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Just wondering as I notice that some regular posters hardly vote and some rarely vote or have never voted. And I wonder what the motivation or lack of motivation behind the voting stinginess is?

And while I’m on this subject, why do you not bother to accept an answer, even when it has a lot of up votes and it seems like the best answer of all those given? Again just wondering 8-)

asked 15 Dec '10, 07:57

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I feel bad everytime I want to get more poitns than someone else because it is so ironic to what this whole site is about! Nevertheless, the "stack exchange" engine is producing great results.

(15 Dec '10, 23:49) Back2Basics

Thanks Barry, good idea. I was wondering if you'd keep it open :)

(16 Dec '10, 01:10) Eddie

Personally,Eddie I only 'accept' an answer when I feel it really resonates with me and has clarified for me what I have been asking. Some answers contain elements of truth but haven't given me that Aha! moment. I guess when I can say Aha!, I accept the answer - someone has expressed for me what has been within my consciousness but not in my immediate awareness:)

(16 Dec '10, 02:08) Michaela

I wish to point out that NO ONE CAN TELL WHO YOU VOTE FOR except the monitors of this website- which is as it should be. Some people have gotten the idea that you can track who votes for whom. If you can, your name better be Simon or Barry!>>>>>>>>>>>>

(06 Aug '11, 19:09) Jaianniah
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It does make you wonder why people don't vote, Eddie, since upvoting is free and it makes the site more useful for other people to have the "best" answers at the top

I used to think that people weren't aware you could vote but I don't think you can use the site for an extended period of time and not notice those large numbers (and arrows) on the left-hand side of each question and answer - and, at least, click on them to see what happens.

For myself, I will upvote any question that:

  • I answered...such as this one :) ...because if I thought the question was good/interesting enough for me to write an answer to it then it deserves a vote for being asked

  • I found thought-provoking

  • I thought was exceptionally well-written and clear, or particularly sincere. I think the focused, pointed desire behind a sincere question can attract some pretty amazing answers so I like to reward those questions. I'm not personally a fan of the short, vague hit-and-run questions where it is obvious that the questioner isn't interested in the answer themselves but just wants to stir people up a bit (for whatever reason)

I will upvote any answer that:

  • I agree with

  • I disagree with, but it was well-written and made me think, or otherwise inspired me in some way

  • Answers any of my own questions, even if I disagree with it (because I still learn something about myself from noticing what I disagree with) and I also want to recognize the fact that someone went to the trouble of providing me with a relevant answer

I won't upvote answers that don't answer the question being asked (even if they are "good" answers) because I think someone who is attracted to reading that question (maybe via a search engine) really wants to see the most appropriate answer to it rather than a "good" off-topic answer.

As for downvoting, I simply don't. I believe everyone is entitled to their point of view even if I disagree with it. I personally feel it is better to vote for the answers I do agree with instead, or otherwise write my own. Better to light one candle than curse the darkness, as they say :) I also won't downvote facetious or troll-ish answers because I would rather have my focus on highlighting the positive rather than fighting the negative :)

As for accepting an answer, I don't think there can be an accepted answer to every question. I will accept an answer if my question was of such a nature that it is obvious I've now received a pretty definite answer to it. But I don't think it matters too much whether answers are accepted or not as long as the "good" answers (however you define "good" for yourself) bubble to the top through the voting process.

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answered 15 Dec '10, 09:51

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Totally agree with you. If it's interesting, even if it's not my cup of tea, I upvote it. I only downvoted once 'couse I thought it was agressively put, and intended to annoy or disrespect all of us.

(15 Dec '10, 13:55) BridgetJones09

I upvoted this instead of posting an answer because it pretty much says what I would have.

(15 Dec '10, 19:18) Vesuvius

Nice one Stingray. My approach is similar. If I read a post and feel that an answer deserves an extra point I give it, even if I do not answer or comment myself. I only have one posted question that will never get an accepted answer. Aside from that I like to accept the best answer so far, but that can be changed later if appropriate.

(16 Dec '10, 01:39) Eddie

Well said - I think you've pretty much covered it all. The only time I ever felt the need to downvote was because someone was trying to sell something, rather than asking a genuine question ( The question was in fact closed, shortly after ). I think every question and answer may have some element of truth for some individual, even if I don't agree with it, so I really can't understand the downvoting. Just because it may not resonate with me does not make it 'wrong' - everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

(16 Dec '10, 01:58) Michaela
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Some people don't care for the point system "game".

However, since that is the way this stack exchange creates motivation, I usually just vote up every single post I read, becasue I got something out of it, the least I can do is up vote.

While we are on this subject, how can I manifest a reputation like Vesuvius - 19k by visualization only?

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answered 15 Dec '10, 19:49

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Imho IQ is the best forum system so far and will not go the way of many others that become egotistical slanging matches. You'll have to become Vesuvius, but you'd better check with him first :)

(16 Dec '10, 02:13) Eddie

True enough, some people may not care for the points game aspect. But I'm sure they must care about getting their questions answered or providing answers to others otherwise they wouldn't be here. The simple act of voting sorts all those answers into an order that helps others get the "best" information first (according to the community view). So voting is not just about the points but about making this huge database of metaphysical knowledge more accessible for everyone

(16 Dec '10, 08:59) Stingray

I think the question is: Isn't it ironic that we are playing who has the most points....given the subject material?

(16 Dec '10, 16:59) Back2Basics
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Two words I forgot

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answered 15 Dec '10, 23:12

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You.. can be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes! You can be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes! You say.. "Steve.. how can I be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes?" First.. get a million dollars. Now.. you say, "Steve.. what do I say to the tax man when he comes to my door and says, 'You.. have never paid taxes'?" Two simple words. Two simple words in the English language: "I forgot!" How many times do we let ourselves get into terrible situations because we don't say "I forgot"? Let's say you're on trial for armed robbery. You say to the judge,

(15 Dec '10, 23:13) ursixx

"I forgot armed robbery was illegal." Let's suppose he says back to you, "You have committed a foul crime. you have stolen hundreds and thousands of dollars from people at random, and you say, 'I forgot'?" Two simple words: Excuuuuuse me!!"

(15 Dec '10, 23:15) ursixx


(16 Dec '10, 03:06) Hu Ra
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I vote up when I feel all the way in accord with an answer and down when I feel it completely misses the mark. Most answers hit in some way and miss in another, so I leave it neutral. I often leave a comment instead of voting, so I can address specific parts of the post instead of blanketing the whole thing with a plus or a minus.


answered 15 Dec '10, 08:10

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Hu Re

I wanted to bring up this question again...just to highlight the fact that it is my sincere belief that the voting around here has gotten downright shameful. I don't want to hear, "I'm lazy. I forget." How hard is it to be kind and generous???? Come on, people!!! You as a large group are hardly using your votes at all...what are you saving them for? You get new ones every day!



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answered 06 Aug '11, 05:46

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Hmm. I didn't know our votes weren't secret! You mean we can tell who's voted on what? o_O

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answered 15 Dec '10, 09:32

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Pat W

No, all votes are secret but your profile discloses how many votes you have made overall since joining Inward Quest. Only appointed moderators have the ability to see what those votes were for, and we can (and do) also monitor voting patterns for suspicious activity. But voting details are never disclosed to anyone else

(15 Dec '10, 09:38) Barry Allen ♦♦

Oh yes, I see that now. Thanks for clarifying. :)

(15 Dec '10, 12:11) Pat W

There are no secrets :)

(16 Dec '10, 01:40) Eddie
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I've noticed that the most emotional answers are the simplest ones, because you go straight to the heart of the matter.

The most downvotes I've got for any answer I have given were mostly either

  • checked as the right answer
  • got some positive comments
  • got also some upvoting points

My example is an answer to the question about what is enlightenment in my opinion and that it has been checked as the right answer and at the same time got 2 downvotes.

So I've drawn conclusions for myself out of this.

Have you noticed it for yourself and what is your interpretation of this phenomena?

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answered 15 Dec '10, 10:31

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Hu Ra explained his downvote, and apparently someone else agreed with him. He does have a point.

(15 Dec '10, 19:20) Vesuvius

@wildlife - it looks like you didn't actually answer the question, so imho should not have got the accepted vote, maybe that's the reason?

(16 Dec '10, 01:48) Eddie

I agree with B2B that some people simple do not care about the votes. The point system is motivational but we all know that is not what its all about. So I would say just allow it to be. It will inspire some and it will not matter to others.

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answered 15 Dec '10, 22:21

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Taking part means taking part.

(16 Dec '10, 02:13) Eddie

Actually, I use votes as a sort of bookmarking system for myself. Of course, that means I will only vote on what I find interesting or useful, which I may want to refer to again at a later stage. I can therefore, at any time, revisit the topics I've voted on quite easily.

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answered 16 Dec '10, 18:01

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Pat W

i think i must be a bit dumb because it took me a while to figure out how to vote. Now that i've understood how it works, whenever i vote i feel as if i'm giving myself points, it feels like a kind of self motivation.

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answered 06 Aug '11, 08:37

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blubird two

Erm, does it really matter? It didn't really matter to me, that's why I seldom bother to vote... frankly speaking, I'm just lazy :D

I had only voted around 19 answers/questions(and they were all answers from my own questions I think) when I reached 800reputation points myself with around 20+ answers and questions I think, and I just didn't really see a need to vote because it does take a little more effort to just move your mouse and click on the up button!

Until when I saw... OH you can win a badge once you have voted 300 answers/questions, and I went on a voting spree for a few days, but alas (there is a maximum amount of times which you can vote per day)... I still ended up being lazy and now its stuck at 135 :p

Plus, I dont really like the way the voted answer looks on my computer... you know the bulky up arrow sign?

Sometimes it's just a matter of personal preference rather than being stingy with their votes... Plus, I know some people just vote for about every answer they see, I don't know who is that though.. haha.. so to me the vote exchange is really pointless. I just like to think of it as "higher votes/high reputation = more particpation on this site/older members"... but there's no real advantage anyway, so why bother yourself so much over this?

I remembered voting down for a retarded question though, can't remember when was it haha

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answered 17 Dec '10, 14:29

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Really, I have no answer, but I guess it is an oversight on my behalf, and I will endeavor to vote for the questions that I like in future, in fact I like your question, and I am going to vote now. Thank you for posting this question!

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answered 25 Dec '10, 03:57

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Inactive User ♦♦

I really only like the post of a few people. Then someone patrols whom I vote for. Now I get punished and you whack my pepe. Only a few are worth a vote even though I read all of them. Merry Christmas! I almost never down vote. Oh yes I agree with Eddie, but if no one gets any credit will a vote count. I give a up vote anyway

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answered 25 Dec '10, 06:23

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edited 25 Dec '10, 06:44

Ah, forget about the votes, it is silliness. Participate and engage in the voting because that is what you do on this site. It is a great way to make the site fun and thats about it. have fun with it. Oh! and remember to take the wisdom you get from the answers and apply it into your life. Another thing, I upvoted everyone's answer because you all deserve it.

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answered 06 Aug '11, 10:38

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Well said Rpuls :)

(06 Aug '11, 11:53) Michaela

I upvote when:
- someone puts really much effort into writing his answer
- someone posts really helpful and/or insightful answer
- the answer resonates with my beliefs
- I just feel like voting up after reading the answer

I downvote when:
- I encounter a troll
- I really disagree with the answer, but it mostly depends on the attitude of the answerer
- when someone posts shallow answer trying to sound "spiritual" but in reality he/she didn't make any efforts to understand the asker and his problem
- When someone is uncorteous and close-minded for the Xth time

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answered 06 Aug '11, 11:40

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@Eddie, glad that I read the comment from Jai stating that no one but the monitors of this site can tell who voted, or I would have felt obligated to up-vote your question! Just kidding!

I upvote when the post resonates with me. I may check out a lot of posts, finding some do not really resonate, or give me the AHA, then I don't vote

I have never given a down vote. Well, I did once, but I later changed it to an upvote!

Recent experience on this site has led me to examine myself ANYTIME I feel like giving a down vote! Something important is trying to break through my limitations, and tell me something about me.

Before I hit the "Flush Button" or "Ignore Button" I will have a look and see if something inside me needs attention, maybe needs some more options for my happiness.


answered 28 Apr '12, 09:25

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Dollar Bill

Eddie I have noticed it also. Often the number of responses is higher then the number of votes. I guess it is a lack of understanding. Eventually those people will wake up and vote. or maybe some people have their little group of friend and vote only for them. So you see the number of points.

I do not care about it.

It is the same thing in life you see it every day it's often whom you know or what you look like rather then what good you do. So priorities are often not in the right place.

I will give you example: you go meet women and they ask you what job you have? Do you have a house? Do you have a car? Do you travel often? Do you have money? If you tell the truth, they go see someone else. If you lie then you get them. That is why the world is full of men that lie saying they are rich have big company, etc. Often it is all a lie but they get the women for the time being. Is it the man's fault if women do not have their priorities in the right place?

Well, experience and enjoy.

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answered 08 Aug '11, 07:53

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white tiger

edited 28 Apr '12, 09:10

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Dollar Bill


If women are asking those kinds of questions, you are talking with the wrong women. They can be scary if you have the things they want. Used to happen to me when I was single. But now, I no longer attract them.

(28 Apr '12, 09:14) Dollar Bill

Am new in this forum, but I have learnt alot. What I have been searching for. Just learnt today that one can vote answers. I have encountered some very good questions, answers and discussions and wished I had known this earlier (somehow I didnt see FAQ as I got in). Long live IQ.


answered 17 Sep '12, 15:05

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