My question is actually this one : Is expecting enough? What should we imagine - that we already possess what we desire for or we are going to get it?

I plead that the answer be a precise one as I am new to all this and the more I read, the more confusing it becomes.

Also if we are to imagine, visualize and believe that the desire is already ours then the step of Asking cannot be carried out since it is opposed to what our belief is? Please please help.

asked 26 Oct '10, 17:06

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Thanks a lot... That passage was really good..

(26 Oct '10, 17:55) Pranay

Good morning Pranay and fellow Questers , came across this site today and the lady has some lovely scripts to read to help raise our vibes . Also a link for an ebook that you can read first then decide IF you'd like to pay, then, either by a rave reveiw , share with friends or paypal $11 , isn't that a wonderfull , refreshing idea :-) Off now to read and oh I forgot I do believe there's an audio too. Wishing all a day filled with Love and Laughter ♥♥

(03 Dec '12, 19:54) Starlight

listened to the audio , some different ways of looking at things and full of UPbeat vibes :-) most usefull

(03 Dec '12, 21:28) Starlight

you already posses everything, you are in this world and everything in it was put there for man use. man made is own system in this world. sometime the system is not working as it should or is counter productive. sometime it go in extreme example: very rich or very poor. as for getting it. it is only the target. first find the truth about it and if it is really what you need you will spend less time and energy trying to get something that might not be what you need.

(13 Sep '16, 08:53) white tiger
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Okay, let's see if we can clear up your confusion a bit.

Here are the three basic steps of reality creation.

  • Step 1 - You ask for it

  • Step 2 - The Universe responds to your asking and creates the thing you asked for

  • Step 3 - You receive ("allow") it in your reality

Nothing too difficult to understand so far, I hope? :)

Now here's where all the confusion comes from...

People get Step 1 and Step 3 mixed up!

This happens because both Step 1 and Step 2 happen automatically (and you cannot stop them happening no matter how hard you try) but you have many options about what you do about Step 3 and one of the options is to do nothing at all! ...which I'll explain below.

Metaphysically speaking, Step 1 and Step 2 are the reasons why you are living your life on this physical plane (the Universe expands because of this Step 1 to Step 2 process) but Step 3 is how You on the physical level experience joy as a by-product of living that higher life purpose.

You could say that Step 3 is what you give to yourself as a gift for being physically alive.

Let's make all this a bit more concrete since talking in abstract terms can send people to sleep. :)

Let's say I'm walking down the street and I see a red sports car. And in that moment, I feel a sudden surge within myself of "I want one of those!"

alt text

In that brief moment of wanting, Step 1 - "Asking" has happened.

Notice that you didn't have to sit down at the side of the street meditating in the lotus position for 15 minutes, or anything like that, in order to Ask. It just happened in that split-second of the desire being launched.

Step 1 is now complete - even though it seems like you did nothing at all :)

Now for Step 2...

The interesting thing about Step 2 - "The Universe responds" is that it happens in exactly the same moment as Step 1.

So the universe has created your red sports car in the moment that you wanted it.

Step 2 is now complete - even though, again, it seems like you have still done nothing at all :)

But where is the red sports car?

Well, at this stage, it exists in a vibrational reality that is out of range of the one you are currently living in.

Your work now (if you want the car in your vibrational reality as a physical thing) is to align with the vibrational reality in which that sports car is now existing.

This is what Step 3 is about - and this step is up to you

So how do you know where that vibrational reality is that you need to align with?

Well, the inner part of you is already there living in it. It moved into that reality during Step 1. Step 1 was actually the divergence of the inner part of you from the physical part of you caused by this new desire.

So all that the physical part of you now has to do is follow the signals from that inner part of you (that is living with the red sports car) until the physical part of you gets there too...and that's when the red sports car will manifest into your physical reality.

So what are these signals that the inner part of you is offering?

Well, they are called emotions.

The more positive the emotion as you focus upon the red sports car, the more the inner part of you is signalling that you are heading in the right direction towards that vibrational reality of the red sports car.

The more negative the emotion when you focus upon the red sports car, the more the inner part of you is signalling that you are heading in the wrong direction.

The strength of the emotion indicates how quickly you are moving towards or away from that vibrational reality of the sports car.

This might all sound a bit mind-bending, I know. But if you can truly understand this, you basically know everything you need to know about reality creation. :)

So let's draw some interesting (and perhaps surprising) conclusions from what has been written above...

A couple of conclusions

Conclusion 1:

If you want something and you do nothing whatsoever to get it apart from finding ways to keep yourself happy, you will get it

  • This is because Step 1 and Step 2 have happened automatically. And you keeping yourself happy automatically aligns the physical you with the inner you that is already living with all the things you want.

  • Furthermore, instead of just aiming for general happiness, you can also get a bit more specific about the actual thing you are interested in and just expect it. That expectation is also an indicator of alignment of the physical you with the inner you on that particular subject. So that's why I answered previously that expectation was enough

  • All of this is basically what Manifesting Experiment 1 is about

Conclusion 2:

If you want something and you imagine it, visualize it and believe you will get it, you will get it ...and probably more quickly than just being generally happy about your life

  • Again, this is because Step 1 and Step 2 have automatically happened. But now your deliberate imagining, visualizing and believing is bringing you more quickly into alignment (on this subject) with the inner you that is already living with what you want. This is where people get confused. They think that the imagining, visualizing and believing is creating what they want or asking for what they isn't! It is only helping them align with what they want.

  • All of this is basically what Manifesting Experiment 2 is about

Can you see now that there is actually no contradiction between expecting something and imagining, visualizing and believing it?

There is no contradiction because neither activity is actually creating the thing or asking for the thing...that has already happened in Step 1 - "Asking" and Step 2 - Universe creating it...these activities that you are now doing are only Step 3 - "Allowing".

I hope that clarifies things a bit and that I haven't managed to confuse you even further :)

If anything is not clear, please feel free to ask some more questions.


answered 26 Oct '10, 22:36

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edited 09 Sep '16, 01:58

Thanks for your amazing answer. I have one question - Is the asking part complete as soon as the desire to have it is felt or when we feed our needs to the subconscious and it realizes them. And is not this the reason why we keep affirming and visualizing so that our subconscious takes in this?

(27 Oct '10, 09:48) Pranay

Actually, the reason that most people keep affirming and visualizing is because they don't actually trust that the Universe will bring them want they want. Once you know, really know, through personal experience that the Universe responds precisely and accurately to your dominant thoughts, you may find that you relax alot more about your life and just go with the flow of whatever comes rather than trying to force things into physical reality. You just trust that the right thing for you will come at the right time. Regarding asking, yes, the asking is complete as the desire is felt

(27 Oct '10, 19:23) Stingray

I totally agree and in my experiences, I seem to just know when to let the matter drop, stop trying, and just let the universe work its magic. I have an internal feeling that the wheels are in motion and there is no more need to visualize.

(01 Aug '11, 01:46) LeeAnn 1

Stingray, i really need to give you the biggest thanks of my life. All of your links to these questions (which you've provided to answers from questions I ASKED) are so real. This happened to me, and i am actually crying right now because now i think im starting to link up how mind power and the LOA work. Life is soooo easy and fun now. Blessings to you, you made my week :)

(11 Oct '11, 10:32) Nikulas

@Nikulas - I'm glad it's starting to "click" for you. The more you think about it and relate it to your own life experiences, the more obvious it all becomes and then you start to wonder why it was ever difficult to see in the first place :)

(11 Oct '11, 18:08) Stingray

How uplifting! I love this reminder! This is absolutely true! Of the hundreds of books (literally) that I have read on LOA, I have to say @Stingray has provided THE MOST clarity (for me) on the subject to date. I put you up there with Bashar and Abraham, literally. It's not a compliment, it's the absolute truth, for me. Thank you for your feedback and sincerity to inspire and here on IQ. I truly and sincerely encourage you to consider writing a book. Your words inspire and change lives.

(22 Jan '13, 10:46) figure8shape

@figure8shape Have you actually seen a change in your life from Stingray's advice or has he just "inspired" you?

(22 Jan '13, 10:57) flowsurfer

"It moved into that reality during Step 1. Step 1 was actually the divergence of the inner part of you from the physical part of you caused by this new desire."

@Stingray - Did you mean Step 2 instead?

(08 Sep '16, 18:42) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - "Did you mean Step 2 instead?" - No, it's right as it is (if following Abraham's model). It's meant to be Step 1. Step 2 is a natural response from the "fabric" of the Universe and doesn't have anything to do with You (You = Physical Self + Non-Physical Self)

(09 Sep '16, 02:00) Stingray

@Stingray @flowsurfer My life has changed 100% by systematically following Stingray's processes on here. I was at the bottom of the scale on every subject that was important to me, and now I'm in the vortex on those subjects and, generally, almost every day too - aside from rapid expansion. So, thank you @Stingray, you literally have changed my life. I really really appreciate you.

(09 Sep '16, 07:52) Yes

@Yes - Very kind of you to say. Though since I pretty much just repeat the same answer year-after-year in different ways on Inward Quest, it must be you that did what was necessary in order to hear it and apply it. So, I congratulate you on your willingness to transform your life by taking that crucially important step of putting feeling-good first. Welcome to the I-Can't-Understand-Why-I-Ever-Used-To-Make-My-Life-So-Difficult club :)

(09 Sep '16, 13:15) Stingray

@Stingray "I-Can't-Understand-Why-I-Ever-Used-To-Make-My-Life-So-Difficult club :)" This is so funny and so true!!!! :) Pet your cat???..... you think to yourself. How is that going to get me a big pile of money??? Ha ha ha, what a ride it was, and now it's so EASY to be happy. :) :) :) Thank you for everything, @Stingray. There is great love for you here, truly.

(10 Sep '16, 07:18) Yes

@Yes I enjoyed one of your post where you claimed that everything just changed for you one day (as Stingray said in another post regarding the "tipping point") and it really resonated with me. It was one of the missing piece of the puzzle to me and helped me to keep going and staying positive even when I have not reached that kind of level yet. One day, I will get there but just being able to stay positive has helped a lot in my life.

(11 Sep '16, 07:16) kakaboo

@kakaboo Yes, the tipping point came when I started to reach out of contentment/hopeful and into positive expectation. You're not quite in the vortex yet but you do start expecting things to work out rather than expecting things to go wrong. As you expect good outcomes and as positive manifestations come in response to that, you can use LOA to your advantage by just observing the good-feeling manifestations. You can then really goose up your positive expectations until you expect........

(11 Sep '16, 08:11) Yes

.... all things to turn out well. You will definitely get there. There is no doubt about it. As Abraham often says "you can't go back you know too much". The vortex is such a wonderful place and all the work you do to reach it, the whole journey to it, you will be grateful for. Keep going, keep meditating, keep looking for positive aspects, it's all just around the corner for you. :)

(11 Sep '16, 08:15) Yes

I have reached the same point now --- that of predominant contentment and several moments of ecstasy every day. It was a long and dark journey through the tunnel but I have made it out again, and life is so much simpler, relaxing and easy now.

(11 Sep '16, 08:45) cod2

@cod2 you are in that sweet spot where more and more wonderful things will begin to unfold for you. How great it is to hear how well you are doing too. :) The IQ community is thriving! :)

(11 Sep '16, 10:41) Yes
(11 Sep '16, 11:01) kakaboo

@kakaboo, I did mention the long dark tunnel :-) That post you cited is from almost a year ago, and one year is a long time in one's spiritual journey. For me the period actually lasted a year and a half.

(11 Sep '16, 11:58) cod2

@Yes, couldn't agree more. Life is the most exciting now. Can't wait to see what the next stage holds. Some pretty cool things have already happened. Many more to come! But quite aside from material 'stuff', the inner peace I feel now and the bubble of peace that surrounds me all the time, is not something I have experienced before.

(11 Sep '16, 12:10) cod2

@cod2 That's another tipping point, where you rest into the feeling of alignment which is the feeling of ease, security, peace right up to the bold feeling of invincibility. I had a big aha! moment when I had manifested a lot of the things that I wanted, but one day as I was observing the manifestations I was feeling out of the vortex feelings. That's where the knowing comes that the vortex FEELING is what you're reaching for and the "stuff" can't create it,only you can. Enjoy the alignment! :)

(12 Sep '16, 07:16) Yes

I must say, this is one of the most powerful, motivating, and uplifting answer/comment sections that I have ever witnessed on Inward Quest. I can feel the love and positive vibes flowing fast from all of the IQ family. With all this excitement, I think it's time to "manifest me up" a sandwich for lunch :)

(12 Sep '16, 11:23) Cory

@Cory I love the IQ family idea! :)

(12 Sep '16, 17:53) Yes

So much good stuff in one comment section. Thank you.

(14 Sep '16, 19:25) releaser99

@ Everyone - So happy to see the IQ family thriving :)

@Stingray - Thank you for the clarification. The confusion came with hearing Abraham occasionally say "Step 2, Source becomes, knows and BEs what you want." I guess what's actually happening is 1) You launch a rocket of desire, 2) Your Inner Being vibrationally takes hold of that rocket (separation of the two selves happens here), 3) the desire is created in the "fabric" of the Universe...

(16 Sep '16, 15:27) WeRadiateBeauty

It's quite interesting to note that, even though these 3 things are happening in succession, they all happen in the same instant. Pretty cool :)

I'm personally rewriting Abraham's three step process into a simpler one step process, since I'll undoubtedly find it easier to remember in times of need.

(16 Sep '16, 15:43) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - "I'm personally rewriting Abraham's three step process into a simpler one step process" - Perhaps this is the beginning of the teachings of WeRadiateBeauty-aham :)

(21 Sep '16, 04:17) Stingray

@Stingray - "Perhaps this is the beginning of the teachings of WeRadiateBeauty-aham" - Watch out for my new book, Asked and It Was Given :)

(02 Oct '16, 17:09) WeRadiateBeauty
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If imagining,visualising and believing didnt work i would still do them. If the answer above was wrong and didnt work i would still think positive thoughts.

Why? because in life we have to think something right. Our minds cant just be switched to standby. We are a thinking and reasoning being. So why not spend your thinking time on dwelling on something decent,pure,enjoyable and positive.If it didnt get you your Fairline or Ferrari your life would still be more enjoyable and peaceful .

Were all thinking all of the time. We may as well think in the affirmative.It takes no more effort once you get into the habit of it.

And i do believe the results will come,but the enjoyment of the good thought is a manifestation in itself.



answered 27 Oct '10, 14:49

Monty%20Riviera's gravatar image

Monty Riviera

yes be positive and do the right thing as much as you can. as for desire they are often just temptation and will not make you happy. so be contend with what you have experiance and enjoy.

(01 Aug '11, 02:38) white tiger

No I believe it couldn't be, this because Jesus taught that when we pray, pray as if it has already been received. I other words thank God for hearing your prayer then know in confidence it is being worked on right now and was before you even began to pray.

Visualizing and imagining are tools that help but really when you have strong faith that is all you need. It is similar to Stingray's 1st manifestation method, you release and know everything will work out God is on it right now; right now you are being drawn to it.


answered 01 Aug '11, 02:10

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 01 Aug '11, 02:17

he is more then on it right now. i am that i am the alpha and the omega. the beguinning and the end. all is know to him. god is and will do what must be done. even if you do not see it happen right away do not loose faith. so experiance and enjoy.

(01 Aug '11, 02:45) white tiger

Agreed we mustn't lose faith no matter what.

(01 Aug '11, 05:08) Wade Casaldi

you can imagine visualize or believe anny thing you want. but it does not make it true. as for what you desire are you sure that it is what you need and that it is good for you? or is your desire only a temptation? know this you came here to experiance this world and you have free will and every one else also. as for what to imagine visualize believe. seek the truth with all your heart, have the patience to find the answer so that the water can be at rest so you can see the reflection with out ripple on it. and no I do not say to you to imagine water or anything. you will understand once you get there. it is just the better word to explain it.blessed are those that have not seen and yet have experiance and enjoy.


answered 01 Aug '11, 02:27

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white tiger

edited 18 Sep '16, 09:32

Pranay, I would say that "expecting" will only succeed in manifesting more expectation!

The key to manifestation is in understanding that everything in the physical universe is made of energy, not matter, and it's vibrating.

Our control of energy is through our emotions, ("e-motion" = energy in motion) and we are always free to choose what to focus on, what to think about and hence, what and how to feel.

For example, I recently ready about a woman who had to talk to her tax accountant. She decided to shift her perspective so when she called to make the appointment she said, "I'm really excited about our meeting!" Apparently, it went like a dream!

We tell our life stories to a stranger, or maybe to someone we are falling in love with and we can either tell them about all our misfortunes, all the relationships that have gone wrong ... or we can tell them how much we love our life and what a fun adventure we're having.

My point is, we ALWAYS have a choice about focus, thoughts and feelings. The law of attraction doesn't give you what you want, it gives you what you ARE. It's how you're being, how you show up day to day, that attracts the circumstances you find yourself in, and the patterns that repeat in our lives.

Here's a very popular video I made about how to visualise effectively which you may find helpful ...

Hope that helps!


answered 17 Sep '16, 05:56

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Hi, I used to try and focus on what I wanted and what I thought would make me happy. Often getting what I wanted but still wasn't happy.

Sometimes it's like a kid wishing they could have a box of matches, getting a box of matches then we all know how quickly all hell can break loose when a kid has a box of matches.

What I now focus on , imagine and visualize is that I am always contented and happy, and that I can lead a life of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. Wanting things sometimes just numbs our pain and we hope it will make us happy,

Wanting and having certain qualities makes everything else fall in to place.

The pursuit of happiness and contentedness allows things to be brought into our lives that will make us happy and contented.

I know some very unhappy rich people and some very happy poor people, when we focus on happiness and contentment, everything is always enough.

Kind regards Etienne


answered 21 Dec '16, 10:24

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Etienne Olivier

This is such an interesting thread - too bad I just recently discovered this group and am coming to the conversation a little late in the game..

I struggle with this concept of 1. Ask 2. It is given 3. Allow yourself to receive. To be fair, I've asked for a LOT of things in my life, some of which came very easily (small stuff) and some that took years to manifest (including a relationship I wanted which ended up fizzling out very shortly after it finally came into my life?!). And then there are all the things I'm still waiting for (have been waiting for 20+ years).

I am fully aware of the "other end of the stick" and therefore have worked on eliminating limiting beliefs. Compared to even 10 yrs ago, I have a much higher percentage of positive, empowering thoughts and beliefs vs negative, destructive ones. I have visualized, imagined, made mind movies, done affirmations, etc etc etc... and still, there are so many things I want that have not yet manifested. Currently I'm going through a "I don't care anymore" phase. I've given up (when you've been waiting 20+ years that should not come as a surprise). Ironically, I still believe that I will get everything I want, I've just given up trying to make it happen. I gave up a while ago.... and I'm still waiting. So "detachment" from the outcome isn't working (probably working in vibrational form but not seeing results in my physical reality).

So I guess this brings up new questions as to why haven't I manifested those things yet? And just so we're clear, they are normal, everyday requests: a loving, healthy relationship, enough money to live comfortably (my income is 1/10 of what is needed to live a comfortable life in the US), a home of my own.

So how does one explain this kind of "delay" despite doing (or not doing) all the right things? I'm in my late 50s so it's not like I'm some young, impatient wannabe. I'm overdue.

Anyone have thoughts on this?


answered 14 Mar '18, 15:19

GrowthSeeker's gravatar image


Hi GrowthSeeker, "Late in the game" you say? You got here before I did. ;-) I'm brand new to this forum. Although you and I were born within a couple years of each other, I don't describe my age the way you did here. Since we can be, do or have anything we want . . . I've decided that I'm ageless. I plan to enjoy a robust, physically active life until I'm ready to make my transition back to non-physical. I love skiing! And other things that a robust, vigorous man finds interesting. -Marcus

(27 Jan '20, 12:45) MarcusB
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