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I present you the excerpt from the book by Kala Kos and John Selby "The power of aloha and the knowledge of huna".

I found that part of the book interesting regarding the Law of Attraction. Huna uses something similar to our manifestation process, but the terminology is different. We do not have to know about Huna to understand the excerpt, though.

Please forgive me the poor quality of the text. It is a rough translation from my launguage made by the help of a translator and editted by me.

The union of masculine and feminine element (Hu-Na)

The research carried out at Princeton shows one more important conclusion regarding the impact of awareness on the outside world. It addresses the influence of gender on the effects of the proposed action.

We have already mentioned how important for Huna is cooperation of complementary aspects of the Hu (male) and the (female). Was sex proved to be an effective factor in contemporary research?

Experiment conducted at Princeton has demonstrated a surprising fact when this factor was introduced to an experiment involving a human and machine. When the tests were connected to people in couples who jointly directed the with their intention, following results were experienced: couples of the same sex achieved the opposite of their intentions, while a pair of male-female got 3.7-fold better results than a single person.

This discovery clearly shows that the two connected individual units of consciousness affect each other and strengthen the results. Apart from that, the gender harmony, "Hu" and "Na" in Huna, leads to significantly better results, whereas a strong predominance of one element is delivering results that are counterproductive.

(...) At the end let us have a look at another important finding of the research at Princeton (...). If the partners in pairs of opposite sex (Hu-Na) were tied with romantic ties (marriage or couples remaining in close relations), then they reached almost six times better results than a single person.

You can not ignore this statistic. As you can imagine, numerous tests have been conducted to validate test results. Every time it appeared that through emotional love or aloha being present in the experiment, domination of spirit over matter was extraordinarily increased.

(...) Due to an overwhelming amount of evidence, Professor Jahn and his colleagues at Princeton, after twenty years of research on the interaction of consciousness and the external environment have come to the conclusion that at the quantum level of reality there is no clear boundary between consciousness and matter. It is the opposite, says Jahn; consciousness can penetrate the external environment without any limits.

Of course, kahuns have always seen the process of manifestation in exactly the same way. Finally, Western science has developed a formal branch of science, which investigates these processes. In academic circles it is called a quantum mechanics of consciousness.

If this caught your attention, I am asking you to conduct an experiment:

If you are in a relationship, and your partner knows about the Law of Attraction, please manifest a desire together, and see if it realizes faster than the rest. Then share your experiences in this topic. It is just for the sake of the experiment, so it does not have to be something significant. You can just take two wishes that are relatively easy to manifest. One of them, you manifest alone. The second, you manifest with your partner. Make sure you want the same wish to be fulfilled.

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OK. I have spoken with my husband and we are working on this. We'll let you know!

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There is an ancient ritual that sounds very similar to your request or experiment. The Details I believe is in the Kaballah but I am not sure having read so much in this life time. The woman represent Wishes and the man the fulfiller of the wish. Then after sex (the moment of ecstasy) there is a moment that the woman makes the wish. Out loud.
I read another exercise that I tried when I was single. This one was that a pair creates a heighten sexual desire but no sex and then seeks manifestation of an agreed upon desire. The man's desire is to fulfill the wishes of the woman. We went to a Casino I played the roulette table and won! And kept on winning , She was by my side all the time that I was winning, she went out on the balcony for fresh air, and another strange woman stepped up started conversing with me and I started losing I took my winnings and walked out! I was able to buy her every item she wished for. I tried this only once. That is why I believe that couples should stay in Harmony.

Realize that the transmutation of Sexual energy is strong!

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