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Risk your belief system to know the truth. Share your experiences that are experienced after risking your beliefs. It is the real fight within yourself. It will make you understand what you are. Along with you, your friends will also understand the truth.

Many afraid to present themselves doubting their own abilities. Or fear they may be wrong and become a fun part among boss/friends/co-workers. This is very powerful psychological factor that make people not to open their mind. And we cannot overcome or win this situation by easy methods.

Many simply say it, what is problem to just deliver it, what ever you have in your mind. But it is as difficult task. It has many psychological factors why it is difficult?

To move my question forwards. I request you all consider it as "difficult". I have an idea, how to overcome this difficulties. How?

You need to make your boss/friends/co-workers to understand that you are not going to take away any of boss/friends/co-workers opportunities on any conditions.

If your friends/co-workers/boss understand this fact, then there no need you to thing how to present your plan. You by default without making deliberated efforts walk down to your friends/co-workers/boss and explain the plan. (Because you have created that comfortable environment there). On the other hand your friends/co-workers/boss come to you and ask you about the plan that has to be implemented.

Anyhow you should also need to be expert in presenting your demands for your helps in an acceptable manner.

Hence I request to the hearts of the people please feel secure to the extent that you can in this present situation right here and right now.

Enjoy its benefits. And please remember to give your love to this post.

Cheerful :)

asked 22 May '14, 11:21

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"The Semmelweis Reflex"

Dr Semmelweis, a European doctor back in the 1800's, suggested that a lot of patients were dying because (at that time) Doctors didn't wash their hands before operating. His conclusion was met with outrage!! "Gentlemen/doctors don't carry germs on their hands, and how could it ever be suggested!" This aggressive stance against Dr Semmelweis's suggestion was then coined "Semmelweis Reflex."......which is the reflex like resistance that rejects a new idea/suggestion that contradicts people's existing belief's.

Only if you show the benefits of the new idea without condemning or blaming the old belief system can the new idea be accepted.


answered 22 May '14, 12:17

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Eldavo is very true. Whoever tried to correct others have been shaved off from the earth. Even if it is Jesus Christ. He called the Pharisees "brood of serpent" and "White-washed tomb" and whipped their men out from the temple. Result? "The chief priests and the teachers of the law heard this and began looking for a way to kill him." (Mark 11:18) and They got rid of him.


answered 23 May '14, 02:25

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T D Joseph

@Eldavo @TD Joseph but we do not have other options. Tell truths to the persons to built your strengths for the happy life.

(28 May '14, 12:45) PERFECT GOOD

I think of the Beatles song, "Let it be." I am happy to hear someone accepted Jesus, I feel sorry for those that leave Jesus but I feel this is free will and so it does not interfere with my friendship.

Some may be, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan, Atheist and it doesn't change how my relationship is with them.

Before their belief system is what kind of people they are, if they are good and I can get along with them then these people could be friends.

It is only strong hate groups that I'd have a hard time being friends with, very negative people, Satanist, Klu-Klux-Klan, Notzes, people that want to hurt or constantly put down other people. If a friend chooses that path of changing his belief system then that does harm the friendship. I just don't like hearing that kind of hate.

But otherwise I believe in, "Let it be."


answered 28 May '14, 13:36

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi you could be friend with everyone and some will cut them self from you because of their own choice many fall in error and negative things, it might take them awhile to see their error and learn from it and make better choice. even if the social club you named seams not to recommendable. some people might go there according to their own reason some might have add problem with the church or with black people etc.... so they go to the extreme opposite of the spectrum.-

(29 May '14, 19:52) white tiger

they might seek people that have add the same issue that they add. example: people victim of black people. they might still be coping with the issue and they seek protection against black people so they go to that social club klu-klux-klan. the problem is that going in extreme they will do the same thing to other. just like in war they all do the same even if they try to justify it or to say that their group is better then the other group they fight and kill people and the opposite do the same.

(29 May '14, 20:00) white tiger
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