Was God an Alien?

In World War 2 an American fighter pilot crash-landed in the Brazilian rainforest where he was discovered by an isolated tribe of natives. Impressed by his technical gadgetry and his descent from the sky, these primitive people elevated him to the status of a god and created a religion around him. Today, the “proof” of their religion consists of a series of artifacts hanging from tree branches, including items such as a broken plane engine, an empty cigarette lighter and a rusting pocketknife.

But to the educated reader, these artifacts are instead testimony to the fact that the artifacts of a religion are not proof of the religion itself but rather proof of the actual event which occurred (and was quite possibly misinterpreted). As Arthur C. Clarke once said, “any sufficiently advanced technology is perceived as miracle”.

Could Christianity be the product of a similar misinterpretation?

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GOD the Alien

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god is alien has much has you are alien. men always go with their own understanding even when someone that has greater understanding and truth tell them the truth or what they do not want to know. but why judge them do not people do the same today?they made their own choice. and will probably advence in technology from that discovery and eventually they will learn the truth. and the truth will set them free.

(23 Sep '12, 00:07) white tiger

We've made him an Alien by believing he's outside us. To some primitive tribes we would undoubtedly appear alien because we are so far removed from the small contained world they live in.

Anything that can't be explained by the logic or reason we deem alien, simply because we can't wrap our little minds around it. Only when we begin to question the concepts held by the little mind do we open ourselves to a Greater Mind and all it contains.

To call God ( or any other terminology you choose ) an Alien is to place him outside yourself. To realize and accept that inexplicable part of our very nature is to recognize that very life force we call God, and in doing so we allow that Alien ( lol) to steer our craft :)


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Actually, to many people's little minds, anything that can't be explained by logic or reason was created by "god". That makes sense (lol).

(24 Sep '12, 07:05) GOD the Alien

I think that the concept of God has always been kept separate from the "agents" of God.

Jesus, Buddha, and all others that were written of are not interchangeable with God, but rather considered the son of God, the path to God, etc.

In Hinduism, the “many Gods” are not meant to be confused with God; they are considered "aspects" of God. Besides, in Hinduism, God is actually referred to as "the within" or "go within"

God has a special place that is greater than anything and everything that is comprehensible.

Because of this God cannot be reduced to any specific idea, as ideas in-themselves are highly limited.

It is a concept that is hard to grasp if the thinker is not familiar with anything more than thought.

Concepts are solid building blocks of matter in the dimension of consciousness.

They are the lowest common denominator of our collective effort.

Thoughts are greater than concepts but they are limited.

Ideas are greater than thoughts, but even they are limited.

Inspiration is greater than ideas and it reminds us that there is a beyond.

Intuition is greater than inspiration and it forces us to accept God.


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all the one that add a pure heart born of spirit and water went to the father. and where able to talk about him and say the truth in the best word they could use to make other understand. yet because they come from above, the son of man that did not go above cannot accept their testimony.

(23 Sep '12, 00:15) white tiger

Quite possibly you could be right that the fear-based concept of God might well originate from alien contact...quite likely those naughty Anunnaki fellows :)

Indeed, I've heard Bashar say that Mr Christianity himself, Jesus, was an alien hybrid, along with Buddha and a few other notable characters.

It's really difficult to separate fact from fantasy in these areas because there are so many vested interests trying to promote their own agendas. So I think you just have to go by what you "feel" is true for you and your reality.

In any case, these days even the religions are struggling against our new "Gods" of Money, Power, Fashion etc. From what I can see, Mr Justin Bieber has almost achieved God-like status :)


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Isn't Justin Bieber reptilian anyway?

(21 Sep '12, 09:29) Vtn

@Vtn - Certainly reminds me of one at times...he could have competition soon though: The Singing Reptile :)

(21 Sep '12, 09:58) Stingray
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the Source and what part we play
in his dream of creation
has undertaken the 'dumb
down effect' by human

intellectual theories
of a materialistic
and spiritual nature
both departing from the truth


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