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What if there was 100% proof that the old and new testament were purely fictional or based on an already told story and then fudged?

Should it matter? Would it matter if Jesus never existed in the context that the story was told? Is it more important that the message was delivered regardless of the authenticity?

asked 31 Mar '11, 02:02

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Does this have anything to do with the Zeitgeist movie by any chance?

(31 Mar '11, 08:01) Radius 7.25

No but I did see that a few years back. I just watched a movie called Ring of Power and found that interesting. Maybe that movie sparked the question because this mentioned in it. It a five hour movie.

(31 Mar '11, 08:48) you

Cool, i'll check that out.

(31 Mar '11, 16:03) Radius 7.25

This question should really be called "What would you do if you found out Christianity was fiction?"

(18 Jul '11, 22:41) Wade Casaldi

You can name it whatever you want.

(20 Jul '11, 02:45) you
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I am definitely not affiliated with any religion but I do see their worth. It just depends really on how much stock they put into it; I believe most of the religious texts DO have great stories with morals and great guidelines of living.

Look at Jesus, Buddha, and MANY more!! They all had great teachings. Should we ignore those because other parts were made up? I see it like that now and even into my transition of this thinking I was never offended by the fact all I learned was wrong (IN MY OPINION) I was just solo happy to have a new belief system that was making more sense, at least I feel this way.

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answered 31 Mar '11, 02:37

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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I agree with you

(31 Mar '11, 07:52) Susan 1

I agree. 2+2=4. So does 1+3.

(31 Mar '11, 08:50) you

I love your attitude TReb!

(31 Mar '11, 18:21) daniele

thank you daniele, love n light 2 you

(31 Mar '11, 20:47) TReb Bor yit-NE

I also agree with you.

(14 Jul '11, 08:10) Asklepios

thank u also my freind , love n light

(15 Jul '11, 01:15) TReb Bor yit-NE
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To the ego mind it would matter, because the ego mind always needs proof to substantiate what's true. Our true essence or higher self needs no such proof and will always know the Truth... irregardless of who the messenger is or how the Truth is delivered.


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Well-said Michaela!

(31 Mar '11, 17:22) Pat W

Thank you Pat :)

(02 Apr '11, 11:46) Michaela

Even if the Bible is total fiction- even if there was definite proof of the Bible was total baloney- even if all this was true- It still is the Best-selling Book in the World...and there has to be something about it that still engages Man and Woman. I read and re-read it, and always am amazed at the truth in the Bible. If it works, why question or fix it?

BUT!!! I am positive that the Catholic Church deleted a lot of good stuff from the original texts (what I wouldn't give for a free pass from the Pope to search the Vatican Library at will...), especially anything that promoted the standing of women. I am also sure that folks like Mary Magdalene and Mary, Mother of Jesus, had much larger roles in the NT than are presently written. I also think that Paul, despite his love for Christ, was something of a misogynist...(ya' think???) Despite all this, I am a Christian, and find that the tenets of the religion serve me pretty well.

So that is what I think.

Blessings, Jai

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answered 14 Jul '11, 04:18

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I believe that at least part of the Bible is true. I believe that men have misinterpreted it, twisted and manipulated it along with the church for so many years, it is nearly impossible to get a good picture of Jesus by going to a church today. I kept hearing Christians saying that they have "Victory in Christ" and "Jesus' overcoming power" and stuff like that. I would think, "victory over what?" I could not tell by the church that they had this victory and when I felt that I had victory, it wasn't a new victory that I got after going to that church, but a victory I had discovered as a child in a difficult life situation. So I realized that my victory was not from church or reading the Bible, because these people were asking me, the new person, why I had victory. This derailed me because I wanted to believe that my victory was in Christ. Wait a minute, victory in Christ is not the same as victory in Church. I have had some experiences tell me that The Word of God is true. So what now? I went to several different churches looking for God. I didn't find God in the churches, just broken people living broken lives while they claim this victory,but were merely living by man made rules. A few months ago, I read a book that led me to one thing after another that led me here. Meanwhile, I have been trying to understand the Bible in a new light. I am now reading Dynamic Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin. I just started reading it from a link from a question on here. I didn't know what it was about, or even the title when I started reading it. As I read it, scripture pops into my mind, like this is a key or study guide for reading the Bible. So, it's not the spirit of the Bible that is fiction, it is our interpretation of it that can be fiction or Scripture. It is all in how we read it and the message we take away. It is just a bunch of words on paper to some and to others, a life changing miracle. We can take away from it a story of fiction, or fantastical truth. It is up to us and our thoughts and beliefs.

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answered 14 Jul '11, 12:42

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Fairy Princess

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You are correct that men have misinterpreted scripture. One man who I believe revealed the truth that is hidden within the bible is Neville Goddard, his teaching has literally changed my life and I suggest you read some of his lectures or books as I know they will help you immensely. There is a lot that is freely accessible on scribd or just google 'free Neville Goddard'.

(18 Jul '11, 20:53) AboveBelow

Depends how dogmatic you are and how heavily your particular faith system leans on the text.

To some word of faith types finding out the bible was faulty would destroy their belief system.

To others who took Christs (and others) message to look to the Father "WITHIN" their wouldnt be such a problem.

After all were meant to put thought and faith in Source/Father NOT a book.

If a booky wookys starting to run your life rather than your creator then your faiths on wobbly ground.


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answered 31 Mar '11, 09:45

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Monty Riviera

This film kind of was the last nail in the coffin that religion lies in for me Bill Maher - Religulous I was raised in a semi catholic home.(Mom was Dad didn't care) but something about it never seemed right.So over the past years I have pretty much decided that these books are missing the opening text "Once upon a time" They have their good points and their bad but in the end who is the one that wrote and created these things? Man.

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answered 31 Mar '11, 10:58

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Bill Maher is pretty good at picking apart the religions. It's too bad he's such a doofus; he also believes that people shouldn't get immunized because the government and the drug companies are conspiring to infect people with the sicknesses that the immunizations are supposed to prevent.

(13 Jul '11, 20:10) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius..ummm my family hoped over the immunizations when the avianflu (H5N1-) was being hyped up as the next epedemic.its funny how epidemics happen every economic down turn :S

(13 Jul '11, 21:50) ursixx

It's not hard to explain that. Economic troubles cause problems with nutrition and medical care; there isn't enough money to do either properly. Epidemics are caused, not by immunizations, but by failure to immunize.

(13 Jul '11, 22:25) Vesuvius

The real epidemic is the fear brought on by the media. During the ten years leading up to the pandemic declaration of 2009, scientists associated with the companies that were to profit from the WHO’s “pandemic preparedness” programs, including Roche and GlaxoSmithKline, were involved at virtually every stage of the development of those programs. The companies funded the documents giving guidance on preparing for the influenza pandemic, in which the WHO recommended the stockpiling of Tamiflu and Relenza.

(14 Jul '11, 06:05) ursixx

(14 Jul '11, 06:05) ursixx

Nice sighting...Thanks.

(14 Jul '11, 14:51) Vesuvius
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They are fictional. This is not a newspaper. It's their meaning that is important.

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answered 31 Mar '11, 11:27

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Newspapers are among the best fiction I've read :)

(31 Mar '11, 18:20) daniele

take what is good in religion and leave the rest! if you do not know what is good you still have lot to learn! as for is it fiction nope there is some truth in it ! but ones need to know what is what to find it! because it is like the phone game! those religious book have been rewrote many time! and some men tried to take power by religion so they affected those book as well! before trying to learn religion one should learn him self by doing meditation and observing and analysing the in and the out!with out belief or concept to affect what you see!

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answered 06 May '11, 01:19

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white tiger

I find this very interesting the question is called "What would you do if you found out that your religious text were fiction?"


I find it interesting how pointed this question is against only one religion really. But lets look at the body of the question maybe I am misreading it. There is the Old Testament, and the New Testament and Jesus again mentioned but I see no Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna, Gaea, nothing about Wicca, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Voodoo.

I once saw a video on You Tube it said why the name Jesus provokes such strong reactions in people and no other name does. Have you ever thought about that only Jesus and Christianity provoke these kind of questions and anger, put downs etc...

The video said the reason why Jesus and Christianity get such strong reaction is "SATAN". Now the more I see only Jesus and Christianity attacked I am more inclined toward believing it is correct. Satan hates one name more than any other and that is "JESUS"! This is because Jesus is the one that is the truth and victor over Satan, this is because Jesus is the one that can save your soul from Satan.

The interesting thing is when I just typed "JESUS" my computer when nuts trying to load my DVD player while I was trying to type. Coincidence or attack you can decide about that, I have spoken.

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answered 14 Jul '11, 16:13

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Wade Casaldi

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There is no source of evil no matter how it seems. There is only Good/God, One God and he exists in us and we in him. Satan is to doubt the part of God that you are. Jesus and Satan are two opposite 'states' of mind.

(18 Jul '11, 21:08) AboveBelow

You don't find it odd that the whole question is about really the true question "What would you do is you found out Christianity was fiction."

(18 Jul '11, 22:40) Wade Casaldi

there are many scriptures written in different languages,
yet the Occident has placed all of its marbles on the revised versions of the new testament.
the story of Jesus is similar to many older stories that man has venerated worldwide,
with the emphasis on the spiritual or second birth that allows humankind to quicken its christ-type destiny,
so i see it not as fiction but merely the degeneration of the word that was intended to make us immortal.

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answered 15 Jul '11, 01:21

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If our religious texts were fiction, then our life here on earth would be nothing more than a lie. And since we know that God created the heavens’ and the earth and all living things in six days, and rested on the seventh day, then of course, we would have to think of a more substantial argument to contradict this Bible truth!

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answered 16 Jul '11, 06:17

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