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I found this website today and I think it is very interesting. It takes a sort of astrologic chart and

I will first give you the link for the free chart. The Human Design

After I got the chart I could not find a way to read it so I found this site Love your human design

If any of you have more info on this that would be great Thanks,

I changed the title to say DESIRES to make a point clear. Thanks Monty :)

Yes I agree you can't NOT manifest, everything and every situation you have created. The thing is, is that some people are better at manifesting desires than others. It would seem logical to assume that we are born with different DNA and genetic make-up. Which lead to different personalities and talents.

Me, I'm a generator/manifester and it's description of me is pretty spot on (second link under the "types" tab on the right). Depending on what it is I focus on determines how long I can "focus". Some of get distracted easier than others.

All that being said I think that is why for people like Stingray and Eddie it is easier to stay on task and manifest desires than it is for others... We are just different.

Now before I get a limiting belief comment lol, lets look at this at another perspective.

The ability to play basket ball or better yet, slam dunk. Now, taller people will be able to do it easier than short people and really tall people just walk up and put the ball in. Being short does not mean you can not do it but you will most definitely need some talent. Anyone probably can do it but most shorter people will need a whole heck of a lot of practice and strength training. Me, I doubt there is any chance I can do it without a lot of help.

But this guy did it often and he was one of the shortest guys in the game!alt text


Wow over 1K views. I never expected that. It must be the links provided rather than the stylistic writing I provide :)

Anyway, thank you for looking into another perspective. But I would like a few more 'takes' on this by other members, especially Stingray. As I do for others I also look forward to Mr. Stingrays view on things like this. Sir, wont you please?

asked 08 May '11, 05:58

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Thanks, looks interesting... Now I just have to try and find out what time of the day I was born :)

(08 May '11, 13:26) Michaela

Ok, now you really have me thinking Michael. The only problem I have with this is that if we place ourselves into a category eg. 'generator/manifeste, then aren't we in fact limiting ourselves to what we believe we can do ? With all due respect to Stingray and Eddie, I don't think it's necessarily true that it's easier for them, maybe just that they've come closer to 'realizing' their true potential. What if you have 2 people born on the same day at the same time but in completely different environments, doesn't their environment and conditioning play a factor ?

(09 May '11, 17:32) Michaela

I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just thinking out loud and have a feeling that there are more variables at play than the date and time of birth... I do believe they still play a factor :)

(09 May '11, 17:34) Michaela

ha ha , look at my new edit :). I agree that birth date and time are just one factor, just playing with the pieces of the puzzle.

(09 May '11, 17:40) you

Let's say we leave the natal stuff out of it, is it safe to say that we all have different talents? Some people can stay on task better and longer than others and learning to understand our limiting beliefs and talents can give us something to work on. When you understand yourself and your talents and limitations (we all have some hurdles ) then you can configure your game plan.

(09 May '11, 17:46) you

ha!ha!... ok we are on the same page :)

(09 May '11, 17:47) Michaela

I am so adhd-ish that I have a hard time just finishing this comment, hence this new comment.

(09 May '11, 17:47) you

Ok, now you have me laughing again... I got it :))

(09 May '11, 18:25) Michaela

I just want to note another perspective. There is really only One DNA...which splits and divides and creates the multitude. The inherent different "flaws" and "strengths" are for our benefit to grow, learn and evolve. BUT more importantly, I think The Source has to have infinite types of vessels (humans) in which to experience thru. We humanize flaws and strengths...but in reality they are all an illusion. We are the reflection of Source (all powerful), and so it is only our physical fixation that makes us consider a really be a flaw...or a strength to be a strength.

(24 May '11, 21:58) streetsanto
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But I would like a few more 'takes' on this by other members, especially Stingray. As I do for others I also look forward to Mr. Stingrays view on things like this. Sir, wont you please?

I wasn't actually going to answer this one, Michael, because I didn't think I had anything to say about this that would be of genuine value to you.

But I suppose it's difficult to ignore direct requests :) here's some yapping from me on this subject, though I'm not sure it's going to give you the answer you are looking for.

I did have a quick look through the Human Design material a few weeks back.

It struck me as being another paradigm of thought in the astrological vein.

I did study astrology seriously, and in considerable detail, for a number of years. And I was totally convinced at the time that this was the key to understanding all that was going on in people's lives. But now, I don't pay much attention to the subject.

I think my astrology answers on this site (especially regarding background effects) are just as relevant to the Human Design ideas so I won't repeat them here.

You seem to be looking for something to confirm your observation that some people seem to be able to get what they want in life more easily than others.

I actually agree with that observation but I don't think the reason for that is as clear-cut as saying that some are born with natural talents in that direction.

If one studies astrology, especially in regard to previous incarnations, you can eventually come to a realization that we choose our times of birth because those times are harmonious with our inner personality (from a Cosmic "Geometry" point of view).

In other words...

It's not our times of birth that influence who we become...but it's because of who we have become (over many previous incarnations) that we choose our times of birth

In some advanced mystical studies, there are claims that one can even attempt to predict someone's next incarnation because their particular personality make-up can only incarnate during certain astrological periods that are in harmony with it.

It's an As Above, So Below kind of concept, if you think about it.

So, given all that, why do some find it easier to align with what they want, and thereby manifest it, more easily than others?

Well, in my case, I've been at this game for more than 30 years. And I don't mean that in the sense that you see in advertising material where people say that it took them 30 years to come up with, say, a certain book...which roughly translates as "I had the idea 30 years ago and then, in the last few months when I decided to write this book, I did something about it" :)

In my case, it's an intense desire to know how things work in physical reality - and the Universe as a whole.

I can't even begin to explain the huge amount of money, time and effort I've spent trying to figure it all out to a point where I know (and do demonstrate in my own life) that nothing in this world is is all a reflection of our thoughts...and it is all under our total, absolute control from moment to moment.

Now, I'm sure you would agree, if anyone spent 30+ years intensely researching and learning how to do something they would probably reach a point where it looked to others that they might have some natural talent for it?

Well, and it's obviously up to you whether you believe me or not, I don't really have any natural talent for this manifesting stuff at all.

Even now, despite having methods that work fairly reliably (if used correctly), I'm still searching intensely: Any good information sources regarding Sacred Geometry in combination with mystical Alchemy?

So then, what's going on here?

Why I am still searching for answers if all I have to do to get what I want is write/type what I want on a piece of paper and stick it in a box? (Yes, honestly, it's really as simple as that)

What it comes down to ultimately is interest.

This is a subject that interests me and, ultimately, it doesn't matter how much material stuff I have in my life, I'm still going to be interested in it...that's just my inner personality...the personality of my Higher Self. It is one that likes to understand the low-level workings of the universe and, according to non-physical communications I have had, I've been at this game of understanding and fine-tuning my knowledge in this area for many lifetimes, not just 30 physical years.

So I was born with that interest - because it is a deeper interest within the personality of my particular Higher Self - and I have created situations in my life where that interest can be explored in further depth and detail.

But other people may have other interests that are equally as valid as mine but just not focused around manifesting into physical reality. See Why are spiritually-advanced people so rare?

It just so happens that my own particular interest has a by-product that, in our current lack-focused physical reality, many are desperately keen on knowing about.

It has come to the attention of many because they are having problems getting what they want in life and they want to know "Why?". So I (and the others who are like me here) end up yapping alot on this website about experiences with manifesting this or that, and how people should try it to make it work better for them.

And, yes, all these manifesting methods do all work quite effectively for anyone who applies them. (Feeling Good is the best method of all). And future methods that I, and others on this planet (and in non-physical) who have these interests in this area, come up with will also probably work quite effectively for anyone who tries them.

But I guarantee that once many in the population as a whole reach a point where those inner feelings of lack are gone, and they are living in natural abundance and prosperity, then no-one's really going to be listening to anything I say...they'll be off having too much fun with what they've got :)

...and that's fine because that's why we're all here...Earth is the ultimate game...even if many are not in a vibrational place to appreciate the value of the game just yet.

But, regardless of whether Reality Creation is a hot-topic on this planet or not, I'll still be intensely searching and researching into the future, just because that's my own interest.

So, summing up, yes, it probably does seem that I find it easier to manifest what I want than many others because that's pretty much the focus of my life and anything you are focused upon for a long period of time is going to appear to others to be something you are good at.

But, really, that's all there is to it :)

As I said at the start, I'm not sure this is the answer you are looking for but it may just give you something further to think about :)

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answered 26 May '11, 09:53

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" We choose our times of birth because those times are harmonious with our inner personality"... Do you think it's possible that we choose a time that is not completely harmonious with our personality in order to provide ourselves with an opportunity for optimal expansion?

(26 May '11, 13:38) Michaela

No Stingray, THAT is exactly what I was looking for. And I did not know what I was looking for from you. I just knew that your perspective would further my interest in this also. Knowing you would give a genuine sincere answer didn't matter what the content was, I just knew you would show me something different.

(26 May '11, 18:00) you

Yes sometimes I look for validating answers to justify my already ironclad point of view. Not this time. I am open to it all and I want to learn. Thank you for taking the time to answer something that you had previously not wanted to. Thank you!

(26 May '11, 18:01) you

@Stingray, ALL answers have genuine me :)

(26 May '11, 18:03) you

@Michael - I'm glad you found some value in it then :)

(27 May '11, 07:39) Stingray

@MichaelA - I think I probably expressed that sentence clumsily. My view is that, to conform with the underlying nature of this reality (otherwise universal order would cease), we have certain "windows of opportunity" when we can incarnate and astrology, through natal charts, can accurately describe the incarnating personality at the moment of birth because of this. But the only choice we have is whether to utilize a particular window or not...I don't believe we have a choice to violate the underlying "laws", if you see what I mean. So I'm talking about the actual mechanics of....

(27 May '11, 07:44) Stingray

@MichaelA - ...incarnating there. What you appear to be getting at though is whether we choose to experience lifetimes that deliberately cause us to expand at a "greater" (whatever that means) rate. And yes, I agree with you...some personalities do that on purpose. One thing I'm starting to realize as I unravel more and more non-physical layers is the vast range of non-physical personalities that exist, all with different preferences. It's just like the vast range of human personalities. And that makes sense if you think about it because we are all projections of our inner personality.

(27 May '11, 07:48) Stingray

Brilliant Stingray. As always.

(27 May '11, 16:27) Aphrodite

@Stingray - Makes perfect sense...thanks for clarifying :)

(28 May '11, 03:02) Michaela
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I dont think that anyone manifests better than anyone else.

If people arnt getting what they truely want from life there still manifesting just fine....its just that there manifesting the lack of...and not the thing they desire.

I think some do manifest the things they want more than others do. But i hope its not got anything to do with when they were born. God , that would be unfair!


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answered 09 May '11, 14:44

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Monty Riviera

Rather than look at desire from strictly a human view point....I think it would be worthy to note that all desires we have, are but an echo of Source's Desire from within us.

When you say manifesting Better than somebody else you mean quicker and/or easier ? Being able to manifest ones desire "quickly" or easily is but one tiny barometer of a successful life on this planet. I would say, being able to do it better than someone else, is not a meter of success either. We are not competing with each other, life is like an online school...we are all studying/advancing at our own pace :) I also believe every action has an equal and opposite reaction (who taught us that ?). So, it would seem logical that every "strength" that one develops (with focused energy) also creates and develops its complement by default... and that is usually called a "flaw". This in turn, causes more desires, wanting and never ends.

We humans love to segregate, label and find the differences in things. The Human Design is just one of the ways (in which we fool ourselves) to make the illusion seem more real! These people will be born this way, those will be born that way. Yet all of this serves a larger purpose I think: for Source to be able to explore the total dynamic of infinite possibilities of human feelings/emotions/perceptions/experiences.

What is a strength? What is a Flaw? Isn't it but an illusion hosted by our physical perspective ? So, Source in It"s infinite wisdom, creates this web of an illusion in which to fool or hide It's power from Itself. The Source has to create the illusion of being "too short" to dunk a basketball so it can feel the elation of overcoming that physical "flaw". etc, etc, etc.

Remember, since we were a kid we were taught to observe "Flaws" and "Strengths" usually from only a human and physical perspective. And THAT.... starts the train of limiting beliefs...and THAT...has grown into our overall Human Belief.

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answered 25 May '11, 00:08

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I absolutely agree, like with all things, it depends on perspective. In order for the universe to express itself, it must have variety. Yes when I say better I mean easier aka quicker. And for some it comes more natural than others. Like playing piano or any other activity, I can do anything (almost) but some things come more natural than for others. Yes I can see that THD can be an excuse, but I do not want to deny that we DO have traits, we are not all the same. The same but expressed differently through the universe. Let's say a fair skinned person burns more easily than a pacific islander,

(25 May '11, 00:43) you

they can tan but they have to take a different route. I hate to go back to the same analogy but someone 7 feet tall can touch the ceiling without jumping. I need to jump. That is not a limiting is fact.

(25 May '11, 00:45) you

BTW I like your take on this. I am trying to find out what is really limiting and what is factual as it pertains to real life scenarios. If some do manifest desires 'better' than some, it might be nice to know why. Some need to be more positive and more in-touch with their Emotional Guidance System, while some need to keep focused and undistracted (me)

(25 May '11, 00:49) you

I know 2+3= 5, but so does 4+1.

(25 May '11, 00:50) you

@Michael ... Creation (manifesting) is at the core of our qualities derived from The Source. I'm not sure if someone is born better at manifesting than somebody else. All of your analogies pertain to physical activities, abilities and things. But that is only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to manifestations. I do however, believe that a person can indeed learn to apply certain universal laws and techniques and harness this power on purpose (more of the time) more easily (quicker). This is regardless of physical filters, because creation starts as a thought/desire/emotion in our mind.

(25 May '11, 13:58) streetsanto
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cosmic energy/vibrations do seem to be a variable to our material body and time of entry into form is a factor.
is human design then, a microcosmic of the universal logos

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answered 24 May '11, 09:48

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I have been studying the Human Design since this post was written, and I think there is alot of value to the information presented in a personal chart. According to the Human Design certain people are manifestors by nature and others have different strengths. This resonates with me because in life everyone has different strengths they are incarnated with. Some things come easier to some people verse others. Some people are naturally gifted singers and they don't have to practice that much to be good at it. Some people can practice singing their whole life and still not be as good as someone who's got the gift. Manifesting is a skill but it's also one of our natural abilities. Is it that far off to think that some people were given the gift of manifesting? So, I think it's perfectly resonable to accept that some people are naturally gifted to manifest, and this ability is a result of their incarnation. We are all manifesting all the time anyway because it just happens, like breathing. Breathing happens, but some people like to practice breathing because they are naturally interested and "strong" in the inner workings of the body. They study the dynamics of the breath and as a result they become better breathers to reap the benefits of conscious breathing. Becoming a conscious breather is a great way to relax, but it's not the only way. We can also practice manifesting but it may not be the best strategy for everyone to persue when fullfilling desires.

Love and Light

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answered 25 May '11, 10:15

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edited 27 May '11, 10:06

Thank you brian, so accepting that we have different strengths is NOT a limiting belief?

(25 May '11, 18:43) you

Correct Micheal, The whole world is like one big team for God. We have defense people, midfielders, and goal scorers. The defenders could become goal scorers but defense comes more naturally to them. There are all kinds of people percieving Life/God. I think that people are better at things they are interested in. Weather or not someone flows with their strengths, "gets themselves in the vortex", or "follows their joy" is a different question. People are better at things they practice and they practice the things they are interested in, but there are only so many hours in the day.

(25 May '11, 20:12) Brian

Is the length of day a limiting belief? Love and Light.

(25 May '11, 20:13) Brian

Thanks for encouraging a smile :)

(25 May '11, 23:59) you
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Are you a Fan of Oprah? Today was her final show, and I think you would be inspired by her words of encouragement, and wisdom she shared with her audiences, and her journey towards her achievements, and manifesting her success in life!

Although, I do not think that you will find the answer you are looking for from anyone in particular, but if you look within, and ask your question, and listen to your inner voice for the answer, you will discover that there is a unique reservoir of information available just to you to use as you wish, and to manifest whatever you desire for your self in life, if not by chance!

Do you want great wealth, then desire it as strongly as you feel the need to have it, and watch with your eyes, and believe with your heart, ask no one, miracles do happen!

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answered 26 May '11, 06:47

Inactive%20User's gravatar image

Inactive User ♦♦

Answer well taken Vee. I need you guys to nudge and point me towards sign posts :)

(27 May '11, 02:58) you

My favorite philosophy: two minds are always better than one!

(28 May '11, 19:40) Inactive User ♦♦
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