i spoke with a spiritual healer last week that said i am surrounded by white light but darkness is close. she said that darkness hovers over those that are a 'target'. i am new to my spiritual journey, deepening my desire to heal others as well, so not clear on where to start.

i know how to guard against people. that has been working for me well, but sometimes i feel something is trying to pull at me, and i feel tired, lethargic.

i instantly pray about this, but what else can i do?

asked 31 Mar '11, 15:04

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This is a good question because this negative pull can come from so many directions in so many clever ways.

I think everyday is a battle against fall towards the negative. It may be more so for some people (that I am not sure how it works) but it seems that a certain state of mind could be helpful as well has being happy.

I like this bible quote becasue it captures the general idea:
alt text


answered 31 Mar '11, 18:09

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oh, thank you so much. i like what you shared. i think reading scriptures, affirmations, and quotes are very helpful. i will take all i can get.

(01 Apr '11, 02:28) soybliss

No probity was helpful for me to remeber that quote as well!

(02 Apr '11, 02:52) Back2Basics

if you remain true to your workings and stay on this possitive path. i promise you will be fine from this neggitive energy. immagine you are in a room that is pitch black, the room is owned by it. when you walk in the room with a candle, you will defeate all of the darkness! now think you are in a room full of light. there is not enough dark in the whole universe to even start to decrease the light there. you must understand that if you are TRULY doing good and staying on your path. all the darkness in existance cannot extinguish your candle!! remeber that when you are felling the evil comming !!! love n light , rob


answered 31 Mar '11, 21:09

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TReb Bor yit-NE

thank you. i know that i am strong, and i focus on coming from pure love, but i know there is darkness out there. it would be foolish to think it is all good, right? we are still human, so would it not still be a possibility to be pulled?

(01 Apr '11, 02:31) soybliss

of course we can ve pulled into darkness. this darkness comes in the form of temptation to stray from the way that you are tryng to live in the light. all i can say about this is that you know your weekneses and when you know what they are, tehn you can work on them (medditation is the best) and avoid them. i know that i used to be addiscted to many hard core drugs. i also know if i do them they will pull me into the darkness ALL OF THE WAY , so i taught myself to avoid them, after awhile it wasnt enough.

(01 Apr '11, 14:50) TReb Bor yit-NE

i had to train myself to actualy face the issue and deal with it unstaed of hidding from it, it is all about personal streangth and knowing yourself, if you know you are TRULY strong then you need to keep your foucus and keep walking the path, i know we are all human and we cannot not slip up sometimes but you have to understand that you see it as bad , but itt teaches you lessons, that is good, when you want to avoid the dark , teach yourself how to turn it into light, i.e. i crash the car break my leg, bad right? NOT if i use it to my advantage,

(01 Apr '11, 14:53) TReb Bor yit-NE

i do that by seeing it this way ,, well i get closer to my family beacuse the thought of my death made us all bond. durring the hard pysical time i learn how striong i TRULY am mentaly, durring the stay in the hospitial my room mate n i become best freinds , my pysical theropist and i bond, io get in better shape becasu it motivtes me, i learn to truly enjoy life because i was so close to death, i can keep goin . do you get what i mean? its your choice to see what is truly good and bad and also can turn ANY dark into light ! it is all on your perspective, hope that helped love n light, rob

(01 Apr '11, 14:57) TReb Bor yit-NE
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it would be a matter of will power to stay on the proper/right path,
recognition of the dark thought and an immediate substitution of a light one


answered 01 Apr '11, 00:40

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thank youm fred. i think acknowledging that there is darkness works, then immediately accessing my strength and power to protect myself. i think that's what you mean? i will try that. i ask for protection before i meditate and go to sleep too, and i believe in my heart that it is working, too. thanks.

(01 Apr '11, 02:33) soybliss

soybliss, be carefull not to fight it that way it can gain strenght. what seems to restore balance is by replacing the thought/s as they appear.

(03 Apr '11, 01:18) fred

I have been reading about Bashar lately and I found this quote from him on another forum:

Therefore, it would be our advice and our suggestion to you that you simply do not focus on the idea that there are negative beings who exist in the universe - other than those who exist on your own planet - that could interact with you against your will, and focus on the reality you choose to be. Then, by the fact that you will be on a different frequency, this will place you completely beyond the reach of anyone who is not on the same loving frequency.

Hope this helps :)


answered 02 Apr '11, 20:06

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Radius 7.25

so your response is similar to what fred mentioned above. it would be better not to acknowledge it, is that right? i would give it more power if i gave it any attention? but how do we guard against the feelings of fear we have that suddenly come up? oh dear, i don't want to be stressing about this...

(04 Apr '11, 21:15) soybliss
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