I recently watched a documentary called The Quantum Activist Official Website IMDb. It poses this theory, that consciousness does not come from us or the brain but consciousness precedes all matter. Consciousness does not come from matter but matter is created by consciousness.

I highly recommend this film for a unique perspective. Trailer

asked 24 Apr '11, 23:43

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What a great film, and Yes I agree.

(25 Apr '11, 08:57) Brian
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I agree, consciousness is primary to all matter, thus consciousness is who we really are. So consciousness creates universes and space-time, which are necessary limitations that are needed in order for all of our experiences to become possible.


answered 25 Apr '11, 02:32

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Without a doubt... and couldn't we just substitute the word consciousness for God or any other title we choose to use?


answered 25 Apr '11, 11:37

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Yes, whatever label we apply or name we make up isn't important :)

(25 Apr '11, 12:32) Eddie

it is said that the triad of consciousness-substance-matter contains all life,
whether one actually creates the other or is its polar opposite, no doubt, are two theories,
as is the concept of transformations of and among those three aspects (of energy).


answered 25 Apr '11, 12:57

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