Are there people so clairvoyant that the can see say the King of Clubs with the third eye only. Do you know anyone with this power. Is it the same as remote viewing. I would like some thought to you answers

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We are all clear sighted though most people have their vision clouded, those that see clearly are simply those that have chased away the clouds, a cloud is symbolic for any negative energy that prevents us from allowing our natural abundant positive energy to shine through ... these people are easy to recognize, they are happy, outgoing and believe in themselves and are naturally optimist and prosperous, in short they are in harmonious communication with their inner self. Obvious examples are any person who has achieved outstanding results by consciously cooperating with their inner source. Consider the sun as the symbol of our inner source, it always shines be it cloudy, day or night ... it all depends where we are as to whether we perceive its' abundance.

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These things are skills that can be developed. I remember my training in the Order of the Mayans, some lessons were based on developing these skills.

Also I had bought a book by Kreskin that teaches this. I never practiced much, but did have success.


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@WadeCasaldi, so you saying you have clear sight, and please what book by Kreskin. You never answered before but it would be appreciated now.

(14 Mar '13, 18:33) Tom
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