Do we invite a catastrophe or does free will have something to do with calamities that effect our lives.

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Does animal consciousness affect their reality? Do they create?-That sounds like the first question.

Do we invite a catastope or does free will have something to do with calamities that effect our lives._that is another question.


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I covered this issue befor when the question about my source came up, my souce explains that in the idea of collective connsieness and when it comes to a non pysical (which is where the coloctives come from) there is much diffrant and WAY more complex issues with LOA than on an individual leavel! if you would like to hear him speak of this click on this!

love n light,



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that theory may not be what actually happened,
rather a piece made for the way we currently view the puzzle.
i also think that karma only effects beings possessing self-consciousness and free choice, and the animal kingdom has neither.
on the issue of whether we invite catastrophe, we do but there are cycles within nature also as our earth is evolving,
according to her destiny.


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we have free will, but thats only in potential form. the very fact that the law of attraction GOVERNS our lives tells that our life can be governed. law of attraction is just one aspect of the various principles governing our lives. even when we are supposed to have free will, we at times are compelled to react in a particular way in different situations against our true nature. where is the free will then? for example, when someone hits us, or shouts at us, or hurts us, we are compelled to react in a peculiar way. so here, the situation governs our actions as we lose control over impulses. we are even governed by principals of morality and social code of conduct. we are also governed by the happenings in our nature. on more subtle levels, our lives are affected by the movement of planets, the energy of the atmosphere, the subconscious mind of the people we are in company with, the books and literature we are exposed to, our parents attitude towards us and various other factors. free will is given to us, but when our mind gets affected so easily by external factors, where is the free will then. there is an excellent example of free will and its relation with the spiritual growth of a person. suppose there is a cow, whose neck is tied to a rope, and the other end of the rope is firmly fixed to the ground. now the cow is possible of all movements even though the rope is tied around its neck. it can do whatever it wants. so there is free will. still, the length of the rope ensures that the free will has its limitations. it ensures that the cow operates its free will only within a particular area. now if the length of the rope is increased, the area that the cow can now access increases. so there is certainly more action that can be done. but still there is a limit to the rope, thus limiting the play of the free will. similarly what we call free will is certainly free will, but then the area of its operation is limited. by spiritual practices like meditation etc, the length of the rope here can be increased. so there will be increase in the domain of free will. for example, if by doing meditation, you have gained a considerate amount of control over your mind, so accordingly your free will also increase. but once you achieve moksha or enlightenment, you get access to ABSOLUTE FREE WILL, as then your life will not be governed by the movement of planets, and other subtle laws. so believing in the law of attraction does wonders, no doubt, but believing that only the law of attraction exists in the universe is an extremist attitude. thus we should not only use our free will, but also increase the area of its operation to actually enjoy free will.

i personally dont think that we invite catastrophes. we have the potential power to control and alter nature's course, but we dont generally access that. (I GUESS.......)


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abhishek mishra

i agree experience and enjoy.

(07 Sep '11, 21:26) white tiger

I think the answer to this question is a resounding and loud, "NO!

The dinosaurs did NOT have the intelligence to even operate on a level that even approaches The Law of Attraction. Believing that is just silliness.

One theory I read somewhere that I found really interesting is that if were not for Jupiter, we would be hit by a lot more comets and large meteoroids than we are. Jupiter perhaps protects Earth by its sheer size and gravitational pull. But this idea has some flaws. If you want to read about it, here is a link.The comet that ended the days of the dinosaurs was quite unusual, quite large, and devastating...But we have found fossils of dinosaurs that had feathers, so obviously, they survived to this day in the form of birds, and some reptiles.

An interesting thought: perhaps that comet had more to do with God's plans for Earth, as that comet allowed for the rise of mammals, and of course, eventually, Man. It is something to at least consider.

Blessings, Jai


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nice answer...

(08 Sep '11, 13:51) abhishek mishra

Everything is energy and vibrates at different frequencies. Whatever frequency you are at is what determines the circumstances in your life... humans have the ability to reason, giving us an edge in changing our frequency. Animals just go with the flow and accept what they bring into their reality no matter what it is.

So regardless how it happened... it isn't necessarily their fault. They never intentionally put out any type of vibration, but they do vibrate and attract things into their existance. The combined vibration, including the vibration of all other things on the planet at the time, was a match for whatever happened at that point in time, whether or not it was an asteroid.

Fault just isn't the right word. When bad things happen, it is no one's "fault". If something goes wrong it is not your fault. You just must accept that it happened, it's done, and you must work to improve and change the circumstance in whatever way you can.


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This is actually not a true statement, "Animals just go with the flow and accept what they bring into their reality no matter what it is." This observation is with an unaided eye. With closer observation you will find animals to demonstrate a learning capacity. This goes back to Darwin's observation of specie adaptation. You are also slightly incorrect regarding fault. There is a religious observation of generational sin. 1 of 2 responses.

(29 Jan '12, 14:47) Constantine

An emotional disfunction that is passed on from one generation to the next. This can be sighted as no ones fault, but with further analysis, the disfunctioning party often times knows of their disfunction, but neglects to correct the matter, intail passing off the disfunction from one generation to the next. If this is not the same "Go with the flow" observation that you've sighted in animals, then what is it called in humans? 2 of 2 responses.

(29 Jan '12, 14:47) Constantine

Alright, you are right, they do make an effort to change circumstances. But an animal in comparison to a human can accept their circumstance much easier in most cases. My dog died recently, lived with us 15 years along with our two other dogs. The other dogs went back to their normal selves within a few days, but the rest of us took over a month to accept it. There is also a difference between knowing you are wrong and continuing regardless as to choosing to blame someone for a tornado

(29 Jan '12, 14:59) LapisLazuli

Destroying there home. The first, you knew what you were doing but you didn't choose to change. The second, you didn't know what you were doing but it still happened. That is not your fault.

(29 Jan '12, 15:01) LapisLazuli
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yes what you do to other will be done to you! in thinking talking and acting!we reap what we sow! that is why poeple should not let ego take over! and be zen! each one create is reality when you start to believe in something you give it power! it trap you if you believe in something that is not true or incomplete!as example: 2 people see someone doing something the first one see the person hiting a apple tree and the apple fall on is head! the second see only the part when the apple fall on is head! booth are true statement but only 1 is complete! then one person will believe in the cause and effect! and the other will believe that tree attack people! or that god wants to harm people using tree! if you are missing part of the truth the possibility to believe stuff is endless!

update: with loa if the dinosor said bigger kill better. well then the metor where bigger and killed better.


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white tiger

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Free will does impact catastrophe, but whether dinosaurs willed their calamity is a question of how. There are some ideas out there that the dinosaurs' carnivorous nature lead to their demise, but how does that coincide with the idea of an asteroid crashing into the earth destroying life as we know it? There are presently not enough calculations to definitively connect the free will of dinosaurs to the asteroid crash. It is easier to conclude that the free willed carnivorous nature of dinosaurs lead to a famined death. There are recorded emotional congruences to astrology like the increased activity found in police reports during full moon occurrences, but a further study would need to be brought forth to connect catastrophic events to emotional instability. Coincidences can be a start to motivate society towards researching this phenomena.


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It seems like all predatory animals are disapearlng slowly.

(29 Jan '12, 19:40) Roy

It's not only predatory animals that are becoming extinct. Tropical rain forest, salt water and fresh water fish, insects and everything else you can imagine in our ecosystem are becoming extinct. That is partly why societies are looking for ways to "Go green."

(29 Jan '12, 20:05) Constantine
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