There was a time when reading Wayne Dyer would send me into the clouds. Nowadays, it's hard to even listen to him. Have I outgrown him, or have his teachings simply become stale for me?

Is it our nature as human beings to always need new things to stimulate us? Or is there a point you reach where the spiritual journey becomes self-fulfilling?

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The way that you keep your spiritual life vibrant is to stay in close contact with God, Jesus Christ, Universal Consciousness some may call it different but I call it God and Jesus.

Pray to him which is simply talk to him, feel his presence, feel his love for you, feel his protection, feel his healing energy he is sending your way, and feel his peace of mind he is spreading through out your body and soul.

Ask him questions, give him thanks and see him in other people as you pass by them. Let him shine through you out toward others. It might be a stranger or it might be a friend but show God love and kindness to others.

He will fill you with more knowledge and understanding once you develop a personal relationship with God. You see God is more than just reading about him or hearing about him; it is about knowing deep down in your soul that regardless of what others are saying or believing YOU know that he exists, for you know that you know. Your soul knows and your spirit communes with him and you become one with him as you talk and grow more spiritually closer to God.


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I think that I have out grown Wayne Dyer too; Why, because, I am a seeker, and I want to read, and learn what some of the other great thinkers have to say.

I keep my spiritual life vibrant, by thanking God for each, and every new day that I wake up to. I pray for world peace, the sick, the homeless, and the under privilage people that do not know where their next meal is coming from. I try to pass the good new onto everyone I meet, in a very polite manner.

I see Jesus in everyone, and I believe that we are all children of God, and he will protect us from Satan, and the evil one. I try not to be judgemental, and look for the good in people. I love God, I believe in his word, and I know that he loves me. Why, Because he gave me life, and I thank him every day for the gift of life.

I am happy that God has chosen me to live in his world, and I am happy to be talking to everyone who will read my answer, and to share with them the love of God in Christ Jesus. It is a privilage to love God, and everyone that is in his world, and that is how I keep my spiritual life vibrant, through the spiritual love of God.


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That is right God does love us and that he has all power. The bible tells us that we are not fighting against flesh and blood but power and principalities so we must let Jesus and his Holy Angels fight them for us for this is in the relm of spirituality in our physical world so he does protects us from all evil you are right. It feels good to love God and know that he really does love us. God loves all of us and his arms are open wide to receive us and share his love with us.

(08 Dec '09, 17:42) flowingwater

I think it is in our nature to find and learn new things and constantly try and improve our lives. So, this spiritual quest is an ongoing and never ending one.

The more I learn about spirituality and reality creation, my interest in these subjects keeps increasing as the more I learn, the more I realise how much I don't actually know. Even if I have mastered the concepts, it seems that I can constantly keep improving the way I put these concepts into practice. I am also very keen to learn about other people's take on life and spirituality.

The universe to me is an endless stream of knowledge and I will never reach a stand still point where I have found the ultimate tried and tested way to live it as there is always some more room for improvement.


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Maybe, for now, you have absorbed all you need to know from Wayne Dyer's teachings. I think we are always learning and growing on our spiritual journey and we came here for expansion in all areas of our being - some times this means having a voracious appetite for new knowledge and other times it means absorbing what we have learned and putting it into practice in our daily lives.For me this is the real key to keeping it vibrant and at times is much easier said than done.

We are always expanding and as human beings I don't think we ever get to a place where we know it all - even some of the most enlightened gurus, on the planet, will admit that they are still learning. Maybe you just need a different teacher right now or maybe just sharing your knowledge with others, on this site, and learning from them is enough for now.


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