how can you have spiritual knowledge if you have not been taught by someone who has the knowledge just like the physical knowledge you where taught either in school or at home it does not fall out of the sky and land on you

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dean gilmore

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Barry Allen ♦♦

There had to be a "first person" with spiritual knowledge, someone who didn't have anyone to teach him. How did he get that knowledge?

(29 Oct '11, 01:02) Vesuvius

Veuvius-spiritual knowledge revealed to humen kind by God through His messangers/Prophets.

(31 Oct '11, 09:07) Zee
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Everyone knows and has always known spiritual truth. Prior to incarnating in to this physical plane, we agree to forget what we know in order to have an experience in physicality. Think about it, if we remembered the whole truth, then we wouldn't be able to have the experience of creating the process of remembering who we really are. One way of looking at life on earth is as a game of remembering the truth of who we really are.

As we remember more, we begin to re-member or reconnect with our spiritual higher self. The more we allow the connection with the greater part of us, the more instantaneous downloads or chunks of data we are able to receive. So in effect, the knowledge really does fall from the sky and land on us :)


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it is within you,
if you take the time to look for it.
you may find it somewhere under the cobwebs.
you did come into this lifetime with a store of wisdom


answered 28 Oct '11, 22:33

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Love your answer Fred.

(29 Oct '11, 22:04) Paulina 1

I would substitute the word knowledge for knowing. I believe that knowing resides within every human on this planet but we've just let it become clouded and obscured by conditioning and cultural beliefs. As we begin to let go of those conditioned beliefs we create space for the knowing that resides within each of us to emerge. I think every great teacher tried to show us this and knew that their way was not the only way...because they knew their teachings were merely a pointer home to the knowing that already exists within so none of them were gospel or etched in stone, because different paths can ultimately lead to the same destination.

That's why I feel the spiritual journey is not one of learning new things or adopting new beliefs but is more a stripping away of those false beliefs that has prevented us from seeing what we already know.


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Fabulous answer!!!

(29 Oct '11, 06:37) you

Very well said Michaela.

(29 Oct '11, 22:00) Paulina 1

Thank you guys :)

(02 Nov '11, 13:44) Michaela
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When a person gains spiritual knowledge directly from God, the Source, it is called mysticism. William James wrote about this in his book (actually a compilation of a series of lectures) called The Varieties of Religious Experience.

The Mystic experiences the spiritual world directly, without teaching from another human being. Mysticism has been with humanity for eons, through shamen and later, other religious people from Abraham to Moses to ordinary folks like me.

I have had times when God has seemed very close. I remember one day, as I was driving out in the country, I took in the broad blue sky, the trees and fields, and suddenly, I felt a bright light shining down on my head, only it was a spiritual light. I felt God. I was profoundly moved, and everything I saw seemed special and blessed. I will never forget that day. I have also been visited by Mary-I call her The Blue Lady-and she was beautiful, surrounded by a blue light that sparkled in the darkness of my bedroom.

Many people have spiritual experiences alone, without anyone telling them anything, and most people do not say much about these experiences. But they happen!

So it is possible to gain spiritual knowledge directly, without being taught. Ask any shaman of a tribe of indigenous people- these men and women experience the spiritual world, heal the sick, and drive out spirits, all without much direction from anyone at all. These, and many other people, have felt God and seen angels.

It is possible to be taught, as I was taught, by visions and by direct contact by the spiritual world. When Mary came to me, she told me of the Rosary, and how to pray on it, and to wear a Miraculous Medallion; all of this I knew nothing about until she told me about it.

So it is very possible!

Blessings, Jaianniah


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Many religions offer spiritual guides this is one way of receiving knowledge, BUT then to change this into wisdom and spiritual experience, the inner being (The voice of gut instinct the voice that has ALWAYS been with from birth) steers you through-into accepting whats been taught or experienced.

Other ways you can learn is dreams you can recieve information that only you can relate to and give it the weight it deserves.

Everyones experience in the physical plane WILL ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT. But we all are collated to ONE Conscientiousness.

We all have tasted an apple but all of us have a different taste to it.


answered 28 Oct '11, 21:09

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i am he and i tell you it comes with experience. experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Oct '11, 23:30

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white tiger

We human beings are spiritual beings that thave chosen to be clothed with a body for our physical experiance. Spirit is all knowing for after all it is said that the body is a temple of a living God. God knows everything and all we have to do is awaken the God within and we will remember what we have forgoton. Some need teachers and some who are awake enough know without being told.


answered 29 Oct '11, 22:09

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Paulina 1

the dreamer need to awake and see the light i agree with you Paulina.

(30 Oct '11, 01:06) white tiger

I feel like its not a matter of remembering, but of uncovering. Remembering implies that its forgotten, but its more hidden. every person knows the truth, has all the knowledge. its just a matter of digging through the nonsense and disposing of irrelevant and unimportant thoughts and attachments.

I think you could definitely do this on your own, but having a teacher would make things easier. I just see it as a matter of distinguishing which of your many thoughts is worth really pulling forward, examining, and listening to. I feel like we all have, for lack of a better word, "a voice" that is directing us and telling us which decision to make, which path to take. but most of us chose not to listen to it. I would say that voice is "someone who has the knowledge." Really, that someone is you.
Depending on your beliefs, you could call that God.

I wouldn't necessarily use that term but, I do believe in a collective consciousness. However, I'd like to refrain from calling that voice "the collective consciousness" because that term might confuse people into thinking "that voice" is the same for everyone. When in reality, there are an infinite number of possibile paths that each person can take. Not just ONE.

Or at least, thats how I see it.


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You see it right.

(31 Oct '11, 09:13) Paulina 1

Spiritual knowledge can be quickly achieved through meditation and concentration of ones objective to the finish.


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The interesting thing is a being alone could progress along through trial and error. Gravity could be discovered alone, so could cause-effect, kinetic energy, mathematics, biology, chemistry, machinery, masonry, carpentry, pottery, music etc...

Quite a lot we could discover for ourselves with no others existing. Now if we take this same exploring on an inward quest we can see this is also true of our selves finding out what is within.

So I see from this you are right a person could become very knowledgeable and wise and be the only being existing. All the being would need is his environment alone and he could learn everything except communication or language, but given time this may naturally develop as well for the purpose to keep records to help remember his successes in discovery.

If there are animals in this environment then he could learn hunting and cooking as well.

It seems the environment shapes the learning and awakening more than that of other beings do, so yes a being can become aware of everything around and within without having any other being present.


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Wade Casaldi

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Wade, you need to watch the Movie "Nell"...humans intrinsically are wired from birth to learn language and other deep concepts like courage, fear, anger, etc. Without the words, it is impossible to think properly. I learned from a book called "Thinking" that without a language, we cannot organize our thoughts rationally. Without organization, we cannot do anything much else. So a human alone becomes what we call a "Wild Child" and does not develop right. But you have a point: How did the first humans learn language? If you believe the Bible, God created them, but did He teach them language???

(01 Nov '11, 02:57) Jaianniah

Now, if the Bible is somewhat of an allegory about humans "awakening" to sentience, then we might have a template for the rise of language and the corresponding rise in brain size and the awareness of sin...all deep concepts...You would make a great Philosopher...What do you think about this??? I love you!>>>>>>>>>>>>

(01 Nov '11, 02:59) Jaianniah
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