I am confused with the phenomenon of 'selling your soul to the devil.' I personally do not believe in a being known as the devil, nor do I believe in a source of darkness (to me darkness= absence of light).

Yet, to my intrigue, some people come to such tragic desire to get their desires that they intend for the devil to take control. What suprises me is the account of the devil seems to produce results for these people, fast.

Sell your soul to the devil, and get everything you desire on this earth.

How does this work? More importantly, could I get it for myself to work without beliefs in devil or burning in hell?

Very similar question, and in pop culture, of musicians selling their soul to the devil for fame/money/sex/drugs http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/7421/are-there-entertainers-who-have-sold-their-souls-to-the-devil-for-fame-and-fortune


asked 28 Mar '13, 08:16

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But what were you doing. Selling your soul to god. God = Devil, not lack of devil.

(28 Mar '13, 08:28) CalonLan

@Nikulas I think it comes down to the idea of letting go and letting god or in other words letting go of wanting to control and letting your higher self do the work. So those people give up control and let go. They feel relief, thus switch to allowing mode, surrender, give up and higher self now can take care of the rest. Even if they call it the "devil", it is still the same source of love that sits in the driver's seat.

(28 Mar '13, 08:32) releaser99

Higher self doesn't care about language or judgements. He just waits for you to allow no matter how you accomplish allowing. He doesn't care if you call him "The Devil", "asshole" or "son of a bitch". Higher self doesn't care if you hate him or are afraid of him. Because he IS you and loves you unconditionally and will never give up to guide you. If you manage to get into allowing mode no matter how, he will drive you home.

(28 Mar '13, 08:32) releaser99

@releaser99, loving unconditionally is a judgement. Opposite of which is hating unconditionally. Then how come he doesn't make judgements? How come he loves you, if he doesn't care? Loving is caring? You must care if you love someone, if you don't care, you..just don't care.

And if he is me and LOVES me, how come I don't love myself? Should I love myself because he loves me? What ? Should I love myself because I love myself?

And more importantly, if GOD is me, why on earth would I let...

(28 Mar '13, 08:45) CalonLan

@releaser99 - Well said :)

(28 Mar '13, 08:45) Stingray

...some higher self guide me? What again? I'm God, God needs no guidance? What's this higher self then. God of Gods? then what am I God or God of Gods. these guys seems to be multiplying pretty fast here. But if higher self is god, and I'm god, then I'm higher self. So, I'm giving my power to myself to guide myself through struggle that I myself created through giving away power to myself. Can you say - split personalities?

This shit is heavy, and they say don't do drugs, I'd better start.

(28 Mar '13, 08:48) CalonLan

@releaser99- Well, for the record I sold my soul to the devil a week ago, and (unfortunantly) not a thing has happened. I wish there was some way I could surrender these things over and have conviction it's going to work.

(28 Mar '13, 09:16) Nikulas

Actually, I forgot to mention these two little red horns on the side of my head have popped up, and its been an issue wearing my work hat, but apart from that, no changes :(

(28 Mar '13, 09:17) Nikulas

@Nikulas lol :)... If it is your deepest desire to be a bull in a bullfight you should be on the right track:)...But seriously, maybe you should just enjoy the ride and also let go of wanting to arrive NOW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raNM0UvR_Bo

(28 Mar '13, 09:28) releaser99

@releaser- This insight just came to me. What people offer to 'the devil' is 'their soul.' The idea here is negotiation, a fair exchangement of energy. Would you say that bargaining/marketing yourself to the universe works? I gained most ideas from an old post: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/62243/manifest-a-miracle-by-giving-it-to-someone-else

(28 Mar '13, 09:38) Nikulas

@Nikulas The soul is your "attention", your consciousness. The devil is the "adversary", that wisdom which doubts because it clings to the ground. Depending on how you structure this deal, it could be stated as this: Rational mind, I will believe in you only if you give me my desires. If you do give me my desires, my attention is yours, otherwise you cannot have it.

(28 Mar '13, 11:57) flowsurfer

@Nikulas I imagine this works for a simple reason (within a Law of Attraction perspective). If a person believes in the reality of such a transaction, think about what they are doing. They are surrendering EVERYTHING (more than life itself) for the sake of what they want. It is like the parable of the pearl: Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.

(28 Mar '13, 12:10) flowsurfer

This is the most shocking question I found here. Assuming you can but what if the devil will tell you "hey dude, your soul is not worth a dime... you're so worthless that you can't bargain it for anything... okay here is 1 cent, that's all for your pathetic soul... and you may go, I don't want somebody like you here in my burning hell..." What will you do and where will you go if even the devil, you're not welcome? LOL. Hahaha...

(29 Mar '13, 03:42) Romel

@Nikulas - The video you posted was actually pretty inspiring, and the main question plaguing my mind after seeing it is, Who the heck was that guy in the diner who knew his past secrets, offered him hope, and then disappeared? An angel? Avatar? Wizard? Telepath? It's encouraging and somewhat mind-blowing to know that there are people or beings like that out there walking the earth.

(29 Mar '13, 13:26) lozenge123

@lozenge123- Well I'm glad I am not the only one. Back in the day when I was tragic-end-of-hope depressed, this video really sort of kicked me out a bit to at least venture to see if help from God/Higher Source was available. Whilst I did notice the video is designed to persuade you to join this CBN religious group, I too was so plagued with this angelic being in the video.

Thankyou for watching it as well. Does anyone else care to guess this strange being in the video?

(29 Mar '13, 19:50) Nikulas

@Nikulas The simplest explanation is that it was a hallucination.

(29 Mar '13, 21:52) flowsurfer

@Nikulas "Would you say that bargaining/marketing yourself to the universe works?" I think that if it feels good to you, it must work. F.i. I know that the universe is abundant, yet I like the idea of giving value for free and I like believing that it will benefit me. Though in an abundant universe logically it shouldn't be necessary to give anything away because you can literally get anything doing nothing. But the "giving value" belief doesn't limit me and I enjoy it, thus I don't change it.

(01 Apr '13, 15:14) releaser99
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Sell your soul to the devil, and get everything you desire on this earth.

Yes, of course you could do this.


Why would anyone want to "sell their soul" when they can get whatever they want from God and/or the Universe for free?

Who says that you have to "sell" or "give up" anything to get what you desire?

The only reason a person would consider "selling their soul," if you think about it, is if that person is coming from a place of feeling disempowered and is not aware of their true powerful nature and of their connection to Source.

It is just one of many disempowering belief systems such as:

1. No pain, no gain.

2. You have to struggle and work hard for everything you get.

3. If someone has a great amount (relative to my own) of wealth, health, happiness, recognition, etc., then they have broken the above "laws," and therefor...they must have "sold their soul" to get these good things for themselves.


4. The only way I can get these good things for myself is to sell my soul.

Isn't it interesting that every great religion, philosophy, and mystical system says the exact opposite...that all things are possible, and that good things come from connection to Source?

It is only in the last few hundred years, with the popularization of the "Faust" legend in folklore, theater, opera, and literature, that this notion has arisen about certain people who have all this goodness in their life only because they "have sold their soul." (Admittedly, Faust was inspired by biblical and medieval tales of the devil "tempting" people). Add to that an explosion of "negative", pessimistic philosophies in the modern age such as those of Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Albert Camus, and the hold of negative belief systems on Western civilization was strengthened.

It's all nonsense, though. Unless, of course, you believe in it. :)

How does this work? More importantly, could I get it for myself to work without beliefs in devil or burning in hell?

Years ago, I myself had an experience/encounter with negative entities, although it is not a memory that I give attention to very often nowadays. I have also known several people who have had experiences with black or demonic magic (or were close to family/friends who did), and from what they told me, there is a great deal of blowback or unpleasant consequences which made the experience definitely not worth it, even from a purely selfish standpoint. Negative energy was drawn into the life of the practitioner which took years or even decades to get rid of.

Aleister Crowley, one of the precocious stars of the "dark" occult world, died bankrupt, broke, alone, and drug-addicted. Similar stories abound about others who pursued this path. It's enough to keep me away.

It is far better, in my humble opinion and experience, to interact as much as possible with positive beings and draw positive energy into your life through the Law of Attraction.


answered 28 Mar '13, 22:06

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edited 29 Mar '13, 11:37


Very good! +1 from me... :-)

(28 Mar '13, 23:03) Wade Casaldi

cos wat goes comes around..so, its better to be positive n turn towards God n positivity..,in order to attract it more.:))

(28 Mar '13, 23:21) supergirl

@Wade Casaldi, @supergirl - Thank you! :)

(29 Mar '13, 11:30) lozenge123

@lozenge yes this explication seems correct to many people, however there is something bugging me ... you say "the only reason a person would consider 'selling their soul,' if you think about it, is if that person is coming from a place of feeling disempowered and is not aware of their true powerful nature and of their connection to source" i must admit when i read this phrase i feel angry ... if you're caught in a downward spiral, that is, poverty consciousness, and your not aware of it

(29 Mar '13, 12:00) ru bis

@lozenge the only way out is to continue till you hit rock bottom, it's at this point that you "sell your soul to the devil" because it's either that or die ... consideration implies careful thinking and think as long as you want, it won't make you become aware of your own destructive behaviour ... how do you explain to someone who has never seen the light, that he lives in the dark ?

(29 Mar '13, 12:03) ru bis

@ru bis - Thanks for your interest and question. Regarding your statement: "if you're caught in a downward spiral, that is, poverty consciousness, and you're not aware of it" - How can you "not be aware of it"? If you (or another person) are not even aware that they are caught in a "downward spiral", then they wouldn't think they had a problem at all, and would never ask such a question...

(29 Mar '13, 12:52) lozenge123

@ru bis - ...Also, regarding your question: "how do you explain to someone who has never seen the light, that he lives in the dark", could you be more specific about defining "light"? If by "light" you mean positivity, hope, knowledge that goodness is possible, etc., then I have never known a person who has never seen the light. Everyone that I have ever known (no matter how seemingly negative) has had some access to the "light" at some point in their lives...

(29 Mar '13, 12:53) lozenge123

@ru bis - ...I will admit that there may be people that I have never met (psychopaths, serial killers, etc.) who have only led a life of 100% negative experience. Admittedly, I would not know what to say to such people. If I have not answered your question with the correct definition of light, please explain, and I will attempt to elucidate further. :)

(29 Mar '13, 12:53) lozenge123

@lozenge i feel misunderstood, my reply is most certainly embedded in my answer, i'll meditate on it and come up with a clearer explanation, thanks for your comments

(29 Mar '13, 13:05) ru bis

@ru bis - I don't mean the preceding comments to come off as criticism, though after writing them I'm somewhat concerned that they might come off that way. However, one thing I've learned is that negative, limiting beliefs always try to survive by justifying themselves. And so I would ask you to study the beliefs contained in the comment: "the only way out is to continue till you hit rock bottom, it's at this point that you "sell your soul to the devil" because it's either that or die".

(29 Mar '13, 13:11) lozenge123

@lozenge ok i will study the beliefs that you point out, thanks for your enlightenment :)

(29 Mar '13, 13:55) ru bis

@lozenge what i mean is - you can be conscious of being in a downward spiral without being conscious that it's your poverty consciousness that is the cause of it, that is, you can be totally unaware that it's the very way that you think that is causing your down fall, thus the harder you try using the same mechanism of poverty thought, the more you spin downwards. The same phenomenon can of course cause an upward spiral due to an unconscious abundance consciousness. It's the LOA at work.

(29 Mar '13, 15:13) ru bis

@lozenge so whichever way you go, up or down, it's a good learning experience, go up to the top and you say hello to "light" ... go down to the bottom and you say hello to "dark", the flip side of light. We live in a world of duality, there is no dark without light and there is no light without dark ... i rest my case :)

(29 Mar '13, 15:23) ru bis

@lozenge "negative , limiting beliefs always try to survive by justifying themselves", they couldn't do otherwise it's the good old law of attraction in action ... negative attracts negative and the down ward spiral continues to the center of the earth if necessary where we eventually meet up with our true inner demon in hell, pure positive energy

(30 Mar '13, 03:30) ru bis

@lozenge positive attracts positive and the upward spiral continues to the center of the sun if necessary where we eventually meet up with our true inner god in heaven, pure negative energy

(30 Mar '13, 03:32) ru bis

@lozenge demon/god, flip/flip ... man is between sky(negative energy) and earth(positive energy) ... and behold the yin yang is born

(30 Mar '13, 03:33) ru bis

@ru pardon me, I'm going to butt in. Why do you use poverty consciousness as if it is an excuse? Explanation possibly; excuse no. You're still in denial.

(30 Mar '13, 05:36) ele

@ele "why do you use poverty consciousness as if it is an excuse" ... hmmm

(30 Mar '13, 05:49) ru bis

@ru bis - Ah, I understand what you mean now. "you can be conscious of being in a downward spiral without being conscious that it's your poverty consciousness that is the cause of it" Admittedly, it is extremely difficult to convince someone who doesn't believe in (or isn't aware of) the existence of LOA that misuse of the LOA is what is causing their downward spiral. I haven't figured out how to "convince" these sort of folks yet. :)

(01 Apr '13, 12:12) lozenge123

@lozenge123 I really like the edit. The belief that one has to sacrifice happiness to get good things is very popular and also very limiting.

(01 Apr '13, 15:01) releaser99

@releaser99 - Thanks! Yes, it is interesting to see how these have changed and evolved throughout history, and how they have affected certain dominant societal beliefs.

(01 Apr '13, 16:00) lozenge123

@lozenge123 the difference between "how" a person gets into a downward spiral and "why" a person does so, is crucial. "How" only describes the process which is evident to all. "Why" it happens is because their decision making processes is altered by extenuating conditions which corresponds exactly to your phrase "that person is coming from a place of feeling disempowered".

(02 Apr '13, 14:39) ru bis

@lozenge the most severe cases are tramps who often die in some damp corner somewhere, whose decision making processes have gone haywire, you can try to "convince" these folks till your blue in the face ... the "why" is that they are handicapped by a state of extreme anxiety and depression, they're stuck in mode "auto-destruct"

(03 Apr '13, 01:29) ru bis
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all thought and action taken
starts a reaction of consequence
attracting like motive

conscious free will maybe your
sole shield in fending off darkness
if it be on the right path

accept the responsibility of your decision
or don't make it


answered 28 Mar '13, 21:13

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What is it that your so desperate to have Nikulus? This is living backwards. We all know that trying to attain something out there is just a lack of something that you won't give to yourself in there. Let it go. Why resist what IS when it already IS.

As for selling your soul to the "devil". Supposedly the blues musician Robert Johnson done this in exchange for talent. I don't think it was a pleasant experience for him going by his short life span and some of his song titles:)

"Hellhound on my trail"

"Me and the devil blues"

Be warned;)


answered 29 Mar '13, 15:49

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Yes Nikulas, all is light, any darkness that we perceive is of our own making, as you say darkness is absence of light, we create our own darkness and within it we can create a devil thus hiding within. In other words "sell my soul" is simply centering attention on negative energies which leads to poverty consciousness, thus failure to achieve and expand. Any experience is useful in the sense that we learn something about ourselves, delve into the depths of the abime and what will you find hiding there ... yourself

ffalt textff

Go visit the center of the sun, go visit the center of the earth, and you'll find yourself;

man is between sky(cosmos) and earth

alt text


answered 29 Mar '13, 04:06

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ru bis

edited 02 Apr '13, 09:34


Why would the Sun be negative and the Earth be positive?

Negativity takes and separates, and Positivity give and connects, right?

Sun gives light and feeds life while Earth absorbs the light of the sun.

With out absorbing Sunlight, Earth would be dead, so Earth feeds off of sunlight taking, taking, taking..

But full negativity does not exist as even Earth GIVES creating such Food for life to continue.

(01 Apr '13, 17:59) arpgme

yes why indeed would the sun be negative and the earth positive @arpgme, and why the law of attraction negative/positive? ... the drawing is a symbolic representation of the law of duality

(02 Apr '13, 02:34) ru bis

i've modified the drawing to make it clearer, what i mean is that our physical world in which we can have physical contact is positive, and that which is above, the entire cosmos is negative. There is exchange of energy between the sky and the earth.Humans receive earth energies and sky energies, both these energies within the body take the name of magnetism, chi, prana, vital energy ...

(02 Apr '13, 09:46) ru bis

@arpgme the nearest guess i can come up with at the moment on why we live in a world of duality is explained here


(03 Apr '13, 01:13) ru bis

hmm . . . "The human being is an antenna between earth and sky. Its feet are connected to the negative pole, the earth; its head is connected to the positive pole, the sky. Permanently submitted to energy exchange between these two poles. The earth sky flow nourishes its body energetically, for its survival."

I believe I came across this info from a link posted by @blu a very long time ago.

Geobiology, interaction between men and earth


(05 Aug '13, 19:55) ele
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Biblically, The Devil (Satan), became ruler of this world when Eve and Adam broke the promise not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. It was not until Christ died for us, and for our sins, that the Covenant between God and Man was restored.

That being said, I would guess that "selling your soul to the Devil" would equal "selling your soul to the world and its rules and desires." Since this world is ruled by Satan, I can see that He would be eager to grab a soul and give it anything it wanted in exchange for eternal damnation. That is the cost of selling your soul, pure and simple.

There are no shortcuts to Manifestation and the Law of Attraction. It is just a matter of getting your mind in the right frame. Do not look to evil to get what you want- for Evil is real and exists, ready to ruin your soul.

From a Christian Point of View,



answered 28 Mar '13, 09:07

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Soul needs a body to interpret sensual stimulus through body's cells. Obviously, if you should go to hell, only your soul goes there, but without body, you can't feel the smoke, fire, torture, you can't scream, so why worry about soul, if it doesn't hurt.

(28 Mar '13, 10:07) CalonLan

You need to read my vision in this link about what I saw in hell.

(28 Mar '13, 10:18) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah I don't recall either Adam or Eve making such a promise. It is my understanding that Eve is the first personification of Jesus (or second if you count the "breath"); the eating of the fruit of the tree is the first (or second if you count the "breathing") description of the crucifixion.

(28 Mar '13, 11:48) flowsurfer

@flow- I have never heard of this interpretation of Adam and Eve. I am a Divinity Major, and in all the time I have been in school, I have never heard of this. My interpretation is pretty standard. Jai

(28 Mar '13, 12:44) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah Well now you've heard it! :) Ponder this: Jesus is the Life. What does Eve mean? Life right? We were lead into this world of death by Jesus/Eve and walk it with Jesus/Eve until we are lead out of this world of death by Jesus/Eve through the resurrection. The sacrifice of Jesus is not some 30 years of a mundane existence followed by a brutal death but the burden of the totality of human experience and all of its pains and suffering and ignorance.

(28 Mar '13, 12:56) flowsurfer

@flow-that is way out there for me....I have to ponder this one...Jai

(28 Mar '13, 15:54) Jaianniah

@flowsurfer, I never heard that kind of interpretation in the circle of Christianity, but maybe I did not explore enough. I encountered a group who has different interpretation but not the same as what you wrote here.

(29 Mar '13, 04:20) Romel
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Have you ever had a nightmare? You had no body, it all happened in your mind. There may have been pain involved. The was absolutely terror!

You didn't need a body to experience that suffering, but you woke up and maybe said in relief "It was only a dream!"

Imagine one horrible nightmare after another with no waking up.

Imagine you are wearing the immortal body that was made for Heaven. This regenerates fast but In Hell you could have it extremely painfully destroyed over and over again and again. The skin could be slowly ripped off while new skin keeps replacing the old. This indestructible body could experience what it feels like have the blood circulating boiling through every vain and it will not be destroyed.

Read The free Kindel book Heaven and Hell the journey of Criss and Serena.

I think the greater question is, "Is it worth it?"


answered 28 Mar '13, 11:48

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Wade Casaldi

edited 28 Mar '13, 11:59


Hell is what your soul feels when it has a guilty conscience not the physical images you are describing.

(20 Jul '17, 00:00) Inner Beauty

We are all faced with a decision regarding how to handle our reality: We can either be the cause or the effect of everything we experience in life. Of course if you are the cause of your reality, then you are the one behind the wheel.

What you're asking about is the latter option, choosing to be the 'effect'. Choosing to sit back, and let someone else drive your existence. You just happen to be asking about a specific 'driver'.

There are many entities out there who will gladly partake in helping you write your story, and not all of them have to be your idea of Satan. There is nothing wrong with living either way, they're simply different ways of existing. All I would suggest is that instead of putting a face on the driver you're looking for, simply ask the Verse for a driver that cares about you and has your best interests in mind, while keeping positive intention for yourself and those around you.

Entering this process with a specific guy in mind, with your mind having preconceptions on the subject, may have unforeseen consequences on the process. This isn't bad nor good, it just 'is'- what you do with it is your decision.

Just keep in mind that any restricting beliefs can be broken. There is nothing and no one in the Verse who can strip away your freedom for eternity, because luckily for you the most powerful being in the Verse guarantees one thing: You have free will. Do with it what feels right for you.

Peace, good luck with finding what you're looking for.


answered 28 Mar '13, 17:53

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amazing answer snow..loved it :))

(28 Mar '13, 23:23) supergirl

Very well said, I love it.

(29 Mar '13, 04:26) Romel

You cannot "give" your soul to the devil because a "soul" is not a THING that you own. You are your soul and you are experiencing yourself through a human body.

A soul cannot be "owned" just like a person cannot be "owned". Slavery will only exist as long as the slave(s) allows it to continue...


answered 01 Apr '13, 18:00

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Sure you can. Your soul is your imagination, focus, attention. Can you not give your attention to something or someone?

(01 Apr '13, 21:10) flowsurfer

Actually it is more allegiance and credit, the devil already owns your soul of you are not saved. But he does have special torture for those who worship him.

Read the book "Heaven Heaven and Hell the Journey of Criss and Serena." It is a Kindle book free on Amazon.com.

I know it is fiction but If Hell is anything like that whoa, it will creep you out!

(02 Apr '13, 11:08) Wade Casaldi

It's totally possible to sell your soul because what you're really selling is your time which in real terms represents your energy and your life - the only things we really have.

The 'devil' takes many forms. I don't believe there's an Anton LeVey figure waving a contract inviting you to sign (although musicians working in the music industry might disagree (smiles). But there are organisations which worship money and greed and who know that in order to achieve the former, the latter must be preyed on.

Some salaries - notably in sport and the entertainment industries - carry an extortionate price. The people who are paid astronomical sums of money end up spending not the money they're given but their own personal time - in other words, their lives are not their own because they've been bought.

Once someone buys your time, that's it - it's theirs.

If you sign a legally binding document (key word here: bind) that says there will be a 'price to pay' should you break it then chances are you'll avoid that forfeit by keeping to the agreement.

This is why the term 'wage slave' is so prevalent. As employees we're certainly not slaves but at the same time we're not free.

Selling your soul is too easy because the 'rewards' of fame, popularity, status riches are what are sold to us yet they're nothing if you don't have the time, humour, freedom or energy to enjoy them because it's usually those four elements that money can't buy that are exchanged for your soul, energy and life.


answered 19 Jul '17, 08:04

Joycelyn's gravatar image


Just something to think about... ;) Take it as you will. Synopsis: Guy desires. Devil offers for his soul. Everything goes wrong. Worth a watch no matter what you believe.



answered 20 Jul '17, 23:58

jakethetailor's gravatar image


edited 21 Jul '17, 02:23

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