Why should we learn remote viewing? This is something that anyone can learn how to do. But some people have better viewing than others but all can view.

It is kind of scary to me. Kind of touching on someone privacy I think. But what do you think? I can see how it can be very important to the military. The military has used this for years. It started out with the army for it was an young man in there who had the psychic ability to do this and the military got involved and done some testing on it and found it had an lot of accuracy to it and they used it in the war.

No, I doubt I can found the exact facts on what I just told you all.

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I don't really agree with remote viewing. I think that people should only be concerned with their own lives. Personally, I don't see how I would benefit from spying on somebody else's life or surroundings. Like you say, it is like 'touching on someone's privacy'.

The other point I was going to make is if you think that the person you are remote viewing is going to affect your life in some way, then I would say if that is what you have attracted, knowing what they are planning is not going to make a difference as your life is going to be affected in some way or the other anyway as the Law of Attraction applies.

However, like you say the military gain from it but you are looking at it from their side not from the enemy's side.Let's say we were the enemy, then it would not benefit us.


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Thanks I agree with you. This is an true an scary thing because of the privacy of the other person but it is happening.

(03 Nov '09, 19:49) flowingwater

If it could be set up properly (in a double-blind study), remote viewing would be an excellent proof of the existence of spiritual abilities.

I have yet to see such a study, however.


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I agree with all of you who have posted so far. The doings of others is none of our business, and most of us would not like to be peered upon when we least expect. I don't see any good use for it other than perhaps to find missing children or track someone who is in danger, but it's a talent that could be greatly abused.


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Remote viewing can be a precious aid in everyday life concerning such things as the effects of a personal decision, family history and events, health diagnosis, healing, possible solutions to problems, potential cures and treatments, developing communication and empathy between people, etc ...

From a wider aspect it can be used to investigate determining dangers and risks, psychotherapy and counceling, new technologies, computer systems, origins and future of artistic works, archaeology, future potential markets for industries, location of missing persons, solving crimes, medical research, location of mineral deposits, etc ...

For personal research it can be used for expansion of consciousness, discovery of your real potential, uncovering unconscious material, creative ideas, self exploration, communication with animals, trees and plants, deep mind probing, etc ...

And for those that enjoy exploring the grandiose ; contacting people in a coma, contacting souls, past and future lives, the cause of a disaster (plane crash, tsunami ...), unsolved cases and mysteries, sub atomic particles, other planets, other star systems, ovni's, extraterrestrials, etc ...

the list seems to be unlimited.

So how come it can do all this ?

Remote viewing is the investigation of the alternative pathways of information flow that are not easily detectable, they are part of what is called subtle energy science.There is a lot of power within us but due to resistances it by-passes our consciousness. Remote viewing puts you in contact with that power, it's a very subtle all knowing power, present everywhere simultaneously and is a form of resonance frequency vibration, just like with a radio you can tune into the signal,

Your logical mind does a great job in keeping you alive but it is however a powerful editor. The logical linear mind allows about 16 bits of information per/sec, the brain gets a stream of about 40 million bits of information per/sec through your five senses, 99.99 % is edited out, this tiny part that is left is how much you are aware of consciously. The process of learning remote viewing is all about letting go and allowing yourself to go with the flow of your own information and trusting it rather than deleting it.

A stream of 40 million bits of info per second falling out of the blue, now that's what i call abundance

alt text

thanks for the question ... flowingwater :)


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mind blowing gp..:)) that's what i call..abundance.. :)) i agree..

(27 Mar '14, 13:13) supergirl
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