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is anyone successful in remote-viewing here? and if yesss..then ,what techniques have u used to do it?

thank u..for the lovely answers in advance..

love,light and blessings ur wayy..

supergirl :)))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

This video was released yesterday/today from the Farsight Institute.

(15 Mar '14, 15:45) TGunn
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When I first looked into this I came across a YouTube of Ingo Swann being interveiwed , in this he spoke of how we all have immediate access to All There Is, it's literally all there in front of you. I tried a little experiment he suggested, with my 7 year old grandson , I gave him a sheet of paper and a pencil ( this is how remote veiwing is done , they are given number co-ordinates ) and in my pocket I had an item I told him, as we chatted about school , if he had any images come into his mind just to sketch them and we kept on talking . He over a five minute period drew the shape of the item and some lines with numbers beneath , Intially I thought outlines right but nah . Then took from pocket and daughter suggested turn over , Sure enough he had it spot on , you see with remote veiwing it can be from many different angles and that is why they use more than one veiwer to get the whole picture . What My grandson drew was the rear veiw of a Battery Meter and the barcode mark and exact numbers as they read on it . Pretty amazing huh. I did purchase a course from ARVARI some time back , had a mega freaky experience and to be honest it scared me soo much , I havent touched it since :-) , however it doesnt mean, I won't venture there again


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@starlight- amazng.. :)) can u tel me pls wat is arvari ?

(12 May '13, 06:09) supergirl

Go to this link supergirl and it will tell you everything you want to know

(12 May '13, 07:08) Starlight

seems very interesting.. @starlight.., i wld love to hear some of ur scary experiences wth ARVARI? and also, can u give us few techniques..of ARVARI?

(12 May '13, 08:06) supergirl

Sorry Supergirl , it is far too personal to share the scary experience and I have no interest in revisiting nor re-energsing it :-)

(25 Mar '14, 20:54) Starlight

if you are afraid and in a state of fear whilst practicing remote viewing you will automatically attract energies that scare you ... focus,trust and letting go is primordial in remote viewing and automatically keeps at bay all those energies that have little or negligible influence on the subject that interests you

(26 Mar '14, 05:10) jaz

I was neither afraid nor in a state of fear , my mother had died and what came up in my experience was most unpleasant . I know now at least for me there is nothing to be scared of as everything that there is or ever will be is already created , all we do is select/ imagine/ align with what we desire or , lol, dont desire .

(26 Mar '14, 06:03) Starlight

thanks for clarifying @Starlight - my favorite teacher for remote viewing is Simeon Hein, and it sure can be great fun :)

(26 Mar '14, 10:39) jaz
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Yes, it is not as hard you may think. It's actually quite easy.

I haven't done it in such a long time, but I'll try to explain it. Its one of those things that because its so visual, its really hard to explain in words. But I'll try to explain it as best as I can from my personal experience and hopefully this will help you. There are a lot of techniques out there on accomplishing this, but I'll give you the way I do it.

So you know when you are thinking of someone and your mind instantly fills out all of the visual details within that thought for you, even though you weren't even focusing on those details? Like say for example, I think of my friend in Oregon and I think of his face in doing so. As I do this I see his face, but I also notice he is sitting down and wearing a colored shirt --something that I was not intentionally focusing on, this is your mind filling in the gaps for you. You use this exploit of your mind filling in the gaps of the visual detail around the specific focal point of what you were originally focusing on to help you remote view on what you truly actually want to see.

So lets startover and say I wanted to know what shoes he was wearing. What I would do is visualize something that is very vivid to me about him. I can't go directly to his shoes because I do not know his wardrobe and do not ever think of his shoes whenever I think of him, so this would be extremely hard to connect to. What I do know pretty well of him is his face and his glasses. So I would then focus on either his glasses or his face. In doing so, I will notice his current hairdo, then maybe even pickup his current smell. Then I might see that he is wearing a colored shirt that is green and start to see him sitting on a couch. Each time I see something new, I jump my focal point onto that, and then my mind is drawing in the surrounding gaps for me. Notice how I keep jumping to the next thing and then onto the very next thing that my mind keeps drawing around on my focal point. It is like you are trying to see the full scenery behind a window that has a thick sheet of paper covering it. You are trying to see the full image by poking little pinholes through it to see more and more of what the scenery is until you can finally see enough of what is truly behind the window.

This is only one of the ways to do it. I hope I didn't confuse you too much lol. Please let me know if I can explain anything out a little more and I most definitely will.


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Thanks ikrauss21 , I do believe I can comfortably play with this , anything else you'd like to share would be appreciated :-)

(24 Apr '13, 01:35) Starlight

Yes of course!

I wish to say that when I said to "visualize" or think about something that is strong to you of what makes you think of them. I more so mean to just FOCUS on these things, not actually "Think hard on them." You are LETTING yourself self see it, not TRYING to see it.

You should find yourself entering into the THETA brainwave state as this is occurring, which is the state you go into when you Day Dream. If you try hard too hard to think of it, you will not be able to see ..(cont.)

(25 Apr '13, 20:45) ikaruss21

it because this type of thinking will push you back into the BETA brainwave frequency state which is when your mind is fully consumed in thinking or solving something. You want to just let this come to you and allow yourself to see whatever it is that you are seeing. Because this occurs in the THETA state and it will feel like you are day dreaming the information to yourself in a sense when it is occuring.

Its kinda of just like when your meditating, if you think too hard about ..(cont)

(25 Apr '13, 20:55) ikaruss21

something within meditating, you will break yourself out of your meditative trance.

(25 Apr '13, 20:56) ikaruss21

@ikaruss21- loved all the techniques..,definately gonna try them..,thanks a ton :)))

(12 May '13, 06:13) supergirl
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Read Courtney Brown's book 'Cosmic Voyage' (free PDF):

There are many other sources, as well.

We are all inherent in this ability. And I have to laugh because many non-physical and higher density physical beings that wish to control us are more frequently seeing US looking at THEM for a change. And I like this :o)


answered 24 Mar '14, 03:44

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thanks for the info

(24 Mar '14, 04:15) jaz

thank you for the info.., love,light and blessings ur way :))

(27 Mar '14, 12:53) supergirl

yes anyone can learn to do remote viewing

personally i practice remote viewing into the future every day, and have done so for many years with good results.

As stated in the video the most important part is focus and to concentrate and focus my energy on one particular question i use this graph

alt text

that can be used for any specific question that your heart desires. I place witnesses on the "event", "place" and "time" circles and use a pendulum to "feel" the flow of energy on the graph, in this way you allow your subconscious to freely express itself and follow the flow of least resistance towards the "yes" or the "no".

For example you wish to know whether your child "Sophia" will pass a certain exam, you make witnesses of the event, place and the moment. A witness in this case is a simple square of white card on which you write key word(s) or symbols. Suppose that it is a maths exam on thursday 12th june, 10h in the morning at union elementary school, then the witnesses would be

alt text

Place the witness "maths exam" on the "event" disk of the graph, the witness "union school" on the "place" disk, and the witness "12th june 10h" on the "time" disk. The question would be "does my daughter Sophia pass this exam?" that you can write on a piece of white card and place on the disk "question" or simply ask the question mentally.

This graph is a personalized version of the ouija board and works on the same principles, that is, replies come from the domain of automatic feedback sensations

alt text


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There were remote viewers that worked for the CIA. These remote viewers did an experiment and tried to view the future namely 2012 and beyond. They all came to a wall at 12-21-12 they could not get past. They finely decided to try to go around it, what they found was total devestation, nothing left of earth recognizable.

I think they were trying to view past a future they feared. In other words they were trying to find an answer to a problem that didn't exist. So the answer they found didn't exist.

So it seems that if we have expectations those can color our experiences. Hence give answers that match what we expect.

Here is a link talking about the wall they hit and the no people left after 2012.


answered 23 Apr '13, 22:33

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi are you sure of this news.

(24 Apr '13, 00:33) dipen

ARVARI is a course from Gerald O'Donneld , who was one of these CIA operatives . The Men who Stare at Goats movie gives you the story behind it all , I read the book , had more detail in it :-)

(24 Apr '13, 01:40) Starlight

That was the reason I posted a remote viewing question on here before 2012

I have an ebook on one of my hard drives.

It was some group the CIA highered. But now I know what Men Who Stare At Goats is, I'd like to Watch that. Thanks I will try to confim this. :-)

(24 Apr '13, 02:13) Wade Casaldi

Found it! Read this original unedited and not updated script from Ed Dames interview.

(24 Apr '13, 02:32) Wade Casaldi

What I read must have been even earlier. Here he is speculating what it could be. What I remember I read they had no idea why there was nothing beyond that 12-21-12 wall. But you can see my link confirms my memory. I love it when it just takes me a few seconds to confirm my memory. :-)

(24 Apr '13, 02:58) Wade Casaldi

@ Wade Casaldi: Yes, I knew of this information, as well, albeit from different sources. I did not understand it at the time but I have a much better understanding of it now.

Apparently, the reason for this 'wall' is because the 26,000 year cycle on Earth would end on this date, and a new cycle would eventually begin, creating two different new Earth polarity timelines (one positive and one negative) in the 4th density, and one mixed polarity facsimile-Earth timeline in the 3rd density.

(16 Mar '14, 00:38) TGunn

The soul harvest has already occurred and the shift is currently in process. We are in a transitory position right now and will remain so until the planetary energies in each potential are calibrated to adjust to the vibrational frequencies of each three collective group consciousnesses.

(16 Mar '14, 00:46) TGunn

Collective group consciousnesses meaning predominantly positive, predominantly negative, and indifferent.

(16 Mar '14, 00:49) TGunn

v v interesting info really. thank u fr sharing :)

(27 Mar '14, 13:07) supergirl
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I bought sample targets and that has helped with practice, but it is difficult to practice without anyone else who is interested and understands the process. I know with more time and dedication it can work. Also, raising your positive energy levels will help. There is a book called TFN - Three principles to life that shows in a very easy to understand and short book scientifically through quantum physics and biologically generated chemical energetic reactions help you build your energy levels through living good principles. Another book goes way into this written in the 1800's called Principalities and powers in Heavenly places.


answered 26 Mar '14, 12:13

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remote viewing can be performed using any target that you wish, here are a few picture targets you can practice alone in your own time, have fun :)

(27 Mar '14, 03:33) jaz

thank you. :) bt can u explain a bit more about how to practise it with targets ?

(27 Mar '14, 13:00) supergirl

We have done a couple of experiments here. In this experiment, I heard bells. I had asked if it was at school because I heard school or church bells, then I realized it was not school, it was vacation. I also saw a covered deck.

And here is my question about it.


answered 12 May '13, 09:02

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Fairy Princess

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@fairy princess- thank u dear.. :))

(13 May '13, 04:17) supergirl

You're welcome.

(13 May '13, 08:45) Fairy Princess

I am trying to read more about this subject. I read the book from an ex CIA guy and it seems really interesting but at the same time there is some you tube videos that seem to promote negativity and I would stay away from looking at these as it just seems like these guys offering the DOOM perspective are just out to make money by selling books on fear of the future.


answered 27 Mar '14, 09:29

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probably the best way to get into this subject is to choose a method that suits you and practice, practice, practice, practice, practice ...

(27 Mar '14, 10:49) jaz
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