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I need to apologize for my behavior and for more than one occasion. My selfish attitude and egotistical rants have no place here. To assume that we all need to take the same spiritual path is more than silly it is self serving and stupid.

I insulted many of you and had no right to put my feelings in that context.

This site is very very helpful to many people looking for answers that they cannot find elsewhere. The support you all give each other and have given me is more than I for sure deserve. What ever path you choose to find yourself is the right path. Truth is a pathless journey I once heard.

Be it through Christianity, Muslim, Judaism or loa, they are there for you to grow and learn from. Me condemning loa-ers is just as bad as condemning a Buddhist. It is wrong.

My journey is no doubt similar to some here and very different to others. My problem is most definitely with me not any LOA stuff, it was just easy for me to project than it was for me to take responsibility for what "bothers me".

Who's right ? Who's wrong? It really does not matter, those are just labels we use to fulfill our ego's needs. But I can say ...I was wrong for what I said and I hope you all can forgive me.

I still have not looked at he last post and do not plan to. I ask you please again not to respond here :) Only because if you find it in your heart to forgive me, then you do not have to say a thing. If you still think I am selfish bastard then go ahead and let me have it.

It is probably best that I take as long as a break I can from here and figure out what is really going on her with me.

Please believe me when I say all I want for every single one of us is Peace of Mind, Less Suffering and Less Attachments to what we think is out there when all we need is in here.*points to heart

I love you all and know that the best is coming for all of us.

God Bless Much Love and Thanks,


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i am sorry to respond as it is against your request BUT,,,i love you my freind and if yuor path is faulted by being here than this is your right to do or say what you must, INCLUDING this appology, i am happy to see you back on for the time being and i hope 100% happieness regardless where your path takes you, if you are leaving the group i would love to have your email adress to contact you!

love n light


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TReb Bor yit-NE

I think most of the posters here are forgiving, accepting of differing opinions and if you (or anyone else) gets out of line, someone will tell you so. It was nice of you to apologize though....many people would not have bothered. I hope you will be able to just relax and enjoy IQ. I can almost promise you that no one will mention any of this again.

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Thats a good sentiment "relax and enjoy"

(21 Apr '11, 11:32) Monty Riviera

Michael,Sam etc

Good to see your back.

Your spirit and motives are right.

Look forward to many interactions in the future.


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