I had always assumed that when people talked about manifestation, that they were referring to something appearing in their physical reality.

But apparently, when people speak of manifestation, they are actually referring to two different kinds of manifestation. There is the immediate manifestation of something appearing in your reality because it manifests in your spiritual body (i.e. your imagination). Then there is the physical manifestation, where the object appears in your physical reality.

I think people might be confusing the two.

I understand the allure of instant gratification. I also understand the tremendous power that the imagination brings to your life. For example, studies have shown that, because the mind cannot tell the difference between imagined practice and actual practice, that imagined practice can be a highly effective way to speed up the learning process. Athletes and artists use this technique all the time.

However, athletes and artists have a physical goal they are trying to achieve. The basketball player visualizes his practice in his mind because he wants to be a better player in "real" life. The artist practices his craft in his mind so that he can create actual "physical" works of art that others can enjoy, works of art that don't just live in his own mind.

If someone's goal is to manifest something in the physical, are we doing them a disservice by confusing the instant manifestation process with the not-so-instant one?

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Excellent question, and observation!

(15 Sep '10, 03:35) Inactive User ♦♦

Agreed. Perfectly precise and profound :)

(06 Dec '10, 09:59) Hu Ra
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It is the joy, pleasure, and comfort of manifesting in physical form the conditions and/or objects in our lives. The manifestation proccess already occured in the imagination it is the gap from imagination to the 3 dimensional world that seems to be the issue.

To explain: Everything is mind or consciousness, therefore, that which is imagined has already occured or manifested the moment it was concieved. However, we also have our existence in a physical 3 dimensional world that has space and duration of consciousness (time) to reflect our manifestations. To have joy, pleasure and comfort with the things we created in our mind is felt best when manifested physically. However, the frustration sometimes is the gap between imagination and physical creation that is the issue.

If you are satisfied with the imaginary manifestation, then so be it. It is the real manifestation anyway. The gap is not an issue. However, if you want the joy, pleasure and comfort that comes from the physical manifestation of your desires, then there will be a gap (immediate or not) that occurs because of the physical laws of this world.


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@RPlus: Please explain this. It can be of much help. Thank you.

(15 Sep '10, 01:33) Back2Basics

In simple terms, whatever you believe you can conceive in the mind, believe that you have it, and you will have it. Believe it, and you see it!

(15 Sep '10, 03:54) Inactive User ♦♦

See what you mean RPuls,the manifestation albeit the 3d one is a while after the spiritual.The 3D has to grow first so to speak.I agreE with the frustration about the GAP.In my life this has ,in the past been a hell of an issue.I knoe try to look at the way of nature and realise that there is a growing process,with watercress its only a few days an oak tree its years.I must admit thou i would love to supercharge the process!!

(15 Sep '10, 09:07) Monty Riviera
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It seems you're asking about the confusion between imagination and action.

To me, the funniest "disservice" being done to anyone involved with all of this manifestation training is the misdirection away from the real miracle of manifestation: the present!

Many of the folks here seem to understand the self-creation of reality. Some want to use this power to manifest their coveted desires and feel frustrated for not getting rich by repeating a "spell" and visualizing their wanted wealth.

For all the understanding that, "I create my own reality", how few have brought the idea home to: "Whoa! I have created and do create this whole reality of mine every waking second! WOW!!! What a freaking miracle!"

That's the only manifestation process. To Me.

As for helping people do better with their manifestation, when they see that visualizing followed by action achieves results, this mysticism will seem paltry. When they see that they've created everything so-ever, the miracle will be seen again.


answered 06 Dec '10, 10:19

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Hu Ra

Quite agree with you!

(06 Dec '10, 14:40) daniele

It is sufficient for me, sometimes, for certain manifestations to stay in my imagination. I would go further and say, it is best for some of our manifestations to stay in our imagination. I'll give a brief example, say you're in a monogomous relationship and feel quite tempted to give in to another's seduction. The best way to keep peace and harmony in the existing relationship would be to walk as far away from the source of temptation. However, the soul doesn't understand deprivation of a mutual desire. So, you can use your imagination to manifest what couldn't take place in the physical. This way all is well in your physical world, and the soul has quenched its thirst for that unfulfilled desire.

As far as the physical manifestation, look around you, that's already what you've created for yourself and still are.

Thank you, namaste


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"Is it sufficient...?" Well, some people live giving equal importance to all acts of any kind and in any "plane" or "realm" or "dimension" of existence. Others believe some things really are more important than others. Everyone's life gives them exactly what they really want to experience, because that is all that they ever can experience. In many cases, it turns out the thing a person focuses on and wants to manifest is not actually the thing itself, but rather their relationship to it as an object of desire: the anticipation, the longing, the tension, the goal to work towards, and even the failure to achieve it... anything and everything experienced adds details and texture a person's life. Something imagined and meditated on appearing in their life exactly as they imagined it beforehand is no more amazing than anything else that appears in their world-- it's all amazing!

I just read from another answer that wanting disappears with the satisfaction of receiving, and taking this into account it seems totally logical that the physical world does not immediately cough up whatever desire we dream up. When it is the wanting that is wanted, the physical manifestation appears perfectly as a continuation of the period of wanting (NOT as the thing itself). In this way, we see how the two forms of manifestation are the same and how the manifestation occurred as soon as it was thought up.


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Hu Re

Wow! Didn't see that ending coming; very nice spiral, Hu! Righteous!

(06 Dec '10, 10:02) Hu Ra

Vesuvius, I really like this question.

YES we are. I was very confused with the two as well and just recently was beginning to figure it our on my own.

I am very grateful for this post because it really gets to the roots of this idea and even clarified what I was thinking. Thank you so much.

I'm always looking for more details like this. This brings more clarity to the picture.

Many of these concepts can leave many feeling like they are in a cloud.

I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

To answer your question, for those that do not know the difference we can be doing them a favor but also a pain.

I really hope to see more posts here to clarify many of these things. If I have any discoveries of the same sort I will be sure to share them for all.



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There is a saying that the truth hurts: but it is better to hear the truth, and feel the pain, than to remain in ignorance!

(15 Sep '10, 03:43) Inactive User ♦♦

No ,to answer candidly.

I love to imagine tooling up and down Mediteranian in a Fleming 55. The thought of it makes me very happy and i love meditating on this.


I would like to think i would have a flesh and blood manifestation of this experience.

Also if the manifestation of an experience or thing were not part of our lives in this plane of existence ( ie solid matter at least as we know it ) i would wonder what the point was in our being manifested in a physical/spiritual world like this.

I would lean towards at least wanting a physical experience.



answered 15 Sep '10, 13:28

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Monty Riviera

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