This is a question that somewhat fascinates me. I am a new Christian, and whilst talking to some Christian friends, I realised that the idea of Evil as a tangible force, and the notion of Satan, are very real to them. They were warning me to be careful of becoming a victim of these forces. I was appreciative but I must say, it was never a part of my consciousness, and so I have never felt afraid of "Satan" in that sense.

In manifestation terms, would you say that if I let it continue this way i.e. not accepting that Satan or Evil exists, not even resisting the ideas because they're as real to me as Santa Claus is, then I shouldn't find any manifestations of these in my reality?

I ask because friends are acting like I ought to be more aware and thus wary of such forces around, yet by LOA's logic I shouldn't even invite such things into my reality.

Thoughts appreciated.


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Pat W

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absolutely, I don't believe in satan and I have nothing of it in my life

(10 Sep '10, 06:34) RPuls
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Think that the devil/ satan is one of the best selling points with the bible."You'll go to hell if you don't read this book". Where there is light there is no dark as long as you are in the light and carry light inside you why fear darkness? or even think about it.


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our universe, planet earth and ourselves are all subject to the law of cause and effect.
right action and proper thought begets harmony (good),
while selfish thoughts and actions spawn separativeness (evil).
should all our thoughts be universal evil would no longer have a foothold;
you seem to be a person of proper thoughts


answered 10 Sep '10, 10:36

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I must admit I'm inclined to agree with you Pat.

Mind you, I suppose it depends on how 'evil' is defined. For daleks, evil is simply malicious intent, or "the act of knowingly inflicting suffering on another sentient creature". The only exceptions would be either killing something in order to eat, or to prevent being eaten or harmed yourself, which is quite in accordance with Natural Law. Even so, any suffering that arises should be minimised.

But aside from those caveats, whilst lots of 'bad stuff' happens of course, I can't find any evidence of evil (malicious intent) manifest in Reality aside from that perpetrated by humans.

All The Best!


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Account closed

Well they might have had experiences in their life that can only be explained as a negative force that entered their life.

You are very fortunate if you have never felt that.

The good vs. evil has been around since the time of humans so there must be something to it.

I personally believe there is a positive (God) and negative (Satan) force behind our physical universe. My only question is:


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I do not believe there are victims, only free will choice. As far as the devil, satan or hell... this seems to be something we ourselves create. There was however an angel called Lucifer. But I feel you have to give your power away in order for any harm to come your way, not being a victim, but using free will choice. Having fear (which is the opposite of love) would be disempowering and create a choice that could cause you harm. If one makes choices that come from the heart they will only attract similar manifestations. Like energy attracts like energy.

Yes there are energies in this world that are in disharmony with the higher vibrational energy of love, but it is to search why you might be attracted to such lower energies of such a vibation or as you call it satan or hell. Ghosts do exist and are only harmful if you lower your vibration to a level where you become open to them attaching their energy to you. Ghosts are non physical beings that for the most part may not know they are dead and are stuck in the non physical.

So, yes, one must be aware that the non physical beings or ghosts, do exist, but they can't harm you if you carry a higher vibrational energy like love. This goes back to like energy attracting like energy. There are ones that carry a higher vibrational energy that communicate with and can see non physical beings or ghosts, and they are not affected by them and can actually assist them in moving on. But this is another topic. But in manifestation terms, if you maintain a higher vibration, one where you don't go into fear or are attracted to any of the lower vibrational energies such as guilt, doubt, anger, judgment, scarcity, addiction, etc... you will not attract what you call satan or evil or what I refer to as lower vibrational energies.

It is best to use discernment in feeling what energy you are experiencing and to understand whether it is a lower vibrational energy, but do not come from the energy of fear when attempting to discern this. Always come from the heart! The heart will never deceive but the mind can deceive.

My teacher's teacher once said, "You are the guardian of your mind and emotions, anything and everything you let in is your fault (let in meaning negative thoughts emotions). No victims here. Only those who believe treasure is not worth protecting.
Know your treasure know that your treasure is yours.
Then no one can take that which is yours."

Hope this helps!

From the Heart


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Dont worry at all about the concept of satan /devil. There is ONLY ONE power in the universe. This power/person is the God you believe in and He is entirely on your side and entirely ammenable to your prayers,wants and needs. Even taking the evangelical Christian line ( which i dont ) they stress that he was defeated by Jesus Christ who rendered satan powerless. Either viewpoint gives you little to worry about.

I think youve got the right idea and are allowing even the thought of a devil to have no effect against you,



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Monty Riviera

The Bible teaches that there is evil, but one should not indulge in it! It is customary for Christians to warn you about the spiritual war fear that is happening daily, and about the Satanic forces at large; but this warning is merely to encourage you to stay focused on the word of God, and to support you from not straying from his teaching. In a nutshell, it is said in good faith on your behalf. Because, Satan is always at work to do evil, so you have to be watchful.


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well the fact that you have no fear is good. but the fact that you think that if you believe something does not exist it cannot affect you this is not that good. because if someone evil throw a brick on your head then you will be affected.if good exist evil also exist. and yes satan can try to temp you. the question is are you able to resist? and yes your friend are right you should be as aware has you can be and make wise decision. but do not become afraid if he would have real power he would not have to temp you and use your free will. so if you meet him say be gone satan. do not believe that every one you meet is satan also. because some people are evil from ignorance or being carnal. well experience and enjoy.


answered 26 Oct '11, 01:57

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white tiger

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