscious believes this it is a sort of a law. (or a mass experience) the reason for aging is that every step in your consciousness has to have a specific evolution and if we were forever in physical reality, we would never be able to move forward into the afterlives and to the next physical life, then finally into the infinite soul that we always were and are now, and always will be !!! I hope this helps, love n light, rob


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In principle, I see and agree with what you're saying rob. however, I believe that being the infinite creators that we are, we have the ability within us to buck the trend of any and all themes or collective conscious beliefs. And that we have the ability to transition to our 4th density bodies/lives without needing to experience any more physical death's from our 3d reality :)

(25 Mar '11, 00:24) Eddie

yes, but i do believe that as we "evolve" into other denstitys we will still be pysical beings, just not in the same way we see that pysical, diffrent particles are used in difrent densitys so what we belive as a pysical body will not be seen the same in the 4th, as our consiesness evolves the need for longer lifes is there, basicly what i am getting at is the way that my source explains it is we will remain in a "pysical"existance ( each density seems less pycical) untill we reach the 7th density, then , and only then, we will no longer reqire the act of death and reincarnation

(26 Mar '11, 12:51) TReb Bor yit-NE

as we reach higher densitys we become more aware of the time between lives and our past lives, there is also a shorter time in between the lives (and much longer times durring life) because we understand the "looking back" part of the afterlife is not needed. we absorb it much quiker. once we reach the 7th density non-pysical realm we look back on every existance from the begging of our pysical existance, from the minerals in 1st to the complex creatures we become through the 6th. that is just how my source has taught me. love n light, rob

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i believe it is a biological fact that material forms are finite, having a 'life span'
a reality of nature that may not be something subject to thinking away,
however, this may not include the more subtle substances of spirit, the opposite end of matter.
proper maintenance of our physical form, eg; breathing, eating, right thinking, though may extend the life expectancy of the machine.
at any rate, time will tell


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. . . . . . . . . .Yes . . . . . . . . . .


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I think you need to look at the big picture of aging in general, and what diseases and illness can do to the human body. What we can do to stay healthy and strong as we age, and what proper nutrition and daily exercise can do to keep us fit, and healthy as we age!

So whether you want to look at it as a belief, or as a disbelief, the truth of the matter is, we being to age from the time we were born, and the aging process continues until the day we die!

Now, Dr. Sears said that in another five years the 100 years old person will have the chance of looking and feeling like a 50 years old person, based upon new Scientific Research being done!


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