At what point will they be implanting earbuds into newborns?

When will we each carry the entirety of written literature on a chip in our skull?

you get the point.

And, is this a good thing or not?


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would it not make more sense to find out the newborn's primary ray energy and then assist with its right devlopment

(03 Apr '11, 01:22) fred

Interesting question - and it's a recurring theme throughout more and more science-fiction stories...a genre which, despite having a reputation as pure fantasy and escapism, is one that I observe closely because I find it tends to be truly representative of the leading-edge of human thought and what the thought-forms of the human race are on the verge of manifesting.

alt text

I think the big leap that is probably coming regarding technology is that we are coming more and more to realize that technology is not some external thing that is controlling our lives, but is actually the physical manifestation of many of our desires and wishes - it is our servant and friend, not our master.

Look at the internet, for example. Twenty years ago, we wrote physical letters to each other one at a time, and I remember spending many of my days physically wandering from place to place, and person to person, trying to hunt down spiritual answers that seemed impossible to find.

Now we send emails around the world without thinking twice, and hold daily group conversations and discussions (like on IQ) with large groups of people we have never met but with which we still share common interests. Massive amounts of information are exchanged around the world in an instant, even to the point of information overload - and yet you can turn them all on and off in a moment through your computer's power switch...truly amazing if you think about it.

Coming back to your question, while I think there will always be those who like to push the limits and may start physically integrating themselves with technology (e.g. through implants) I doubt that this is something that the general population is likely to accept willingly. Though if you follow the various Illuminati conspiracy theories, it seems a "micro-chipped" world population is certainly something that is being surreptitiously forced upon us, mainly through various fear-based manipulations relating to the need to identify and track everyone.

What I think is more likely is that our lives are becoming more integrated with the technologies we have created...we are accepting it more, rather than fighting it. Twenty years ago, computers were strange devices kept in the corners of rooms, now we carry them around in our pockets, and talk and type wirelessly to each other in real-time as our world becomes more and more interconnected.

And I think that integration is symbolic of the greater process of integration of consciousness that humanity is currently going through.

We are starting to realize that what we previously considered to be "out there" is really just as much "in here" our minds. We are starting to wake up to the realization that our lives and our worlds are whatever we wish them to be - the massive increase in interest in the fields of success and personal growth literature are probably an indication of that.

So, no, I don't think we are destined to merge with technology. But I do think that we are learning that technology and spirituality are not as far away from each other as we used to think...and I think that is a good thing.


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chills..... thank you, Stingray!!

(03 Apr '11, 00:58) all2gethernow

This is an excellent question, I was watching a science show, (Not Science-fiction but an actual science show) that said they foresee a day coming when any part of the human body could be replaced by something man made including the human brain!

Imagine that if you are in an accident and are classified as brain dead, all they have to do is remove your brain and put in a computer mother board and you are up and functional as any other human being!

This kind of technology is being developed everyday we are making progress toward this.

I was just imagining how this could be done so you don't lose your identity, here is my idea of how this could be done. You fill out a form on what your name, address, likes. dislikes, relatives, friends are and this information gets programed into the computer brain.


Exciting news!!!

Take a look at this link! Yes we are in full swing working on imortality through technology!

Maybe in our lifetime even!

We will be able to down load our brains to computer chips and be put into robot bodies that can never die. We would only need to remember to change our batteries every day.


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The word "vibration" comes to mind. When the vibration of machine learning matches the vibration of natural learning. Such as when we learn to ride our bicycles that is "seat of the pants" learning or the "through the hand,through the mind" learning.
We are creating our future (resistance is futile ;) )and I think our grandkids will be amazed that we had to sit for years to learn the things we do.
Things that they just download.
Imagine how the class system (upper class/lower class society) will disappear.
One step further that we mechanicly regenerate limbs instead of prosthetics.
The possibilities of learning without the block of "I can't"


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Human beings have already merged with technology!

I have on the surface of my eyes two tiny bits of floppy plastic. This seemingly tiny bit of plastic corrects my vision from a horrible -9.50 diopter to practically perfect eyesight. To a girl who was teased all her life for wearing "pop-bottle" glasses, this is a wondrous miracle!

In my left leg, an implant was inserted to replace my knee joint. The surgeon who performed the surgery not only did the surgery, but had in the operating room a computer-controlled lathe that cut the prosthesis to the precise measurements of my leg. Again, technology has made my life better. I can sit cross-legged with ease, and look forward to the day when I can have the other knee done. Not only will I be pain-free in my knees, but will be able to take Karate and do kicks with the best of them! Technology!

In my back are two long plates with four long screws that enable me to walk. In earlier days, I would have been bound to a wheelchair or worse...Technology!

My daughter is working on her degree in Nanotechnology. She wants to design these miniature robots that will someday be injected into your arm, and will do things such as clear your arteries in your heart, and cure coronary artery disease. The very same robots will rebuild kidneys and eat up a swollen appendix. Technology!

But we all think of Dr. Frankenstein, and look at the the monsters who will take such technology and apply it in horrible ways. A stranger plunges a syringe in your neck, and nano-robots get into your brain, and slowly chew it away...Ugh. But I like to think positively! I hope that in this merger of technology and biology, good things will come, and bad things will not. In the meantime, I guess I will enjoy my contacts, my fake knee, my fused back, and pray for humanity to do good!

Blessings and Love, Jai


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Man and machine merge

Of course we will. We have, we are. Look at prosthetics and aids for the parylyzed. Not will we but how far we can and will go. Very exciting.


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Yes exactly as I said, I wish I could remember the science show it was very fascinating.

(03 Apr '11, 05:41) Wade Casaldi

Yes, I think we are destine to merge with technology unless man kind wakes up before it is too late. For some have already merged with technology far more advance than they have let on to the public. Yes, In the beginning it is to help people who have lost some part of their body but all in all in the end it will be all about preserving the bodies of certain people so that they want lose their life and combine with technology and become as close to immortality as they can get.

Not realizing or caring that they are losing their humanity and are becoming robotic or robots. Technology, machinery and metals, does not have compassion, love, kindness, respect, a general caring about another human being, wanting to find and become one with God and loving of people, animal and mother earth. All of that will be lost as we continue to integrate mentally and physically with technology so that we are more robotic than human in the physical and mental makeup of the body.

That will be a very sad day when that happens on a big scale. It is already happening now on a small scale because the under lining current lays wanting immortality and to avoid sickness and destruction of the human body. The top layer seems to be about caring for the people and to get them to come along and follow suit as lambs to a slaughter house unbeknown what is ready happening and going on.

Now technology is good to a certain extent but when you are trying to make robots think and make you into a robot than you cease to be human.

Our mind holds vast knowledge and the Atlantans acquire that knowledge and put it to use and sad to say seem to have destroy them selves with it. But they realize how powerful the mind really is.

I think we should not combine with being robotic but learn all about the mind and the body and help it to be the best it can be. The body regenerates all the time instead of finding out more about that we would rather have non human parts to our selves to become immortal.

No, I am not talking about the people losing a arm or a leg or eye that is understandable I am talking about the people who wants to become robotic in order to cheat death as a human. You can learn to live a very long time as a human without becoming a robotic. Lets learn more about that.

Technology has a price to pay and it will come a time we must reexamine it and see is it worth the price we are paying. Already the electrical light lines cause a lot of sickness,radiation from cell phones, microwaves, computers causing problems and sickness. The different waves traveling in the air and combating our bodies raging havoc on our physical and mental bodies.

The chips and earbuds on the surface seems very helpful but do you really want certain people who do not care about you knowing where you are and what you are saying and doing 24/7? It is good to have more knowledge at times but other knowledge can be placed in your head as well maybe even to control your actions and reactions to things. Mind control it is very real and prevalent so we should guard our children minds and bodies until they are old enough to decide for them selves because some of the device or embed deep within the body and would be very hard to get out.

Think of it like the device on cloths to keep someone from walking out the store without paying for it. Now they are saying if you don't take these small devices off your self they will keep up with where you are as long as you have that item, just because you remove one does not mean there is not another one hidden somewhere. I know I found one in a planner about 3 years later hidden after I had remove one device. These are not the ones they use to make sure you pay for it this is the one they use for inventory purpose so they will know how many of a product they have in the store at any given time.

You will have a device install in you as a baby under the disguise of finding you if you have been kidnap or implanting your medical history so if you become sick the doctor will have your health records on hand; in the mean time they are keeping up with you and maybe hearing everything you say and do and maybe even controlling what you do. What is wrong with the doctors and hospitals giving you a record of your medical history every time you go and see them and you will have a copy for your self. No, I would not want that for any child.


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For me, the lines between spirituality - non-physical sciences - an technology are blurred.

Three years ago my wife and I had cell phones that backed up in our computers, then we had to merge - through our computers - the data she had with the data I had and download the merged data into our individual cell phones. I wanted the maximum amount of memory in these phones so they could hold massive amounts of data.

Two years ago we got new cell phones. I decided to merge the data from her computer cell phone backups with mine. But I found that the new cell phones integrated not only with her computer, my computer, her cell phone, my cell phone and the Cloud. Now, I enter a new number in my computer and within a few seconds, no matter where I am, that data is on her phone, her computer and my computer.

I just threw away a dictionary that was seven inches thick. Why? Because all these words and more are in Google. I don't need that paper dictionary. I have Google!

So how do I consider this Spiritual? Google is the closest thing to the Universal Mind, the Collective Unconsciousness we know.


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