I've used this CD for a couple of days, and I like it. I just do 15 minutes in the morning, and it feels great. You get used to the breathing after a few goes.

Do you think there would be any reason not to just leave it playing when I'm doing other things in the room? They suggest no more than 15 minutes per day of meditation, but what about just as background?

It's nice to have the loving messages trickling in my ears when I'm not actually meditating.

asked 22 Jun '12, 15:09

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I have found that after this meditation, just sitting quietly for 2-5 minutes and feeling & settling into that good feeling raises my vibration even higher:)

(20 May '13, 06:28) Satori

@Satori - Yes, I gave your comment some thought, and realized I'm doing the same thing. It's steeping myself in all that lovely, clear, peaceful energy and allowing it to permeate everything... ahhhh!!! :)

In the last few days when I've done this meditation, I have started going through and balancing my chakras, as opening flowers of light, as @Jai once suggested. I end up feeling really wonderful, and can highly recommend putting the two practices together. :)

(07 Jun '13, 01:25) Grace

@Grace- I think its beneficial to make a slow transition out of a meditation. Like a "cool down". It helps me to marry that meditation state to normal consciousness. I'm glad your enjoying your meditations. Thanks for the link Grace:)

(07 Jun '13, 14:40) Satori
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I don't see any reason not to just leave it playing if that's what you feel like you want to do but, like @PurpleRose implies, that's probably not the intention of them because conscious awareness of the breathing pattern is important.

The only downside to doing it that I can think of is that you can get so used to hearing the words that when you come around to meditating using the CD, you no longer pay attention to what the words actually mean. But with those CDs, I think the words are secondary and Abraham even suggest that you don't need to pay much attention to the words...it's the breathing that does most of the alignment work. I barely listen to the words myself, I just enjoy the feeling of the overall experience :)

Regarding "just as background", I have a different approach if I want to hear "loving messages" when I'm not meditating.

What I tend to do if I am doing stuff around the house is play actual Q&A workshop recordings through wireless headphones. I can then walk from room to room, even at quite long distances from the player, and still hear the uplifting messages.

It's like having a continuous positive soundtrack accompanying you :) I have Abraham - and others - recordings stretching back many years so I never get bored of listening or re-listening, but you could just stream online Abraham YouTube recordings instead if you don't have enough material.

I've noticed that quite often when you are physically occupied with other things, your conscious mind relaxes enough that you hear the inner message within the messages...you start to get your own insights about the ideas that are put forward.

Playing recordings in the car has the same effect for me. I am consciously occupied enough with driving that I can hear the messages at a higher level.

Probably most of the insights I share on IQ come from inspired thoughts that have come through listening while doing other things.

When you are listening to inspired recordings, like the Abraham ones, you are tuned in to the frequency of them so you can quite often also get insights of your own that are not on the actual recording but still seem to originate from that Abraham energy.

On a recent recording, I heard Abraham say that there are many people these days who are "tuned in" to the energy of Abraham and bringing information through...it's not just coming from Esther Hicks. So, you never know, we may have Abra-Grace or Grace-aham soon ;)


answered 23 Jun '12, 04:18

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@Stingray-I really like these meditations as they are effective and I use them often.I always end up with a pain in my sinus and head though afterwards.Like a pressure.Any ideas?.Ive been to a doc who can find nothing wrong.thanks:)

(23 Jun '12, 04:30) Satori

@Satori - Pain is always an indication of summoning more energy in the moment than can be allowed. So if it happens during these recordings, you are pulling in a lot of energy but it is not flowing freely for some reason. Have you tried just "stepping into" the pain and letting it expand? i.e. just trying to unblock that energy as much as possible...normally people do the opposite and try to "fight" the pain, and block the energy flow even more

(23 Jun '12, 04:36) Stingray

@Stingray-I appreciate your reply.No I have not tried this.I suppose I just get a bit frustrated by it which is a form of fighting it.I will try "stepping into it".Thanks Stingray.:)

(23 Jun '12, 04:55) Satori

@Stingray or anyone else, can you point me to a link where I can get more info on the breathing technique you mention in Abraham- Hicks meditation CD or to just listen to it? - Thanks

(23 Jun '12, 09:17) Xoomaville

@Stingray, you never know.... ;) What you said about hearing but not really hearing the words, a continuous positive soundtrack, thats exactly what I'm after, you hit it right on the head - saturating myself in these vibrations to the effect of rising above the words themselves and getting my own feel for what is coming through. Its a great feeling, and I just never want it to end.

(23 Jun '12, 09:58) Grace

@Satori, I have had experiences with this. Not the same kind of pain, but very intense and it felt unbearable. This was about 15 years ago. I prayed for help, and got the exact same answer you just got from @Stingray. It was a powerful experience, and it did end the pain in a short time. Takes some courage to do. Well, I mean for me it did.

(23 Jun '12, 10:29) Grace

Thanks everyone.

(23 Jun '12, 11:04) Xoomaville

@Stingray-I tried this approach with great results.I put relaxed focus on the pain.First it got worse then after a while it seemed to shift.I got some fluttering sensations and a cool feeling.I tried the meditation this morning with hardly any noticeable pain.First time in about 3 months:) Thank you big-time,Stingray:) @Grace-thanks..glad you got that sorted.I know only to well what it's like:)

(24 Jun '12, 15:22) Satori

@Satori - That's great to hear. Glad to have helped :)

(25 Jun '12, 03:19) Stingray
(26 Jun '12, 02:29) PurpleRose
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I don't think this would work with this cd. You can do the background with other subliminal cds but this Abraham cd requires you to do the specific breathing, which aids in incorporating the allowing they are talking about. And it is NOT a subliminal, so it really would not help being played in the background. So, if I were you, I would not play it in the background. But it should be ok twice a day, like morning and evening, like I do it sometimes. I also have been listening to them since last December and enjoy them, but I listen daily in the evening, sometimes twice a day. I also have other subliminal and paraliminal mp3s I am listening to, so during the day I do alternate.


answered 22 Jun '12, 16:26

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Thank you for that insight, @PurpleRose. I have a subliminal recording from The Secret that I've listened to on and off for years as I'm going to sleep. Any opinon on that one?

(23 Jun '12, 10:01) Grace

part 1. I have never listened or read anything directly from the Secret, so I cannot give you an opinion on it. I am more into the older kind, like Joseph Murphy, Emmett Fox, from early 1920's or so. Concerning subliminals in general, I do have some. I bought a little mp3 player with an 8 GB card and put my meta physical recordings on it, organized into folders, like hypnosis, brainwave entrainment, Silva Method, guided meditation, subliminal and paraliminals, Esther and Jerry Hicks The Vortex

(24 Jun '12, 22:46) PurpleRose

pt 2 I listen to the Vortex every night, plus also to 1 or 2 Brainwave entrainment audios, my favorite is from Jeff Gignac (www.evolutionezine.com) Sometimes instead of the BWE I listen to a hypnosis or a Silva Method recording. Some of the subliminals are completely subliminal, and even after listening to them for a very long time, I really have not noticed an improvement

(24 Jun '12, 22:50) PurpleRose

pt 3 Some of my other subliminals are from www.powerfulaffirmations.com, each one comes in 3 parts one audible and 2 subliminals all 3 also have slight brainwave entrainment on it from Claus D. Jensen. I really like those and listen to them especially when I have a lot of driving to do, just put them on repeat. All 3 different titles are about 1 1/2 hours together and very soothing, but not enough to make me tired while driving. I listen to them a lot during the day while doing housework.

(24 Jun '12, 22:53) PurpleRose

pt 4 I only use the affirmations which resonate with me, don't like the ones with the hype about being a millionaire and lottery wins. Most of my affirmations are about prosperity and abundance, not only money, but very toned down. Some are also Christian affirmations on audio for general and financial and health well being. I like to keep it well rounded. I am partial to BWE. Also I am following Stingray's advice: above all, try to be happy and feel as good as you possibly can.

(24 Jun '12, 22:59) PurpleRose

pt 5 The audios really help with me keeping my sanity and keeping myself in a feel good state, even when things around me crumble often. I like the way they influence my mood for the good. I very seldom ever lose my temper and have a lot of patience and moreless now believe: To each his own, I am nobody's keeper and I can't fix the world. Takes a lot of stress off of me and makes me look at life in a calm way. So, all in all, things are getting better, compared to 2 years ago.

(24 Jun '12, 23:05) PurpleRose

@Purple Rose, I too am after that peace, calm, and feeling good. For some reason, I just have a feeling that if I get some good things flowing into my ears, it will help me release resistance, and get out of my own way subconsciously. Consciously, I'm fully persuaded that I can do just about anything... Its good to hear that things are getting better for you. Thanks for the advice!

(25 Jun '12, 22:30) Grace
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