After making your intentions known to the Universe, you immediately realize that you have no confirmations, synchronicities, or vibrational matches.

Of course manifestation is created instantly. But nothing has shown up in our reality.

Now what do we do to fortify belief while we wait for our matches? We do not want to take back what we ask for with doubt. So, how do we keep a strong belief?

That way our request will not only manifest, but they will come faster. I know about taking my request for granted. Did I miss any thing else, in my question that I need to know about? Are there any other tools? Is there any way to make it into a fun game?

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@Eddie, Eddie Iam hoping you be one of the ones that answer; since you are always talking about belief. Maybe the is a simple matter but if you do it wrong you're dead meet. Hope for a lot of answers. Blessings All

(27 Dec '10, 21:30) Tom
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You don't need a (consciously) strong belief to manifest what you want, you just need to stay out of the way of it coming...nothing else is required on your part because the manifesting process naturally takes care of itself if you let it.

And the easiest way I know of to stay out of your own way is not to engage in any manifesting process to try to manifest the thing you want, but only to enjoy using the process

When you treat the manifesting process as a game only, you immediately make it fun anyway - and, as a by-product (because you have little resistance to playing a game), the thing you want then physically manifests.


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@Stingray, I almost with you. So get clear about what I want and enjoy the feelings of result and forget about it or am I still not getting it.

(27 Dec '10, 22:20) Tom

@Tom - That's broadly correct though you don't even need to get clear about what you want either - launching of desire also happens naturally. The reason you want to get clear is not to manifest what you want but for the enjoyment of getting clear. You came to this physical reality to be a deliberate creator and getting clear gives you that feeling of being a creator when the manifestation comes. Every part of the manifesting process is actually automatic (if you feel good) but you can play with each bit according to how much you want to get your "hands dirty". It's fun to create :)

(28 Dec '10, 00:24) Stingray

@Stingray, enjoy the envisioning of the experience Play with it have fun. Then I am done. Never mind the manifesting that will take care of Itself. Yes

(28 Dec '10, 02:33) Tom

@Tom - Yes, that's it. Life is supposed to be fun. All the stuff you want is only to ultimately give you a good feeling when you observe it as having manifested into your physical reality. So by deciding to enjoy those good feelings upfront, you get the same outcome as your manifested stuff would bring you (and you get the stuff too eventually)

(28 Dec '10, 12:16) Stingray

@Stingray, Thank you so much for answering my questions. I have heard you express frustration with people who said that's to easy. Funny how "simple" can be profound. But not me, I bless every thing you have taught us. And I bless you! Thanks again for you patients. Many Blessings!

(28 Dec '10, 15:30) Tom

Thank you, Tom. I'm glad to have helped

(28 Dec '10, 16:07) Stingray
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How do you keep a strong belief about what you want to manifest when there are no synchronicities or vibrational matches yet?

Hi Tom,

know this:

Big Wheel

And spurned on by the cynic, the believer asked the Divine:
“Where is that lover you promised me, and what of that new car I ordered? And what happened to all those riches you said I’d have?”
And a quiet voice from the Divine gently answered:
“The big wheel is turning my friend, the big wheel is turning. Just continue believing as you’re doing, without doubt, and all things that you say you desire must manifest into your experience. For as surely as the night will become day, the big wheel is turning!”

Just relax and allow or simply, Let It Be :)


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@Eddie, Thanks Eddie You have been a miracle in the wilderness. Manny Blessings

(31 Dec '10, 02:32) Tom

Once you have an idea of what it is you want to manifest, then by all means believe that it already exist, and it is given to you, and there is nothing left for you to do except to sit back and relax and allow the universe to magnetize your desire to you!

The single most important aspect of manifesting your desire is to know what it is that you want the Universe to attract to you, and once you are clear on your idea the work is already done for you!


answered 28 Dec '10, 00:22

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