Hi IQ,

I have recently started practicing Astral Projection, and before I have been trying Lucid Dreaming.

I get to the point where I completely relax my body, and at a certain point I start getting a little dizzy and it feels like I start spinning slowly. I do this lying in bed on my back with my face to the ceiling.

What I then feel is as if I have turned over on my stomach, with my back towards the ceiling. My hands and feet feel as if they are reversed, even though I have not physically moved.

Can anyone explain what this is? At what point in Projecting am I? What do I do next?


Much Love,


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From your description, it sounds like a partial projection, rather than a complete separation of the "astral" body.

You can achieve the same effect when you are extremely tired and then you lie down quickly and just intend to "step outside of yourself" for a while to allow your body to quickly recharge...that attitude causes a slight dis-alignment of the consciousness from the physical body which allows for a quick influx of energy.

During this time, you can sometimes catch yourself hovering slightly above, or to one side, of your physical body.

One simple technique to help you project further: As you lie down and relax with your intent to project, gently clasp your hands together and rest them over your stomach region (Solar Plexus area). You should find that this "short-circuits" the energy flow through the body creating a positive-feedback loop which adds strength to the aura and aids considerably in projection.

To make your projections generally easier, aim to strengthen your body's aura using whatever techniques you prefer.


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Thank you Stingray, I will try out holding my hands over my stomach and will let you know. Thanks

(18 Jan '11, 12:36) Milanz

I tried holding my hands over my stomach area while attempting AP, but it made me feel tied up and uncomfortable. I have not yet been able to fully Project, but I will keep trying and succeed one day. Thanks

(22 Jan '11, 00:18) Milanz

@Milanz - To master this sort of thing is not the work of a few days but a continual on-going life skill. Those I've known who were particularly adept at projection and other "psychic" skills train as hard and as often as, say, professional classical musicians learning their instruments. The constant fine-tuning of their skills just becomes a daily part of who they are. So, yes, keep trying and be open to helpful information you may attract from other (perhaps unexpected) sources related to this subject.

(22 Jan '11, 01:23) Stingray
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@ Milan, I like your question, but unfortunately I know very little about Astral Projection. But in the same token, if you are now practicing it, do you not have the book, and the instructions from the exercises to walk you through the steps, and to tell you what to expect from one stage to the next?

I am looking forwards to reading some of the other answers.


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I am too because I get that hand turning over feeling often when I meditate and I always wonder what it means. I've never tried astral projection so perhaps it's something to do with the relaxation part more than actually moving out of your body. Or I'm on the verge of astrally projecting and didn't realise!

(18 Jan '11, 08:54) aquamarine

@aquamarine - I, myself, think this is to do with the relaxation part, since Projecting requires you to clear your mind as meditation does, and I have not yet been able to clear my mind like that. Any suggestions on that? I know about looking at the blackness of your eyelids or counting your breaths, but I keep finding it hard to eleminate thoughts.

(18 Jan '11, 12:34) Milanz

go to sleep and stay lucid! dreaming is the spirit that travels most often people have the veil of the mind so they dream and think dream are only in the mind! if you are aware in the dream you can switch from one place to the other! they talk about it in book!look in your book they most talk about it!


answered 24 Apr '11, 06:42

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white tiger

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