Consider: And why has Satan chosen to use these God given powers for his own selfish reasons to do evil?

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How does Satan choose his victims to do his evil work: and did he choose Eve as his first victim to call our attention to what he is capable of doing, and to influence us to his ways, and teaching, so that he can enslave us to his Kingdom to rein over us?

The answer that I am looking for is: Do you suppose that Satan is evil by nature, or do you suppose he was envious of God and wanted to be like God so that he could take dominion over us?

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This probably isnt the answer your looking for Vee but i would tend to believe that Satan doesnt exist.

If we are to believe that we are all one with God and living in Him then this would mean Satan living within the Father . This is impossible.God can have no evil within Him.

There is absolutely nothing that exists thats outside of God.Not one being,person or molecule.

If you read scripture carefully, and by this i mean what Jesus termed scripture ie the law the psalms and the prophets you will notice that the entity termed Satan/Devil is mentioned very very rarely. In fact hardly at all.

I think just because we see something mentioned in a book we musnt abandon all reason and believe in it.

God to me is ALL. There is nothing outside of Him,there simply cannot be. I view Satan as being neither a person,place or thing. The concept of him is an analogy for the lack of something, ie love,manifestation,power, wealth and light.

There will be many fundamentalist Christians who will no doubt disagree with this and pluck a few phrases from their bibles. They have every right to do so,they have every right to cling to their belief in a negative mini deity.

I respect that right.But i dont personally buy into it.



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Monty Riviera

I agree with your answer Graham

(06 Apr '11, 11:54) Susan 1

@Graham Cook:I hear what you are saying, and I appreciate your honesty, thank you!

(06 Apr '11, 23:35) Inactive User ♦♦

the stories about the evils of Satan only show our lack of understanding the complexity of our existence.
no-thing is evil by nature, yet humankind has developed a persona about Satan, most likely from displaced fear. there are also many of those/us who benefit by this belief and it is they (our fellow men) who control or hold dominion over the fearful.
maybe now is a good time to awaken and search for the truth


answered 06 Apr '11, 12:00

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You raised a good point, maybe now is a good time to search for the truth, thank you!

(06 Apr '11, 23:39) Inactive User ♦♦

This question is the basis of Christianity it self. Adam and Eve originally owned everything and had control of everything. They had dominion of everything, God gave it all to them, at the same time they were ignorant of what they had and ignorant of everything mostly like babies in any understanding of intellect. The fist desire is to experience, then the second desire comes to understand and know. It is from these first two desires that the weakness comes, this weakness is what leads us to explore things to find out about and what causes us to fall into traps when we do not realize the consequences. We find and learn many wonderful things with this but it can also be our downfall if exploited against us. This is where the devil comes into the picture.

Lucifer God's most loved and brightest angel became jealous of these new creations of God's, he said they only love you because they do not know anything otherwise. If they had other choices if they had free will to choose and understood they had choice would they? This was like a challenge of God, something God had never had before it was in this instance Lucifer himself was demonstrating free will can oppose. God took up the challenge and said they love me because I am their father, they will do as I want out of love and respect. God put the tree of knowledge at the center of Eden right where Adam and Eve could see and find it easy. God told them don't eat from this tree, this is the tree of knowledge of good and evil and you now have life but shall you eat of this tree you will know death. Adam and Eve because they did not know what good or evil is, or what even life or death is was tempted by their desire to know and experience without realizing the consequences and meanings of their actions to God. Lucifer had only to push the temptation a little more with some suggestion and inferring doubt in their minds as to confuse the words spoken to them from God.

Lucifer had won and got them to eat from the Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil, they now where aware, they now had understanding and choice and knew the consequences. (This is like wondering what would happen if you squeezed the tube of tooth paste hard, then see the mess you made and try to put it back in the tube.) Because Lucifer had won he now became known as Satan (Enemy) God took all that was Adam and Eve's and gave it to Satan to rule over. Sort of like saying "if they like you so much you can have them all!" So this is how Satan gained control over humanity and all souls of humanity.

God did have compassion for his people, when they chose him, he as well choose them, God gave rules to live by so that they could be saved from Satan. This he tried over again and again but they could not keep to these rules. He finely gave Ten Commandments to help but they could not even live those! So God had made a decision out of love and compassion for humanity.

At this point God decided that the only way to know what this temptation is to these humans is to become one himself, to be tempted in every way. But this was not just the plan he decided to save humanity by taking on every sin known to humanity for all time and pay the price to Satan buying back everyone. Yes we can say he is God he could have just taken back all but then he would be stealing what he gave freely, that is not God's way. This is where Jesus came into the story of humanity.

Enter the birth of Jesus, God incarnated as a man to experience as a man temptation, but with the knowledge of God to show and teach just what God really meant for us to be, what God really had given us but we could not see blinded by our own selfish desires over the choices Satan gave us when he won us. Jesus kept pure and sinless because he had to he had to prove to Satan that a man can resist Satan and can make all the right choices and in this so doing find his true self in God. He did fulfill this quest and at the end of his life did fulfill the greater quest of taking on all sin. He became what he hated the most to save humanity all souls that would accept him as their personal savior. In this he gave back everything that Adam and Eve had lost, we again though Jesus have full dominion over everything including Satan himself.


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Wade Casaldi


Brilliant answer, informative, thank you!

(06 Apr '11, 23:55) Inactive User ♦♦

You are very welcome Vee, I gave you a point for the question. When I saw this my mind said this is going to be a big answer because it has to show why for everything and it has to stretch the span of time to present so as not to give the illusion that Satan has power now over Christians.

(07 Apr '11, 17:07) Wade Casaldi

Very well said Wade Casaldi I agree with most of what you say and you told the story so well!

(05 Jun '11, 20:55) flowingwater

Very good answer but sounds like God, dubbed as the perfect one, made a mistake when He took that challenge from Lucifer. He knew it will happen (He is all knowing) but He proceeds anyway and accept the challenge. But then He lost, Lucifer won the challenge. He then made all sorts of ways to win back the bet (us) from Satan. Made the commandments and finally sends His begotten son. Hey listen; if you accept me as your savior I will win this game and save your soul. If you don't, go to hell dude.

(29 Mar '13, 10:01) Romel

God doesn't send us to Hell. Think of it this way, you have a premonition. You get a vision of your friend dying in a terrible accident. You know the place and time that this will happen. You plead and beg your friend not to go on this trip!

You know exactly what is going to happen and it isn't too pretty! He doesn't listen, as far as he is concerned you are a spoil-sport. You find it came true. How do you feel?

How does God feel when he did everything to save you and you rejected it?

(30 Mar '13, 00:07) Wade Casaldi
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as do i , i truly belive satan in the mannifestation of our own abilty to be selfish and rude. i believe that satan is the part of us that trys to fight our connection with god and all that exist. i realy belive that the collective connsiesness of the world had given enough belief to turn satan into what i explained him as to an entity that poeple use to blame for their selfish and evil actions. i am not tryng to offend anyone from this but that is just my belief. love n light, rob


answered 06 Apr '11, 12:23

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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I understand your position, thank you!

(06 Apr '11, 23:57) Inactive User ♦♦

you are welcome my freind, i love how great you are. you are always so happy and you are always so nice, i love you and i hope you can spread your love as well !! love n light! rob

(07 Apr '11, 01:43) TReb Bor yit-NE

Satan does not have any more power than what you give him. We have free will and can choose to believe Satan and his lies, or say, "Get behind me, Satan!" That is what Jesus said to Peter. Does that mean that Peter is Satan? No! But Satan is the source of things that are opposed to God and God's will. Satan is the temptor, but Jesus is the way out. Eve didn't have the knowledge of good and evil before she ate of the apple. So, she didn't know about lying and disobediance. She was more like an animal. They don't know good and evil, they know food and pain. They can learn behaviors that seem good or evil, but it is to get food, or avoid pain. They do also have instincts to take care of their young, etc... However, now we do have the knowledge of good and evil and it is up to us to resist evil. Satan doesn't have any more power than WE give him.


answered 06 Apr '11, 13:31

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Fairy Princess

I agree that Satan does not have any more power over us than we give to him, but I believed that Eve was told by God that she can eat from every Tree in the garden except that one Tree! Do you suppose Eve had a listening problem?

(06 Apr '11, 23:46) Inactive User ♦♦

No, Satan told her that she would not die if she ate it. She believed him. We get to choose who we believe. He didn't force her to eat it. He didn't control her. She made a choice who to believe, not based on the knowledge of good or evil, but based on what was presented to her.

(07 Apr '11, 00:14) Fairy Princess

eve she let her self be seduced by the snake!that is why god said that she would have pain in labor and men would dominate her!

(06 May '11, 01:52) white tiger
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satan was given power to protect men! but he was jealous that god made men in is image! that is why he rebelled!well power corrupt! so lets say that satan was flawed! and he need to work on him self! it would be better for him to work on him self then to try to make men do sin or vile things! adam nad eve where suppose to eat from the fruit of the tree of life !not the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and bad! god would have answer all there question! but the snake tempted them! so god removed the limbs from the snake and said that from now on he will walk on is belly and eat dust!


answered 06 May '11, 01:46

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white tiger

It is indeed unfortunate that Satan choose to use his power in a negative way. Thank you.

(07 May '11, 04:20) Inactive User ♦♦

Satan did not like that God had created mankind or human beings in God's own image. God created man beneath the angels and angels above mankind or human beings. So, that when God told the angels that they were going to watch over and help the humans he considered as like being a servant to them and that was not something he want to do or would do and he became jealous of the love for mankind that God had for them with their limited abilities.

He hurts humans to hurt God because God loves us so. You know when someone really wants to hurt you deeply they go and hurt someone that you really love and that hurts you because you have to live with that for the rest of your life the memory of it until you release it unto God and he will sooth the pain and the hurt of it away.

But everything was on a learning curve for man kind God had bestowed many gifts and talents on mankind but it lay dominant until discovered or awaken by inner desire and spiritual searching asking, seeking, and knocking on the door of knowledge to find out to find God to find who you really are!

This is still hard for me to say and conceived but God created evil and when I read that I stopped and froze and could not go any further and I went back and started over many times before I could get past that but once I did I realize God made us a free morale agent to choose to serve and love him or not but that we had to have something else to choose from besides him in order for it to be a choice; so he created evil to give us a chose.

With Job God was very very proud of him and he called a meeting of the sons of God that again through me and I said God only had one son and that was Jesus but he later on showed me we are his sons and daughters but than he was talking about the angels in heaven whom he had created and had given them free will and power as well to choose why do you think a 1/3 of the angels went with satan.

God said you see my man named Job satan said yes God said you see how he loves me satan said that's because all of what you have given him and how you protected him. No, I have not paid any attention to him for you have him covered him by your protection but say now if you was to lift your protection and let me have a go at him I will show you he does not love you as you say. So God took up the challenge and said ok you can have everything and mess with everything but his soul that I will keep safely with me and out of YOUR reach. So, satan said ok and away he went to torment destroy all that he could and see could he get Job to turn away from God.

He took everything away from him his animals dying, his children dying, his crops being destroyed his wife telling him to curse God and die, his body being covered in boils from head to toe and he was in a lot of pain; poor Job he didn't know what had went wrong and why he was not under the protection of God. He knew he had did as he always had even his friends were telling him what have you done wrong that displeases God so. Feeling hurt, confused, and without the comfort of God Job did not curse God but he did curse the day he was born. Well needless to say Job regain more animals, land, children, and all was back in the protection of God almighty hands. God was very pleased with Job.

I think God thought mankind would easily go towards the way of love but mankind as fallen sort of the way of glory and is lost and trying to find its way back home to God and God's arms are held out waiting for us to come home to him by loving and believing in him and showing love and kindness to others that's why he spoke the word into manifesting Jesus into a man that our way out of this sins and so he took on the sins of this world and mankind or the whole human race and died for all of our sins so that we might have a chance to make it to heaven and be with God, Jesus and the holy angels.


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Very inspirational, and invoking, thank you!

In the book of Genesis, it is said that God was pleased with his creation, and everything was good, so I believe that everything was good, until, of course the twist of fate and Satan’s jealousy of God!

(09 Jun '11, 03:54) Inactive User ♦♦
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