Sometimes i find i'm living someone else's physical reality in my dreams. I've had undeniable experiences of being another person's consciousness and acting as that person. It's usually at a time of immediate danger and distress. I suddenly become someone else and without any time to figure out what's going on i find that i'm pitted in some sort of battle for survival. Sometimes I'll wake up from such a "dream" and get instant confirmation.

Once i was lucid dreaming and all of a sudden i found myself in an oil refinery. As soon as i realized where i was, i heard an explosion. I looked in that direction to see several men who were Asian in appearance, dressed in yellow uniforms and hardhats were running from the explosion. I turned and ran as the fireball erupted behind me. I dove into a sort of concrete sump tank or ditch full of water as the explosion caught up with me. I stayed under the oily water until the explosion had passed and surfaced to find that there was a major explosion that had leveled part of the complex.

I awoke from the dream and stumbled to the bathroom, bumping into my computer mouse as i went by my desk. When i returned from the bathroom something caught my eye on my monitor. The thing that drew my attention was the updated headline informing me of an industrial accident in China. I read about the incident, and i saw the picture of workers wearing the same yellow uniforms and hardhats i saw in my dream. I finally read where a survivor had done exactly what i had "dreamed", dove in the ditch.

I've had other similar experiences as well.

Have any of you ever experienced this?

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do u listen to the exerpts? it is good and it will help

(17 Apr '11, 01:00) TReb Bor yit-NE

Rusty, I have also had dreams like this, and later have been able to confirm that the event happened in "real life". As an Astarian, I have volunteered to give comfort and help to others at night when I am out of my body, and I assume I am somehow helping that person to not feel alone at the worst moment of their life. Out of body, I have attended a fall off of a ladder, a drowning as a ship sunk, a car accident and more. Once or twice the person has lived and I have stayed awhile to be sure everything is all right. It's possible that these are just "dreams"; that this is some constuct of my mind, but I like to think the best.....that I am helping others while asleep. Best wishes.....


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if you are interested clik on the link on my comment above, i think it will fit your thoughts, love n light]

(17 Apr '11, 01:55) TReb Bor yit-NE

Loved it. Thanks, Rob!

(17 Apr '11, 02:58) LeeAnn 1

I believe that when we Dream and or out of our bodies (OBE) that we are all Angelic. I like the FEEL of this :) Love and Light.

(17 Apr '11, 14:25) Roy

It does feel good Roy. Best wishes!

(17 Apr '11, 15:07) LeeAnn 1
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well it is very common for this to happen. when you are sleeping your consciousness leaves its body and goes into other places. Sometimes it is an area of reality that you are in. sometimes it is a manifestation of your consciousness. sometimes you are in a buffer zone between reality and the afterlife. when you have the dreams that you are connecting to loved ones that you have lost that is it. As i have a lot lately i will direct you to the guideings of Seth Speaks about this. If you listen to this you will get a MUCH better understanding of the dream world. As far as it goes with your specific dream did the man die? if so it could have been his consciousness showing you his physical demise? idk but it is VERY possible. hope it helped ! love n light, rob


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TReb Bor yit-NE

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He didn't die, he survived. Thanks for the link!

(20 May '11, 20:59) rustymustard

maybe he needed a little courage and you have went to help him! because really the fire can't hurt you you would have laugh at the explosion!


answered 24 Apr '11, 06:58

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white tiger

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