monty you say that i ram my question because i know the answer! is it not by asking question and sharing answer that we evolve and learn more!why is the truth scaring you that much that you need to try to sink me? is that not stopping your progress? as for other that want me to sink this question can apply to you as well! that the one that did not sin throw me the first rock!

asked 26 Apr '11, 22:08

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

closed 30 Dec '11, 11:48

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

white tiger, I think Graham (Monty) was merely suggesting that you don't include the answer in your question - to do so only deters others from offering an answer which is the reason questions are posted in the first place. I can assure you that no-one here wants you to 'sink' and are more than happy to offer you an answer if you genuinely desire one. However when you answer the question yourself, it seems as though you really don't require an answer. From what I know of Graham, I'm sure he wasn't throwing rocks :)

(26 Apr '11, 22:32) Michaela

well one never know enuff that is why we share! and yes there is 2 question that i have ask that i still don't hold all the answer to! those 2 question have the number 7 in them!sometime i don't give answer to get the answer from other with out putting them in the mind set that they need to follow my foot step! they all ready have to achieve removing the veil of the mind so putting much in there do not really help them!

(26 Apr '11, 22:45) white tiger

By all means share, but maybe put it forth as a community wiki offering information rather than in the format of a question... save that for when you really do require an answer :)

(26 Apr '11, 22:54) Michaela

sometime question are better then answer!the journey is often more important than the target!

(26 Apr '11, 22:57) white tiger

As someone who has literally experienced a "sinking" incident i can assure you White Tiger that im in no way wishing to do that to you.Thankyou Michaela for your faith in my good nature.I wish everything for you White Tiger that i do for myself.Please dont worry about leading me through any "footsteps" and dont concern yourself with the "veil" of my mind.I came to this site wishing to teach others....ive ended up learning more than i teach.Alot more! I trust you will too,and best wishes.

(27 Apr '11, 07:41) Monty Riviera

well monty do you think it is a coincidence? meditate on this question monty! and eventually you will see it! as clear as day!

(27 Apr '11, 15:00) white tiger

I believe we at times receive an enlightenment so wonderful that we wish to share it but in this site we must make it a question so the actual enlightenment gets lost in the question. This has happened with me a few times myself, something wonderful I wanted to share but I had to word it as a question, sort of like that game show "Jeopardy." Then when I answered my own question I still had to pick someone else's answer for best answer otherwise it would have looked conceited and smug.

(29 Apr '11, 01:54) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi: There is nothing to stop you sharing information through the use of the Community Wiki option. In that case, the information does not need to be in the form of a question

(29 Apr '11, 12:16) Barry Allen ♦♦
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Too subjective and argumentative" by Kathleen Kelly 30 Dec '11, 11:48

We all take responsibility for perceptions. Those that cast a perception must be aware of the projection they are putting forth as to it is the responsibility of the receiver to discern what is trying to be conveyed. The dance of communication can be tricky especially when the lead dancers are our egos.


answered 26 Apr '11, 22:23

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one most get rid of the ego!

(26 Apr '11, 22:30) white tiger

You can not get rid of the ego in this life. You can only hope to tame it :)

(26 Apr '11, 22:31) you

one that is pure of hearth as no ego!

(26 Apr '11, 22:33) white tiger

Yeah... our egos really don't know how to 'follow' :)

(26 Apr '11, 22:34) Michaela

if you prefer to call it ego that as been tamed so be it!

(26 Apr '11, 22:35) white tiger

The one that is pure of heart has merely learned to use his ego as the tool it was intended to be :)

(26 Apr '11, 22:37) Michaela

@Michaela...woo hoo. Yes it does have a purpose that is why we have one.

(26 Apr '11, 22:40) you

Now this would make a good question!! Can any physical human being get rid of his ego? I might ask this.

(27 Apr '11, 08:51) Monty Riviera

well monty you need one to live with other people on earth!it help you understand them! but it does not mean you have to let it control you!

(27 Apr '11, 14:47) white tiger
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