I recently read a comment on a post that mentioned a gestation period for things that will manifest.

Ive mostly believed this to be true,ive been taught that the desire and faith,or right thinking will give birth to the thing in the spiritual and this thing will then "grow" for want of a better word into the outcome in the physical.

Part of me thinks all things have some kind of gestation period,and that whatever you dospiritually you wont be able to speed this up. Anymore than you could get your wife pregnant and get a kid within 3 months.

"HOWEVER" ive also read material that points to the fact that manifestation can indeed be speeded,that there are things we can do, or perhaps allow, that will alter the waiting time between receiving in the spiritual ( which im sure really is instantaneous ) and seeing the end result in the physical.

Im in two minds about this one,but im willing to be swayed.

Any ideas anyone?


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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

‘Gestation period’ versus ‘speeding up manifestation’. Who’s right?

Your question specifically asks "Who's right?" and my answer to that would be that "Everybody's right" :)

If you believe you need a gestation period then you'll need one.

My view would instead be that the actuality of the situation is that the only necessary time lag that exists in manifesting anything is the amount of time it takes for you to come into vibrational alignment with the object of your manifestation...nothing else.

Now, in response to my view, someone arguing for a "gestation period" might point to, say, the idea that it takes nine months for a pregnancy/birth to occur and this cannot be speeded up no matter what because it is a Law of Nature.

BUT...and I appreciate this may stretch the belief systems of some locked into that mindset a bit too far...

...that's a limiting belief :)

And the reason I say it's a limiting belief is because there is a paradigm of thought available that allows you step aside of it.

Take a look at How can I accelerate the learning curve of my new hobby? to get an idea of what I mean.

Based on the information in that link, if one believes there is only one steadily unfolding universe that your physical consciousness is forever trapped in (until you die) then all these apparent physical and natural laws must apply for you. It's simply a case that your firmly held view of this reality will not permit anything else to happen.

Your beliefs will not allow what you consider impossible to happen for you.

In other words, with a single universe paradigm, you have to play within the confines of the rules of this gradually unfolding physical reality and, therefore, for some things you will have to experience a "gestation period".

If, instead, you loosen up those beliefs a bit and start to realize that there is nothing in the universe that you perceive in this moment that needs to be carried over to the universe that you perceive in the next moment then suddenly all kinds of previously-thought impossible things are now possible.

With such a paradigm shift, a "gestation period" is a choice, not a necessity.

It's not that those impossible things were not possible before and now are, it's just that you've opened yourself up to redefining what is impossible.

As I said above, your beliefs will not allow what you consider impossible to happen for you.


answered 10 May '11, 05:38

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Well put Stingray.The object or state desired does already exist after all.So why wait for something that already exists.Good clarity in your answer.

(10 May '11, 08:50) Monty Riviera

The Universe does work in strange ways. The word 'impossible' has been playing around in my mind for the last day or two... you just answered my question without me even asking it. Thank you :)

(10 May '11, 11:25) Michaela

@Michaela - You're welcome. Just one of those interesting and ever-prevalent (if we look for them) life synchronicities, I guess :)

(12 May '11, 05:57) Stingray
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Have you ever heard the expression, "All in God's good time"? It seems to work that way for me. In fact, I seem to hit a flush of manifestations after a period of waiting for various things to come or to pass...By this, I mean that all of a sudden, perhaps six things that I had been praying for will all come together at the same time, despite varying waiting periods. When things DO come, and I reflect back on it, it also seems that these things come at precisely the right moment- not a moment too early or late. I always think that I know what is best, but in the end, God knows better than I do.

When I "push" for results, that always seems to just delay results. But when I let go; when I release the end result, then things just "pop". The trick is in the releasing. Just when I genuinely stop caring about the outcome, then things manifest. I guess that is just how it works.

Hope this helped you, Graham. Blessings and Love, Jai


answered 09 May '11, 16:24

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Cheers Jai,the release thing has happened in my experience to.

(09 May '11, 19:10) Monty Riviera

I second the motion!

(18 May '11, 14:01) Aphrodite

All creation has a gestation period (or life cycle)...we only have to look into nature to see this. I am sure that everybody is familiar with the axiom "as above, so below". When people manifest things, whether physical or non-physical...it still requires a gestation period. Sometimes things may appear to be speed-ed up...because we have removed obstacles from it"s manifestation. We as human beings tend to burden the natural gestation period of things with our (interference) fears, concerns and anxieties. IF that is all stripped away, then somebody may say.... "hey, look at how fast I made this thing manifest".

This universe has been created in such perfection, balance and harmony. There is perfection and a pattern of cycle (gestation period) even in chaos.


answered 09 May '11, 21:57

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