It is part of being human to have worries? I re-read the part of the Bible that talks about worry: (Matthew 10:29-31)

[Jesus says] "Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father's will. But the very hairs on your head are numbered. Do not fear, therefore; you are or more value than many sparrows."

I have even looked back to the worries I had about Christmas, and I see now what a waste it was to worry about all of that.

Why do we worry? Is it because we, unlike animals, are aware of the future and are able to imagine the worst?

And when we think about the future, why do we always imagine the worst? Is it not at least equally as possible that things will go well, as for them to be bad?

Why do we worry about the future?

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I can relate to this as I've probably spent most of my adult life being a worry wart. I think part of it goes back to childhood, if that is what we observed growing up then it almost becomes a natural tendency. However when we become aware of the fact that it is almost taking over our lives then we have to take a good look at it and ask 'why'? What is worry? It is just using our imagination but in a negative context so I guess the remedy is to try to channel this use of our imagination to create a positive outcome. Once again practice and repetition are the keys; it is not something we can change overnight but persistence does pay off and the affirmations you are using will help here too. Thankfully there is a buffer of time in the manifestation process so fortunately most of our worries never materialize. You hit it spot on when you mentioned the animals - they live here and 'Now' and when you look at the 'Now' moment, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

May 2010 be the year you become worry free :-)


answered 02 Jan '10, 02:25

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I believe worry comes from forgetting we are experiencing life as an ongoing flow, if we think of the worst things that have happened to us and if we had worried that they would happen, then where are they now but faded into just memories of things that once were.

A common Zen saying is, "this too shall pass." In other words why worry about a passing moment in time? Whether the worst or best happens worry has done nothing to correct or steer the experience in a better direction.

However worry can be used as a good thing, I am starting a venture and I can see it doesn't look like it is heading out to be good down the road, I am worried about it, so I analyze what would it take to appease my worry? Then I set out to apply these new ideas and later find out that it was a good thing I did this because I avoided disaster!


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Wade Casaldi

I think there is an element of not knowing what awaits us which leads us to think about the worse case scenario. This seems to be human nature and I have done this way too many times.

However, I have started to realise lately (like you have mentioned in your question) that it is a complete waste of time as not only is it not improving my current situation, it contributes to making it worse as the longer we spend having negative emotions (worrying), the more vibrational matches (bad outcomes that have the same vibration as what we have been worried about) we are likely to attract in life (Law of Attraction at work).

Lately, I have been worrying about the outcome of an important issue in my life. I was worrying about the worse case scenario. However recently, I was so surprised as the outcome was the best outcome possible, oppposite to what I was worried about. This brought home the fact that me worrying was a complete waste of time. However, the outcome could have been completely different (one that I was worrying about) if I had spent more time worrying about that issue.

If we work more on our dominant vibration so we are at a general feeling good place, then we can learn to lessen our worries and be more confident in what awaits us in the future as whatever is in store will have to be good.


answered 02 Jan '10, 18:07

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Pink Diamond

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