I cannot believe that my life has been already written by God (a paraphrase from the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho- exact quote: "...the future was already written by Allah..." Believing in Fate means that even luck is ordained. I am having difficulty saying what I mean, but I'd like to know what all of you think about this. Thanks, Jai.

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good question jaianniah

(07 Dec '09, 06:00) flowingwater
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I think the un-changeable factors can be blamed on fate & what ever change we can affect in-between those fixed larger factors can be considered free will.

for example, Your gender is fixed - it's fate. (even if you do a sex change operation your soul knows how you entered this plane of existance.) you country of birth is fixed - fate. Your ethnic identity is fixed - fate. if you are born with physical conditions that cannot be changed - fate.(I'm sorry, it's not the best way to describe it)

Now your financial condition - free will. your religion - free will. where you live - free will. your life partner or solitude by choice - free will.

But, it could be that we enter with a pre-writen script of existance that plays out if we don't exert any effort to change our circumstance. This is so that the bigger theatre has a ovarall story to tell. Imagine if we all wanted to become doctors or if all wanted to drive the same car, & this wish was granted to all of humanity.


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The Traveller

You create your own reality through your thoughts. Therefore, you have absolute free will. I will quote Abraham Hicks here "You are so free, you can choose bondage".

There is also no luck. We get whatever we give our attention to, whether that is what we want or not.

Thinking about things that feel good and making peace with where we are is the key to getting what we want in life. When we don't feel good (experience negative emotions), we attract unwanted things in our life and we usually blame it on fate but the truth is we attracted these things into our reality through our own negative thoughts and emotions.


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Pink Diamond

I made this comment to another question, but it also fits here very well.. I wanted to play piano so bad, that despite my parents, I learned a bit on my aunt's piano...then, as a teen with a job, paid a friend to teach me more, practicing at High School...and ended up marrying a man who owned a piano. THEN I finally could play! I took lessons at the college, and still love it today...it took seventeen years, but I manifested a beautiful upright piano into my life just by sheer determination. I did not notice what I did until I read your answer. Blessings, Jai

(06 Dec '09, 14:59) Jaianniah

Yes, but you must have a clear understanding of free will to even suggest that it is intrinsically woven into the concept of fate. So let us look at both of these concepts, Fate, and free will, depending upon your belief, as to whether or not it exist, it is hard to define.

But let us explore these concepts some more, free will is determinism; it gives us the ability to choose how to deal with a situation, while fate deals with change, it is constant, it is destiny, and it is pre-determined. No matter what, it will always stay the same.

In general, society will hold people accountable for their actions, and will thus praise, or blame them accordingly. Nonetheless, many believes moral responsilbility requires free will, also, whether or not individuals are even morally responsible for their actions, and if so, in what sense?

I guess we can all agree, human conditions follows the path of fate, and everyone makes choices out of their own free will which affect their life at the time, but ultimately, it will lead to their pre-determined fate, an example is: the story of Romeo and Juliet!

This subject matter continues to pose questions even today, as to whether or not, we as species, have free will, or if some divine source, some call fate, controls our destiny.

As it appears, free will and fate does affects each other, as it seems they depend upon each other, and cannot function effectively as a separate part outside of each other, but must work together as a whole to get the work done regardless of the the general out come. It is like saying thy will be done in heaven, and in hell. The choice is yours, but choose well, or you will perish in hell.


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We all are given free will to choose what we want to do and believe in or not. But not trying to sound contrary I also believe there are some things that are pre-determined. Like Moses I believe was pre-determined to do what he I believe had to do.

I think the end of the world and how God want to do it is pre-determined but I think how we act, what we believe in or not, and have faith and trust in that is free will which can change things. For every moment we choose every moment and everyday and all of this affects our todays and our tomorrows of our own reality. The reality of others in the larger picture of reality.

Than it seems some things that God has set forth from the beginging of time is fate but all of the rest is sheer free will and our ability to create and to be thankful to God for.

He, God, allows us to be free in mind, body, and spirit. But we must take on the responsiability of understanding ourselves and our gifts and talents. Apply those to help create a better today for our selves and for others. We must stop speaking and thinking all of those negative things that are hurled at us constantly. Jesus said ask anything in my name and I will do it. Believe and have faith we all can move mountains.


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Your fate is determinant on your choices that you make with your free will. The idea if parrallel realities as explained in quantum physics helps to understand that instead of our story being a linear story with a set begining, middle and end, it is like a Choose your own adventure book. Each choice that you make takes you to a different fate, a different destiny, a different future. Who we are is made up of our responses to the events in our lives. If we change our response, we change our future responses as well.


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Fairy Princess

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