Is our consciousness the presence of God within us (since god is everywhere) or are we supposed to reach God using our consciousness?

I have my own take on this but I'll put it in here later.

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The Traveller

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Oh Wow! It's a year and a half since I posted this question and I still didn't pick and answer; Shame on me. Well, out of respect for all who responded and thanks’ to white tiger and OM for reviving these old questions, I'm going to leave it alone. Also, you guys have covered all the bases that my own answer is no longer necessary.

(28 Apr '11, 02:33) The Traveller

both, but usually outside until we recognize it is also inside

(01 Apr '12, 19:23) fred

Yes, the answer is yes.

(05 Apr '12, 19:45) Dollar Bill
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I believe that we are all a part of the one whole God, and that when we came to this earth we decided to experience life as separate from God. Or maybe we came here with the intention of leading a life still connected to God, but got caught up in life and other people's beliefs, and forgot our true relationship with God.

We therefore chose to believe in things that are consistent with this separation from Him. But we are never truly separate from Him.

At any given moment we can choose to connect again with God. We do this, not by making a new connection with Him, but by remembering that connection which is always there. We do this, not by coming together with him, but by realizing we were never apart in the first place.


answered 30 Nov '09, 05:32

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Wow What an answer. I get something deeper with each reading of your answer. Thanks.

(30 Nov '09, 05:38) The Traveller

very good answer Vesuvius. We have differently have forgot our true relationship with God and sometimes we have pull completly away from God but he is not far from us for he always keeps an connnection with us so that when we call in sincerity asking for help and to be complete by being fully emulge where we are one with God.

(30 Nov '09, 05:52) flowingwater

Love your answer.

(01 Apr '12, 18:44) Paulina 1

@Vesuvius I am going to copy your answer and make a poster for my wall! Succinct, clear, concise, to-the-point and especially, quotable!

(07 Apr '12, 16:39) Dollar Bill
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There is no separation between eternal conciousness (what you call God) and us. We are all part of the same conciousness.

The reason we might feel we are separate sometimes is because we are in these physical bodies.But we are non-physical beings which are extensions of that eternal conciousness and therefore always connected to some extent.

The reason I say to some extent is because when we are awake and we observe things that do not make us happy or experience negative emotions, we become slightly disconnected but then when we go to sleep at night or when we die, there is full connection again.


answered 30 Nov '09, 19:04

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Pink Diamond

I believe we came into This Life knowing that We can never be seperated from God, Source, All That Is. I feel We are all connected and are one with God. I believe We all came forth with great purpose and it's our job to find that purpose whatever it may be. Whether it is a lifetime full of helping others or one very powerful moment that will truly stand out. I would truly love a full conscious connection with All That Is while I inhabit this Wonderful vessel I call my body as opposed to a Re-connection to consciousness at this Life's end. But I will accept this Life for what it is, a true miracle.


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Without a doubt God is definitely within and we never lose the connection to this Oneness or Source.Even during the seemingly turbulent times when we feel we are totally disconnected and alone , the connection is always there and can never be severed. Through meditative practices and spending time in silence and also contemplating nature we can nurture this connection and come into Oneness with it. Also by perceiving God in every human being we interact with do we come to realize that he is in each and every person and it is only our personal perception that tells us otherwise.


answered 30 Nov '09, 21:21

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This is an answer that came to me years ago I wrote in my God Consciousness Experiment group.

Imagine for a moment the ocean, now imagine you are a glass deep in that ocean and God is the water, now imagine that the glass is made out of water. That is you and God.


answered 01 Dec '09, 06:57

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Wade Casaldi


Hi Wade, what an amazing coincidence, I had the exact same experience regarding this exact search. About 10years ago I was supposed to do a presentation on anything I wanted. This exact Idea of comparing water to the God connection came to me as a story which I titled the Journey of a raindrop. Since then I have revised the story into the "Ocean example". I'm planning to attach that story to my question either tonight or later this week. (I'm too busy right now).

(01 Dec '09, 21:39) The Traveller

God is both within and out there. Since He can be hard to "feel", we tend to think of Him as being "out there". But if you meditate, or pray, as a regular practice, God becomes more "within" all the time! It takes a sort of courage to realize that we are all part of God and there is no place we can go where He is not. It would be like trying to run away from the sky. I had a beautiful experience a while ago- I was driving out in the country, and suddenly, I felt God everywhere! He was the sky, and He was in me, and He surrounded me, too. It was amazing. I actually felt for a time how vast He is! I hope this answer helps. Blessings.


answered 01 Dec '09, 10:23

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i share much of the same perspective- your answers strike a truthful chord in me. peace be with you and god bless

(15 Dec '09, 11:36) eleanor sawitsky

If God is omnipresent, then God is everywhere. Therefore God is within and without.

If our reality is based on our perception, then it is essentially an illusion.

If God is everywhere and we feel separate, then that separateness is an illusion.

If God is love and the fruit of the Spirit is peace, love, joy, patience, kindess, forgiveness, and God is in us, then we should be full of peace, love, joy, patience, kindess, forgiveness.

If separateness from God is an illusion, and fear, disease, pain, suffering, hate, pride, etc... is not from God, then fear, disease, pain, suffering, hate, pride, etc... are part of the illusion of separateness from God.

If we believe the illusion that we are separate from God, then we experience fear, disease, pain, suffering, hate, pride, etc... These things are not from God, but from the illusion of separateness that we create in our mind.

If God is love and the fruit of the Spirit is peace, love, joy, patience, kindess, forgiveness, and we remember that we are in God and God is in us, then we will be full of peace, love, joy, patience, kindess, forgiveness.


answered 01 Apr '12, 10:58

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Fairy Princess

Well, since Jesus said if you have seen me you have seen the Father and if you have seen the FAther you have seen me. I think a part of God is in you (in us all) because he breathe the breathe of life into the first man so I think a part of him is in each of us humans and if we ask Jesus into our hearts and lives than Jesus is inside of us and even more is within us to guide us.

I believe man has lost his way and is lost and blind to God but as our soul contains all of who we are it is study tugging at us whether we pay any attention to it or not. I think sometimes we humans turn an deaf ear to God talking or calling us but that his arms are always open wide to recieving us back into his fold again as his child of God.

But God is everywhere and is all knowing. Jesus said I will be with you always. So my answer is he is both within and without. If you allow him too he will dwell fully and completely within you always.


answered 30 Nov '09, 05:37

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It's amazing that regardless of the ideology or faith, there is a consistancy ultimately in how we are guided within. thanks for your answer.

(30 Nov '09, 05:43) The Traveller

You are welcome Traveller God love is so great for us human beings.

(30 Nov '09, 05:57) flowingwater

Jesus said you cannot enter into the Kindom of God, except through me. He also said that I am in my father, and the father is in me. We are all children of God, for God has created us in his own image, and likeness. He gave us both a physical form, and a spiritual form.

Although God is in the spiritual form, and no one has ever seen God, but by faith, we believe in him. We are created by God, and the every breath that we breathe in, and out, is the breath of God within us.

God create us in this physical form, so that he can show us how much he loves us, and in doing so, he is showing us that he is both within us, and out side of us. And how do we know this: because everthing we see, hear, touch, and smell, are created by God. All matter is God matter within, and without.

In the beginning was the word the word was with God, and God was the word, and he created everything by the power of the word from within, and everything he created was manifested out there. Therefore, God is within, and out there! We see God in ourself, we see God in others, for he is everything, and he is everywhere. We are all one with the same God within, and without.


answered 02 Dec '09, 08:01

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Inactive User ♦♦

all the above answers are so on point ther is little i can add. it is written -the kingdom of god is within and without you- i totally loved the glass in the ocean analogy- that really pictures it- that is what is meant by the expression that jesus poured himself out for all men- christ literally spilled the glass of gods spirit upon us- christ himself is the holy grail-the cup of gods love and abundance.we are the waiting receptacles who must open ourselves to fill our cups,soto speak- by this filling of our cups we bring the kingdom into manifestation- of course this is only the ideal- man is partially blind to this task yet indirectly respondsible for its attainment.all is transitional-but gods will be done.


answered 15 Dec '09, 11:46

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eleanor sawitsky

Cosmic Consciousness is (equals) 'God' :0 )


answered 26 Apr '11, 02:56

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god is in and out at the same time!out the universe is the body for god! and in is the spirit the light source the immortal part! that is why we are not god because if we would be god we would not have the human body for vessel the body would be the universe! as for the real image of god the spirit light source he is all knowledge over time he is the absolute truth of all things! as for the seperation it is needed to be individual here and evolve and make our choice with the free will each one evolve at is own speed! we are in 2 kingdom at once but because we live in our brain and physical body we do not see the kingdom and each one experiance is own reality! when you can remove the darkness in you then you can go in the kingdom of light.

and to answer your other question. i will say this when you are in truth and love in this world you are with him. if you reach him in spirit that is born again visiting the kingdom seing god seing the light enlighten nde. that is the way i see it. if you want to know more read the bible. the beatitude is a good place to start.


answered 26 Apr '11, 02:54

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white tiger

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God is Life/Awareness and IT is all-pervading and all-encompassing, that is why IT is within and out there, everywhere and nowhere. I am IT, You are IT, He/She is IT, at least potentially. All we need to do is to actualize our potentials.


answered 04 Apr '12, 07:32

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Well done and welcome to I.Q.

(05 Apr '12, 03:15) Paulina 1

Hi Traveller, God is all there is. Does that make us all Gods? No of course not. How do I know this? Because if I was God I wouldn't need or want for anything and if I did I would simply create it on the spot. Next time someone says to you they are God ask them to create what they want or need in their life instantly. Ask them why do they suffer or are unhappy. They can't create on a magnificent scale like God and they cant allways take away their own suffering and therefore it stands to reason they are not God.

So how come God is all there is if we are not God. Because God created everything including us from himself. We are of God and yes God is within us and without us and we are within God.

To be able to explain this better I shall use us human beings as an analogy. We are each made of aprox. 50 trillion cells. Each and every cell is intelligent and knows what to do and when to do it. A liver cell knows it is a liver cell and works together with thousands of other liver cells to make sure our liver does the work it is supposed to. A heart cell does the same and so on.

But you see the cell is not the body but one tiny weeny part of an organ that belongs to the body and that works with trillions of other cells to maintaing that specific body.

With God it is the same. We human beings are very teeny parts of the whole and the whole is enourmus but we are not the whole even though we have direct connection to the whole.

Just like cells in the body are inteligent and conscious of what part they have to do we human beings are inteligent and conscious but none the less we are just a drop in the ocean of God.

We are of God for we form part of God and God is in us for God gives us life and I supose collectively life itself irespectiive of it being inorganic or organic is God. All of everything is God while We individualy though are nothing more than a tiny speck of the material god is made of but because Gods spirit runs through us we are mighty in the fact that we have direct access to the greatest power in the universe God Almighty. All is God.


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Paulina 1

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Thanks Paulina.
Thanks for your great answer!
Your answer reminds me of the holographic theory of matter where matter at the tiniest level holographic ally contains the position of "it" and the code of the entire universe at each point of reference.

(07 Apr '12, 15:25) The Traveller

Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.'"

(07 Apr '12, 16:21) white tiger

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.

(07 Apr '12, 16:29) white tiger

what would be the point to come here with all your power. then would it be a test? in your weakness can you make your power perfect?

(07 Apr '12, 16:33) white tiger

Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, "My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will."

(07 Apr '12, 16:39) white tiger
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