So 2 days ago my throat started to get itchy and long story short I started feeling the affects of the common cold.

Is this a sign that my vibration is slighty off or is it because of the weather change in my city?

As an experiment this morning I followed the "getting in the vortex" track on physical well being. And I actually feel better not 100% but I do feel a difference.

Please help me understand the relation between my personal vibration and common illnesses. Like the common cold, the flu, a cough ect...


asked 05 Apr '11, 16:09

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Chris 2

Yes, you are attracting it because you are attracting every experience in your reality.

And that includes all the ease in your life, and also all the dis-ease.

It might be worth reading the following answer to get a background to what I'm going to say below: How does the body become weak?

So, from that answer linked above, you can probably see that you can create dis-ease for yourself at any point on the emotional scale...and it all comes down to summoning more energy than you can allow.

In your case then, if you do a bit of self-examination, is there any area in your life right now that you are either summoning more energy than you can habitually allow, or where you are resisting more than usual? ...both of those attitudes will cause you dis-ease.

No need to worry about it though. Life is a constant vibrational balancing act, and juggling that ever-changing point of equilibrium between resistance and allowing is where all the fun is ...even if you occasionally fall over :)


answered 05 Apr '11, 17:31

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WOW ok. I'm learning so much about keeping up with my higher vibration it's quite amazing. Now that I think about it. I can remember the moment when my throat started to itch and I know the topic that I am flowing energy to in a strong way but I'm also resisting. It's related to my last question about women. I'll revist the question and begin to release resistance in that area more delibratly. Thanks, it's amazing how your body can let you know when your thinking is getting sloppy. I'm thankful for my sniffles now. :) thanks again.

(05 Apr '11, 18:41) Chris 2

Stingray, My ego has a hard time dealing with you and I do not know why. And for that I apologize. Maybe jealousy of some sorts and for that I apologize. I have not been fair to you and recently not spoke well about you. For that too I apologize. I am sure that you are a fine, loving human who only wants to help. You put a lot of time and effort into your answers. I forgive myself for feeling that way and I am ready to move on. Be well :)

(06 Apr '11, 17:03) you

No need to apologize, Michael. You genuinely want to help others and so you get upset when you perceive some devil-like character (like me) leading them astray ;) But, really, we are not so different in viewpoint or intention. My perspective is that most people are not ready to hear a "higher" message until they get their material needs met. When that sense of day-to-day survival urgency has been satisfied, I find that people naturally gravitate towards more spiritual ideals. So I just try to help them as much as I can with that first materialistic step, that's all

(06 Apr '11, 21:41) Stingray

Thank you so much. I feel so much better. Like I said for some reason you "threatened" me and I thank you for being understanding. I get you now and I should have approached this sooner. My heart us now more open. Thanks buddy :))))

(06 Apr '11, 21:45) you

Oh and that makes total sense.

(06 Apr '11, 21:46) you
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The way I've been taught is that when you get ill it's part of the process of clearing. For example, I almost never get sick, but since doing my Reiki master training a couple of weeks ago (and thus expanding my energy levels significantly and my access to the energy) I suddenly got a sore throat, cough, weakness, emotionally all over the place, headaches, nausea and other new symptoms arriving almost daily (yes, the fun never ends round here!) as my new level of vibration can't tolerate the old debris and is bringing it up to be released.

It may be that because you are doing all this work on your own vibration, old stuff is coming up to be released and cleared so you can move to the next level. It's still just a normal cold, it's just that you are open to it more because of the process you're going through and your body can use it to get rid of that which no longer serves you.

This is something I'm in the middle of learning right now so there may be more to it, but I find it hugely comforting to know that it's for all for a very good reason!


answered 05 Apr '11, 16:27

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WOW! thanks much. That makes a lot of sense as my vibration has risen (in my eyes) signifcantly in the past few weeks. thanks for you answer.

(05 Apr '11, 16:39) Chris 2

Pleasure, hope we both feel better soon! ;)

(05 Apr '11, 16:54) aquamarine

It is the natural ability of every human being to get sick at some point in their lives, regardless of whether they attracted it or not. It is part of being human to get sick by nature, or by picking up viruses, and diseases from our environment during our life time.

You sound like my brother, who always over thinks why he of all people should have a common Cold, or Flu. So, I would always say to him “Cheer Up Now” I am sure you will over come this one like everyone else!


answered 06 Apr '11, 05:35

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