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What motivates you to be stingy with your votes?

This question is a genuine one; I have a system for awarding points to people, and I was wondering how other Inward Questers decide to award a point. My decisions are based on one criteria: did this question or answer move me, shake me, or otherwise make me think? If they do, I dish out a point: Ding! Did the question make me answer it? Ding! Did someone's answer make me respond as well? Ding! Was the answer a great one for that person in particular? Ding!

Here's some things to consider: Are we all too chintzy with our point-giving? I think that sometimes, we are. Are we too quick to award best answer? Doing that seems to kill a question stone-dead. I am very unlikely to answer a question with a best answer already chosen- if the author of the question is already satisfied, why say more??? Do we realize that English is NOT always the first language of the people on IQ? Imagine if IQ was Chinese...I would not sound very "learned" if I was trying to speak Chinese!!! LOL! Do we consider that when we award points? I wonder....

So, how do you award your points? What kinds of questions "float your boat"?

;o) Blessings, Jai

asked 01 May '11, 08:35

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Thanks Jai - Ding!

(01 May '11, 08:50) Eddie

Cute, Eddie! Thanks! "Ding" back at you!!! Blessings, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(01 May '11, 09:04) Jaianniah

Good question Jai,im actually not sure why i vote for stuff.If someones put me onto some good source material i guess i upvote them more than others at times.Bit biased of me really!

(01 May '11, 10:15) Monty Riviera
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If I'm honest Jai, I'm having a bit of a hard time contemplating this question. This whole journey for me, including my interaction on this site, is about becoming aware of my own ego.I just feel that if we begin to look for certain qualities in the questions and answers that we are in fact taking away from the authenticity of the question or answer, and when we begin worrying about points the questions and answers may not necessarily come from that authentic place.

Right from the beginning, I have had a bit of a hard time with the whole voting system because it can be hard to leave the ego out of it and my own growth and expanding awareness are way more important than any points I receive. The real reward is how I feel when I've offered an answer and know that it genuinely helped someone.

I think a good question for everyone to ask themselves is, would they still be interacting without the voting system?

I use my votes quite liberally when I feel the question is coming from a genuine place of asking and the answer is coming from a genuine place of knowing or wanting to help.

I know this may not be the answer you were looking for Jai and others may not agree with it, but for me it's the truth :)

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answered 01 May '11, 13:55

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Pretty good criteria for awarding points i think.Genuine asking ,genuine knowing/helping. Good system.

(01 May '11, 17:19) Monty Riviera

I've previously explained my own voting criteria in What motivates you to be stingy with your votes? so I won't repeat all that here :)

Regarding the voting system itself, I would have to agree with Eddie's sentiment - if you disagree strongly with the idea of it, why participate in this site? It's like going up to a friend with a personality you don't like and asking them to change it for you. Surely it's simply easier to find a new more compatible friend? :)

I don't think IQ hides the fact at any point that it is a community-driven website and the opinions of the users (through the voting system) are what drives the questions and answers.

Some play the voting game from an ego perspective and that's generally fine with me because, firstly, from what I see, the voting system (whether right or wrong) has resulted in a high quality of useful information to questions that many are asking.

And, secondly, I'm not a fan of ego-bashing. Without the ego-perspective, you wouldn't have any sense of immersion into this physical reality. And without believing this physical reality is real because of that ego-perspective, there would be little purpose in being here. So it seems a bit contradictory to me to attack the perspective that brings forth such interesting insights into our physical and non-physical lives.

I also find that participating in IQ has really helped me alot with my own approval-from-others issues. I've found that since I've begun taking part, I've started to care less and less what others think about what I think - both online and in real life.

I don't mean that in a bad way at all. I mean that in the sense that I'm willing to let others state their points of view but I'm much more willing (than before IQ) to state my own point of view even if it upsets others. And if me simply stating my own point of view does upset others, that's their issue to deal with, not mine.

Before IQ, I would have tended to keep my opinions to myself but it has become increasingly clear to me that simply learning to speak my own truth in a non-confrontational manner does seem to have been of genuine value to some people...and that has been an eye-opening revelation for me.

I've been chided a number of times by "non-physical" in my earlier days (through various messages) for keeping quiet too often (despite a pushing from within to speak out) and perhaps I'm now starting to understand those messages a little more.

I think the one element of the voting system "ego game" that does frustrate me sometimes is when people ask questions clearly just to accumulate points. I previously raised this issue in Should you ask questions on Inward Quest when you are not interested in the answers? - and then had a few days of semi-abuse from one particular individual for daring to do so...which I thought was quite an interesting reaction :)

My basic concern with that is that it increases the "noise" on the site. The reason I think IQ has great value and potential is because there is relatively little "noise" (and chat) compared to more standard forums.

IQ portrays itself quite clearly as a relatively non-chatty non-social spiritual information exchange. I think that is a good thing because there do seem to be an increasing number of people these days trying to find quality answers to their genuine questions...there are plenty of social networks around these days for chatting informally with other people but not many that seem to focus exclusively on the information alone.

And, as I said earlier, I suspect the voting system has a part to play in keeping a high quality of information here.

So I'll continue to vote quite happily for questions and answers I think are of value - and probably not worry too much about why exactly I'm doing so either :)

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answered 02 May '11, 06:14

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I agree with most of your statements, though I do not strongly disagree with the voting system (if it were my site i would not but since it is not I play along) I (like always) have an issue with the exception (not the rule) of people using questions as point machines. That is why I do not want them. We are hear to respond and give answers, we do want to be heard. And only seems natural that we want validation. I do not belong to any other forum or chat room (do they still have those?) so I do not know what other online communities are like.

(02 May '11, 07:00) you

Nice one Stingray and welcome back :)

(02 May '11, 07:39) Eddie

@Eddie - Not really been away. Just been globe-trotting for a few weeks with intermittent internet access. Normal service will be resumed in due course :)

(02 May '11, 15:11) Stingray
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My main reason for participating on this forum is for confirmation of what I already know. That may sound arrogant to some; however, if you consider that we’re eternally floating around in infinite space with no director of our lives other than us, confirmation of certain ideas is helpful. Otherwise we’re just individual timeless islands devoid of direction in a meaningless Universe.

Often when I ask a question I’m already satisfied with the answer I have for it. When people answer those questions I vote for the answers which are most in line to my own answer. In this way, I believe I’m assisting others in providing confirmation for their own thoughts and beliefs.

When a question or answer that feels right to me receives at least 3 votes, then I have confirmation. If not, I may need to reconsider certain ideas I have on that subject. Or it may just be that others haven’t considered or looked into those ideas, so I always have to use my own discernment.

I tend not to vote or take part in questions that can be answered by visiting Wikipedia as it seems to be a waste of my time. I often ignore questions when it’s obvious that the poster is operating from their ego-self’s perspective. But then again, sometimes I like to have fun by seeing if my answer will help to shift their perspective in any way. Normally it doesn’t, but I’m not concerned because I wasn’t expecting it too anyway, no worries mates :)

If I’ve spent some time answering a question then it’s normally worth a vote. However, if that question has already received more votes than, in my estimation, it deserves I may answer without voting. I apply value to everything in my life, including voting on this site.

If we’re not happy about the voting system on this site, then maybe we’re on the wrong forum. If we’re here then we should take part in voting as it may help to provide clues, insights and confirmation for others taking part. Oh, I don’t normally vote for those people chasing votes, particularly when it’s obvious to me that they’re stingy with their votes :)

And finally: have fun here people, lighten up and lighten your load; flow those votes 8-)

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answered 02 May '11, 03:15

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To prove ones right we must be trying to prove ourselves wrong. Not just look for justification.

(02 May '11, 06:52) you

Ok, I have to admit I'm a little confused Eddie... if you're only here for confirmation or validation, what about growth and expansion? Or are you saying that you already know it all? (lol) :)

(02 May '11, 13:43) Michaela

Hi Michaela, well, I did say my main reason and not my only reason :) There are a few people here who inspire me, but I get most expansion and growth through reading and channeled information. I like to think that some of the insights I post here serve others and maybe helps them to release some of their pain, if they choose to do so.

(03 May '11, 01:16) Eddie

For some reason Eddie I missed your last comment... just wanted to add that your answers here do "serve others" and undoubtedly "help them to release some of their pain" :)

(18 Feb '12, 21:55) Michaela
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i give poits to EVERYONE who answers my qusetions or anything that makes sense to me! that's it. i also give points for passion, I was voted down once and i was suprised, it was from someone who has only been on one time in the whole time i had been here and he told me my meditation idea was horrible, well i have helped so many people with it and they ALL have grown so much so apperiantly i wasnt to bad at it . BUT i know that some are a little "grumpier"than others lol, so thank you for the question . i have always wondered why not more votes on all the good questions as well !

NEW Edit 8/14/2012

I notice that all points we have given to past questions were past along to others. So i suggest to go back to questions u posted before the site change, and re give points to ones who answered in ur spectrum of points u would give.

so now i follow these same guidlines with everyone who answeres a question and teh answers that resonate wioth me the greatest,, and teh one on my post that resonates with me, i use to be the "answer"

love n light,.


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answered 02 May '11, 20:08

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TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 14 Aug '12, 22:09

Points for passion - I like that idea, Rob :)

(05 May '11, 05:53) Stingray

thank u stingray,, i ahvnt been on ro answering questions ,, i channeled a new entity through my channeling my source,,, it changed my mind,, i am seeing so many new ways to see things,, i am getting so much info in a short time,, i wouldlike to talk to you if i could sometime, you, ursixx, and , eddie have always told me what you think and have alot of jknowlege, if you feel like it that wpould be great !! love n light to you my freind !!

(07 May '11, 01:41) TReb Bor yit-NE

Sure Rob, I'd be happy to help if you feel it would be useful to you

(08 May '11, 18:18) Stingray

well i think that with all my new veiws and new info i need people who can help me sort through what is what u know?

(09 May '11, 19:23) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I feel that the whole point system is counter productive to the community. As being a place to share ideas, rewarding certain answers or questions as opposed to others, validates some answers and questions more than others. It certainly creates division more so than the actual answer might

I say I do not want votes but yet it is one of the first things I see when I get to this site. It is nature to want to be accepted in a community and this point system rewards acceptance.

I give votes haphazardly. Most of the time for things that I think are true to the answerer or questioner. Meaning I do not give up votes for ones I agree with but ones I think the person is being genuine and honest about. When a question asker is just looking for validation I do not normally vote, if the questioner is try seeking I do.

I would like this site as more of just a forum and not stacker.

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answered 01 May '11, 16:36

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I don't like seeing red zeros so if its red and I'm in, I might vote it up ..that's the extent of the "system " for voting.

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answered 02 May '11, 20:00

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+1 because I couldn’t bear to see your comment having a zero vote. Just like you, this is often the reason I vote some answers. Then there are times where I go WOW!!!! Now that's a great answer that everyone must read! And I'm inspired to vote with a thousand votes if I could just do that. But I agree with Michaela's observation that votes are distracting because they involve the ego. I just voted your answer for two reasons. 1) I liked it. 2) I couldn't bear to see the zero vote.

(19 Feb '12, 01:04) The Traveller

I am always curious about the votes. It is just sort of a fun game thing. I fell it adds a dimension to the site. I enjoy giving votes. So many of your answers ring a bell for me. I always get an answer that helps my development.
So many angels on the site. Blessings


answered 19 Feb '12, 02:27

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