If someone disappoints us deeply, it must mean we had very high expectations of them in the first place. Under LOA, our expectations of them should have led to different outcomes... so what happened there?

asked 19 Nov '10, 22:37

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Pat W

Hi Pat I read you comment and I re-evaluated my first answer. I find myself zoning in on the same situation. So let my try an extreme example. Let's say that you have developed a super capacity of non-judgment and you can forgive any and every crime committed by anyone, including how people treat or behave towards you. Now in this situation are you capable of being disappointed by someone? You are the one that decides how much others disappoint you, not them. That's why your search for why someone disappointed you must begin with your expectations of others (which is your own self judgement)

(21 Nov '10, 23:35) The Traveller

@The Traveller - I understand you better now, and I can see your point. :) Thanks.

(22 Nov '10, 01:51) Pat W
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I haven't any expectations of anyone (well that is my goal). I only have expectations of how I will feel in the future and now. The how's of my feeling it I leave up to the universe. And the bonus of not having expectations is I am rarely disappointed. Sweet!

Much Love



answered 20 Nov '10, 05:54

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jim 10

Love your answer!

(27 Mar '11, 18:40) daniele

There is a reason that is valid, but most people are uncomfortable in confronting it.

It is our own unwillingness to confront the imperfections within ourselves.

We fool ourselves into believing that we are perfect.

We then turn-around and judge everyone else by our own delusional perfect vision of ourselves.

And the funny thing about this whole thing is that we know the truth of our own imperfection within ourselves, but we try to fix that by over compensating for it in our external behavior.

So somebody who is constantly involved in charitable activities maybe over compensating for an internal judgment that they are stingy. (Remember...I said "maybe")

And then when they do stumble upon a person who is proud of their stinginess suddenly the person who is outwardly charitable and inwardly worried about being stingy is absolutely offended by it.

You can learn a lot about yourself by studying what offends you.

The more you confront yourself, the less people seem to disappoint you.

After self-analysis, when somebody disappoints you, you find yourself saying "you know what, if I were in that person's shoes, I would have probably done the same thing myself"

It is a common trap to become interested in the spiritual quest and then fool oneself into believing "because I'm interested in this subject, I must be of higher spiritual energy than those who disappoint me"

Then eventually you stumble on the understanding that the universe was teaching you about yourself through others.


answered 20 Nov '10, 03:54

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The Traveller

Thanks. I have a feeling you and Vee didn't really get what I was asking. I'm not judging anyone. I meant that if I had expected a person to act in a certain way to me, why did his actions turn out different? Did I attract that to myself? How is that possible when I had expected something else? I think to be clear I will ask this in a separate question. :)

(20 Nov '10, 09:42) Pat W

You are confusing the Law of Attraction with the non-existent Law of Assertion.


answered 19 Nov '10, 22:45

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We are all responsible for our own actions. We can attract people into our lives who will fulfill our expectations, but they act on their own accord. How can we punish anybody ever, if we, not they are responsible for their actions? So even though they act the way they choose to, we respond by our choosing. We can respond in a positive way or a negative way, but it our choice.


answered 26 Mar '11, 20:54

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Fairy Princess

love is blind again the veil of the mind hiding the default! or the other person playing a role in the beguinning!


answered 05 May '11, 01:09

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white tiger

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