Throughout the last year, what with this and that, I have developed a raging case of short-sleep insomnia. I have tried everything. It just occurred to me that there might be some spiritual methods that I never "dreamed" of...Help!


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See my cure for my insomnia at: I found out that by ending the meditation with a talk with Jesus (my Higher Power), I could sleep!

(01 Jul '12, 13:05) Jaianniah

Every time I read I fall asleep. So I read really deep stuff that engages my imagination, something philosophically complex but interesting at the same time. I find that this takes my mind somewhere deep and I can't stay awake for long.

There are also relaxations exercises where you tense and release each part of you body starting from your feet and work your way up. After tensing and releasing each body part (three times per body part) it should feel like that part of the body doesn't exist any more.

By the time you get to your head you should be already asleep. If you are still awake, take a journey in your imagination to some experience where you want to stay. Sometimes that is re-living a childhood experience that you enjoyed!

I shouldn't be saying this, but if nothing works, try a lustful thought. It always works,(although this contradicts most spiritual advices out there). But if you are a strong believer in evil it will create thought forms of guilt within you, so be aware of that.

In any case put a circle of protection around you and ask God that nothing enters your circle of protection while you sleep.


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For me reading works too but I find if I read any deep philosophical or spiritual material, my over thinking can creep in and ultimately keep me awake so at bedtime I tend to read lighthearted material that doesn't engage my thinking mind too much.

(22 Feb '10, 13:00) Michaela

Holosync cured my insomnia, overnight one could say.... it is a very expensive biaural system of meditation. I think there are cheaper systems on the market. Something to do with DHEA? Might be worth doing a bit of research on.

Also, I would go see a Homeopath. I have found their remedies both inexpensive and effective.

Good luck.


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Thinking about something Esther Hicks says , start telling a different story . I have a daughter who says she never gets any sleep and has been telling this story since my grandson was born , he is nearly 10 yrs old now . I know she does sleep as I have seen her out like a light , but she does keep repeating this story . Am not trying to be unkind , perhaps if you start telling yourself , you can hardly keep your eyes open , you fall asleep at the drop of a hat , its so easy for you to drift into deep refreshing sleep etc and as Esther says ignore the "what is , its old news and pretend the thing you want " by Law ( of Attraction) it must be .


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Some suggestions:

I know you have had trouble with your leg, but the one remedy that works best for me is to exercise regularly. The commonly-accepted minimum nowadays for a healthy level of exercise is about 20 minutes per day three days per week where you break a sweat. Add a little resistance training to that. Trust me, you'll sleep better.

Early to bed, early to rise
The surest way for me to get insomnia is to stay up too late. Lately, I have been getting to bed early and getting up early, and that has pretty much eliminated any remaining insomnia I have had.

Count Sheep
This sounds really cliché, but if you can relax, and vividly visualize something (yes, even counting sheep), you'll slip into alpha and theta brainwaves, and the next thing you'll remember is waking up the next morning.


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I made it up after reading The Secret of Instant Healing by Frank Kinslow. Position yourself to go to sleep. Then feel your right hand, then feel your left hand, then feel both hands. Then wake up.


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Fairy Princess

I have never slept better! Love it!

(18 Jul '12, 21:02) Fairy Princess

I have "resurrected" this question because I have found a cure for my insomnia...finally! I thought that some of you would find this interesting (maybe...LOL!) The answer proved to be a medical one, but I have to say that my spirituality kept me sane throughout this ordeal.

I never noticed that I had a problem concentrating. A single, 750-word paper for college would take me five hours to write. Music was constantly running through my head. I couldn't concentrate on anything- chores, schoolwork, TV or movies-anything- for very long. I got used to doing eight things at once, just to get something done.

My daughters Katie and Kimberly were both diagnosed with ADD. I mentioned this to my doctor in passing, and he sat up and took notice. He put me on Ritalin. BINGO!

I am sleeping like a baby! I just dashed off my last paper in 25 minutes and got a 100% on it. For me, it is like a miracle. I especially appreciate being able to think straight for the first time in my life. I can follow a conversation without losing the gist of it.

Being diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Disorder has changed my life. Sleeping is bliss now! It is almost as if I couldn't "concentrate" on even sleeping!

I just wanted to spread the word that maybe will help some of you...It certainly has helped me. I really wish I had known about this in High School...I had a horrible time studying back then, and now I know why. Thanks for reading.

Blessings, Jai


I now use the method I outline in [this]( way. It is non-medical, and works very well with the relaxation technique.

Blessings (again),



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Thanks for the edit, Barry! Love, Jai

(24 Feb '11, 19:34) Jaianniah

Hey, are you still taking Ritalin? If so, may I ask if you have progressively increased the dose; what is your dose now? Have you tried to come off it to see if your brain is now fixed? Have you looked at slow release variants, like Concerta? Have you explored other medications? Many thanks!

(31 Oct '14, 12:08) einsof

sleeping is a need of a physical body,
that may be the place to look for change.
should you focus on intuitive thought
instead of brain-mind raciocinations
sleep may be around the corner


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