I had been thinking about how people say if I were a millionaire I'd do a lot of good with my money. It is true money can do much good but looking at it from a God consciousness perspective it doesn't have to be my money to change the world. All that matters is what the money of earth is used for. We know greed is a problem and that even millionaires and billionaires that donate to charity do so for a tax write-off so they are really helping others to help themselves. So it seems greed and a lack of compassion is a problem but there must be something behind that, something that fuels that. A fear or need that never gets fulfilled must be the hurt that makes people want to get all they can and not care about others, like they need to constantly look out for themselves, a pain that until healed will leave many that could be helped or healed, starving and sick. I know someone that has a collection of Lamberdini cars, he is probably thinking about his next one he is going to get, that wont satisfy him either, he'll be thinking about his next one after that. So there is a hunger for something that is never fulfilled no matter how much he gets. This is probably similar for all millionaires and billionaires, so there is something that drives them that needs healed. Once healed I believe they would look for ways of helping the world, a way to bring peace and heaven on earth. But first many need healed.

I have also seen how some might say to God when they meet face to face, how could you let this happen to earth, how could you do nothing? I feel his response might be "how could you?" We were given charge over everything and told to make heaven on earth but most don't know we have that power even though our holy books tell us we do. Jesus said love your enemies, to love your enemies is to want to heal them. I am reminded of the Neil Young song "No-one knows what it's like to be the bad man". He shows how pain and suffering turned the good man into a bad man.

So there is much pain, suffering, and fear through all the planet and this causes all the problems of the world. If we can raise above this level to the God consciousness level and as a gift to the world give them the healing they need, forgiveness, acceptance just as they are that they do not need to prove anything about worth of themselves, love, compassion, that they are good, that there is good within them, that there is God within them. Remember Namaste, "the divine in me recognizes the divine in you and we are one." This is easy to do for those you like, those of your friends, but those you consider bad people need the healing to change, otherwise how else can they change?

So instead of thinking of these people as evil, greedy, uncaring, (it is true the world is full of people like this, but they need love and healing to transform) see them as forgiven, at peace, accepted, healed, loved and appreciated. I think it is time we move past self work to the greater work of healing humanity.

What do you think if those awake enough around the world meditate and hold all that they see as wrong in the world as all that is right, that they transform (spin straw into gold) of the world until they feel no longer a need to satisfy a never ending hunger for approval and instead start to feel maybe I can do better things for humanity than serving myself. That we see the divine in all these people so much it comes through their decisions. This is not influencing or forcing our will but healing them and as a result they live from love instead of fear.

Do you think we can change the earth and bring thy kingdom, utopia, heaven on earth so one day when we meet God face to face instead of "how could you let this happen", we hear him say that we have finally grown into the stewards of the earth and understand our mission to heal humanity?

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Wade Casaldi

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