Hello Inward Quest dedicated and courteous members, long time no see. I chose to stay away from spirituality for a while because I thought I am not ready to face it yet.

But now to the point. I am rather a solitude person who hasn't got many friends and rarely meets with them. Since I was young I had a group of a few friends and I have been sticking to them every now and then. All is fine when I am around them, I feel normal, even better than usual. The thing is that I've lately decided to become more social and have more friends. I meet new people face to face (mainly women, this may seem like dating but I treat this like a pure friendship experience - this is very reasonable as it would look weird if I chose to met men). When I am with some people for a longer period of time I feel like - let's call it by its name - like I was going to throw up. It feels like some kind of internal exhaustion. It is very, very unpleasant feeling. I don't know whether it is because I am not used to being with a person so long, and I put much effort into being a better speaker (as well as listener), or is it because I am spritually too open, fragile and therefore being drained.

So let's summarize it - am I just exhausting myself with the new experience I am not used to practice or am I being spiritually drained? Any answers are welcome, rational as well as spiritual.

Thank you.

asked 06 Jun '10, 17:25

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I could be way off here and maybe LeeAnn's interpretation may be closer to the truth for you. However, often when confronting a fear we can sometimes become soo anxious to the point of almost throwing up. Maybe because it is a new experience that you have previously avoided, it can feel overwhelming or anxiety ridden. The only thing I can say here ( from personal experience) is that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger - we often have to move outside our comfort zone to realize true progress.

At times I have found that I can be too empathic or sensitive and feel drained when others are playing the victim. However, I have also noticed that sometimes I want to avoid overly confident people and I think this is something I need to address in myself and not something that they are doing - only you can know what is true in your case.


answered 07 Jun '10, 02:33

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Thank you, your answer was also helpful.

(07 Jun '10, 13:22) Asklepios

You're very welcome Asklepios:)

(07 Jun '10, 15:05) Michaela

Can't say exactly not knowing anything about the people you spend your time with, but speaking from experience if you have to work to be more than yourself for any person, that can be spiritually draining. That however is not their fault. You may wanna take some time to learn to enjoy your own company. Like mom always said "If they don't like you for who you are then they're not really your friends" Don't waste your energy I could be pointed in the wrong direction and you could miss out on something special.


answered 06 Jun '10, 18:24

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Thanks for the answer. The thing is, I think that being more than myself is this "something special". I have to improve my skills, I think.

(06 Jun '10, 19:46) Asklepios

OK I misunderstood, In that case I agree with LeeAnn. Empathic people absorb the vibrations of the people around them. If you're not careful it can be extremely draining spiritually. Especially if these are negative people.

(06 Jun '10, 20:19) Floyd

It's possible that you are an empath, and very sensitive to others. Many of the websites about empaths, have self-tests which are helpful in trying to decide. If you are empathic, there are things you can do to protect yourself and still enjoy being with others. I urge you to look into it. Here is one site that was helpful to me. click here

Best wishes!


answered 06 Jun '10, 19:13

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LeeAnn 1

Thank you for this answer!

(06 Jun '10, 19:45) Asklepios

You are welcome, and I hope everything works out well for you.

(07 Jun '10, 01:53) LeeAnn 1
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