Hello all, I was wondering if any of you have any big tips on how the universe may be nudging us in a certain direction?...

'I' try to clear thoughts of I so that I am not so narrow, however....

Does the universe sort of send you thoughts into your brain? Or are all thoughts and feelings in the brain usually from the egoic source?

Sometimes I struggle with the answer whether I should do something because I think it might be a signal from the universe to do it, but.... how do I know it's not from my egoic drive?....

Like I'm doing the law of attraction, but... how do I know that I'm working with the universe and not continuing my egoic ways...?

I'm afraid. I don't want my ego to win over things, but perhaps that's egoic too isn't it? ... Maybe instead of struggling, I should just do it anyways? Struggle is in the realm of ego, but harmony even in the storm of things ... isn't.... is it?

Thanks for reading guys, will read all your comments!

asked 17 Apr '11, 15:00

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My teacher says when an idea comes to you that lights you up and makes you feel excited, that's spirit. If it's negative or a 'should' or in any way doesn't make you feel inspired and joyful, it's ego.


answered 19 Apr '11, 19:44

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I think that intuition and "gut" feelings come from a higher non ego self and thinking comes from the egoic mind.

The thinking man lives in a certain he'll and a feeling man in bliss.


answered 17 Apr '11, 16:42

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medditation is a great indicatior of how to tell the diffrance between the ego and your higher self. the soul is what gives you thoughts and helps point you in the right dirretion, any thing that you are "feeling" is a mannefestation of either a compleate ballance or immbalance of your energy in the soul, when you are feeling sad that is a direct or inderect que from the soul from fear, that is the imbalance, so the fear mannifests itself from the soul in the form of sadness. so in fact you are not "feeling" it you are mannifesting it because of your imbalance, just as happiness is from love which is mannifested as a compleate balance of the energy, if ths makes sense? i think your best bet is to start to meditate and maybey watch this video. i am a channeler and this is a video that helps everyone get caught up with where we are at as far as the knowlege of things. this can also help you understand the importance of medditation! i hope this helps you understand this issue alot better and if you have any more questions about what it is we do, please feel free to contact me here or on youtube! love n light, rob

video 1 video 2


answered 17 Apr '11, 16:11

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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