Viewpoint One: We Attract Our Reality...Everything has to do with the Mind...

Viewpoint Two: We Create not only our reality, but our future, too...

Both have to do with thinking and spirituality, but there seems to be a growing prejudice against technology, against creating with our hands and minds together...

This was a very hard question to manifest. I hope you can at least see the issue, and the need to debate it.

Blessings and Love, Jaianniah

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The reality that we "attract" is a reflection of the choices that we make, based on the choices that we have. The choices that we have are based, in no small part, on the choices that we see in front of us; many people have choices that they don't think they have, because they can't see them, or imagine them. Those who do see those choices have more power to manifest than those who don't.

The most important choices we make have to do with the way we think, which is largely a product of our beliefs and the principles we adhere to. If our principles and beliefs are effective, our thinking is effective. If our thinking is effective, our actions are effective. If our actions are effective, we produce results.

Our actions are not necessarily tied to physical things or technology. The vast majority of our actions that allow us to manifest things quickly and effectively are mental in nature; they have to do with our interactions with other people, the way we treat them, the way we talk to them, the way we feel about them. Over time, consistent positive actions develop affection and trust, attracting people who are in a position to help us manifest; people who like us and trust us are willing to help us get the things we want, provided those things are in alignment with their own principles and beliefs.

Technology is a great lever; it can help us achieve the things we want, and accelerate the process of manifestation. As I sit here typing this out, I am using a computer that has more computing power than computers that used to fill a whole room. The internet is one of the greatest mediums for the exchange of ideas ever devised.

But technology doesn't come about by sitting in a dark room and meditating over a silicon chip (although that can help!). Technology comes about because people try new ideas, see which ones work and which ones don't, keep the good ideas, discard the bad ones, and try again. Through this iterative process, they discover processes and techniques that achieve the seemingly miraculous.

What are some of the principles and beliefs that help people manifest the things that they want? How about honesty, integrity, persistence, compassion, mental discipline, confidence, and a burning desire to achieve something with the help of other like-minded individuals?

The "Law of Attraction" is not a magic genie, where all you have to do is rub the lamp, and you will get what you want. The Law of Attraction simply states that you are responsible for your own results, which ultimately derive from your thinking process. Improve your thinking, and your results improve, dramatically.

The Law of Attraction simply states that your world is what you choose to see.


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Well said Vesuvius!

(07 Jul '11, 18:06) LeeAnn 1

Bravo, Vesuvius.

(08 Jul '11, 04:06) Aphrodite

fabulously said :)

(08 Jul '11, 16:14) streetsanto
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I keep getting this image in my head .It is a cloud of magnetic dust that is what we attract to us. Then it separates and reforms to appear as manifestations. pin art It's like the magnetic dust is what we attract magnetically, and then the pin art shows how the magnetic dust manifests into a shape that we can see. So, we are both attracting (the magnetic particles) and creating (the pin art shows how the particles come together). Since everything is energy and moving, the pin art can look different using the same magnetic particles arranged differently, depending on the total sum of our vibrations. The vibrations direct the magnetic particles to collect in different places. Like if you get a box and put a handful of dirt in it and shake it. The like-weighted pieces will collect together, so that you have the finer dirt in one part and bigger rocks in another.


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Fairy Princess

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Great answer love>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(09 Jul '11, 02:40) Jaianniah

Glad I could finally share the vision.

(10 Jul '11, 14:37) Fairy Princess

I’m not clear what distinction you’re making between: we create our reality and our future reality? If we created our current reality (we did), then it seems quite obvious to me that we’ll continue creating in our perceived future as well, but then it will be our present :)

In my view, everything That Is already exists as potential. So to be clear when I say we create our own reality, I'm really referring to us choosing or selecting an already existing reality that we’d prefer to experience; rather than buying into long out of date belief systems and thus, living our lives by default in a state of perceived powerlessness.

If we fail to get clear about who we really are, the power we have and where we want to go, and/or we fail to relax and enjoy our lives; then through our own ignorance and resistance concerning what's wanted, we’ll fail to experience our preferred reality.

We attract our reality really means that as we change our beliefs and definitions concerning the nature of reality, we have access to a greater range of thoughts which were not previously available to us. Previously those ideas were inconceivable simply because we didn’t have access to those thoughts, ideas and concepts. So in that sense, through greater awareness we create a wider range of choice in terms of which reality we’d now like to experience :)

There are as many viewpoints as there are beings in existence. However, many viewpoints that we’re attracted to are not too dissimilar, thus with a little open minded creativity they can be woven together to form a cohesive and non-divisive pattern of understanding.


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