What is more important to make your desire come true, making peace with where you are now or change the beliefs regarding your desire such as I don't deserve this, I will never achieve this etc. Now I know that it's easier and faster to make peace with where you are at this very moment (and at least feel neutral about it) and then go from there but what if you don't make peace with your current situation but instead change the beliefs that are stopping you to get your desire come true (the mentioned beliefs)? I'm asking this because I have body acne and have a very hard time making peace with it. I've been trying to make peace with it and feel better about it for a long time now but without any success. So my question is: can I clear my skin and keep it that way if I don't make peace with how is it now? I would like to change this once and for all so any informations would be greatly appreciated. I would also like your opinion about this, @Stingray (if you have time of course). Tim :)

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There are two ways to achieve peace. Either you submit to an enemy or you make an enemy submit to you; you either surrender or you subjugate. War is composed of battles; you can lose many battles and still win the war. Stop for a few minutes to think about this.

(30 Mar '13, 17:33) flowsurfer

@timmyy- From my experience, I consumed epic quanities of water (4-5L per day) and uploaded on vegetables to 6-7 servings a day. Green tea, 4-5 cups a day, is an age old trick used in China for acne as well.

The water alone is probably the thing I'd highlight the most. Sounds too good to be true, it took me a while to drop the belief that getting clear skin would take months...Try days.

(30 Mar '13, 19:57) Nikulas

Awesome advice, Nikaus. I had acne in middle school and as I remember, I would never drink water (not sure why....) and got so dehydrated at times that I would pass out. As I got older and realized I needed much more water, it went away.

(30 Mar '13, 21:02) LeeAnn 1

@timmyy My experience is that water has next to nothing to do with acne, unless it is used for bathing. Note that I had acne on my face as well. What I did was go on a few days of fasting, consuming megadoses of vitamin c. Then I started noticing that when I ate certain things, in certain quantities, the acne came back. Basically that meant fat, particularly (but not only) transfats. Also, make sure your clothes are clean. If back acne is your biggest worry, you are ahead of a lot of people.

(01 Apr '13, 08:32) flowsurfer

@timmyy Also consider upping your Omega 3 intake (with food and/or supplements).

(01 Apr '13, 11:18) flowsurfer

@timmyy- Just to update my answer upon the gigantic amounts of water; I actually added lemon juice into all of my water drinks, helped me attain light glow. The current trends of IQ about bodily fasting would be the quickest ways of getting control over bad skin as well.

(23 Apr '13, 06:42) Nikulas

@timmyy A homeopathist told me that the vast majority of skin complaints start in the gut. Anything you apply to it is really only addressing the end result and not the root cause. Have you considered visiting someone who could test you for allergies and advise on diet? There is a three day acne cure available from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Acne-Free-3-Days-ebook/dp/B003EOACA2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1380661889&sr=8-1&keywords=three+day+acne+cure.

(01 Oct '13, 17:13) Catherine

The basis of this is a three day fast when you consume only apples (I think) but the premise is that cleaning out the gut results in clearer skin. Nikulas has given some good advice too.

(01 Oct '13, 17:13) Catherine

@Catherine You left out the daily enemas! The cure is a fast of apples & daily enemas. None of the people who reviewed the book said it cured their acne is 3 days. I agree the book has merit; but I am going to strongly discourage anyone w/o a medical condition, especially any healthy young person from doing daily enemas or enemas for NO medical reason.

(04 Oct '13, 17:03) ele

@Catherine I agree, acne can be a nutritional or diet issue & yes, it can start in the gut. I've never suffered from acne; but when I do a fast, I usually will get a few zits. It's toxins releasing. I think it would be very likely a fast would increase acne & then it would get better if they changed their diet & made other lifestyle changes like always having a clean pillow case. (perhaps yogurt or probiotics for the 'gut') @Nikulas gave some good advice also - water is awesome.

(04 Oct '13, 17:11) ele

@ele You're right to pick me up on this. I hadn't appreciated the enema aspect to it. I suppose the point I was making is that gut health is pretty important in skin health though - when you fast, the skin is usually the first thing to clear and show signs of improvement. Slow detoxing and avoiding foods you are intolerant to would be a better long term recommendation. The inflammation aspect to acne can be caused by intolerances - good to get it checked and then you know what to avoid.

(05 Oct '13, 07:51) Catherine
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I think it's important to realize that making peace with where you are doesn't mean liking where you are...it just means accepting where you are - for now.

Accepting where you are takes away the feeling that you are "wrong" being where you are. If you think about it, eternal beings that are eternally evolving can never be in a "right" place - because "right" is always changing :) - and so they can never be in a "wrong" place either :)

Accepting where you are is about "letting go" of the need to justify where you are or trying to defend against others who believe you shouldn't be where you are. It's about being okay being you. It's about "letting go" of needing to focus any more on where you are.

It's like an attitude of "Here I am. I don't like it but I'm not going to punish myself for being here. I'm right here right now and that's okay. It's a starting point to something better. I'm just going to relax about this thing because I know my discomfort with it means I have a strong desire about something else, and the Universe always responds to strong desires if I don't focus on the opposite".

Abraham refer to this as "softening" or "soothing" the vibration of where you are - just stopping beating yourself up for a while about something you are living when you really want to be living something else.

If you are able to just accept where you are for a while then that might be enough for the Universe to give you a vibrational match to your desire. Once you get one of those, you're up and running towards fast changes. You focus on the vibrational match and celebrate it because it is an indication of vibrational change...milk as much joy as possible out of it.

If you can do that, it will likely open the door for another vibrational match, and another, and another. Keep celebrating them as they come.

As you focus more and more on the vibrational matches, you start to change your beliefs (habitual thoughts) automatically anyway because you are automatically focusing away from current reality and more towards your vibrational reality that is on the way to manifesting physically.

Hope that makes sense.


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That was excellent.

(30 Mar '13, 18:34) flowsurfer

@Stingray This is the best and simplest explanation about making peace with where you are for "newbies", who don't understand what it really means to not push against bad feelings.

(30 Mar '13, 20:10) releaser99
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Well Timmy, perhaps this should really give you a decent shock and wake you up.

If you have a desire for something, when your desire is that strong, you will break through and get what you want. I was just checking my 'favourites' tab on my computer, and found this. I completely forgot about it, but I think it is worthy showing to anybody for inspiration. Here's your Christmas gift:



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Originally I wanted to type this in the comment section because I felt it was not really spiritual advice and unrelated, but it was too long so I am just going to post it here anyway.

Timmyy, I don't think you really need any spiritual advice for this. If any spritual advice is needed, the only thing that you probably need to do is accept your current situation and be willing to face it. From the way you have phrased your question, you seemed to have been trying to avoid this particular topic for a long time until you finally can't take it anymore and sort of released all everything at once (I might be wrong though).

I completely understand how you feel because I suffered from bad acne when I was still young a few years back. It completely destroyed my self-confidence and I am still slightly affected by it now. I tried all kinds of methods in the past for a year but nothing just seemed to work. You can tell how demoralized I was and was already on the verge of giving up.

Somehow or another, I fell sick (probably a fever, can't really remember) at that time and had to make a trip down to the family doctor. I don't know whether it was by luck or chance that the doctor asked me whether I would like to do something about my acne (this was before I knew about spiritual stuff) and since I had nothing to do, I decided to give it a try.

Now even though I still have a bit of acne breakouts here and there, it is not as bad as before and does not affect me as much anymore. One thing to note though is that you cannot completely get rid of it, but you can definitely make it less visible and better through medication and proper treatment.

So you claim that you have tried to make peace with this issue, but have you really tried anything else that would make it better? Now that I think about it, I probably tried at least more than 10 different methods in that particular year (including putting sliced cucumbers and lime juice on my face lol). If you have not even tried a single method other than trying to "make peace", then you probably haven't made any peace with your current acne issue.

My advice to you would be to just accept it for now and seek medical help, even a normal GP will be able to recommend you proper medication that will probably help a lot. The medication I took was some sort of drugs that regulated your production of hormones in your body, but it made my lips really dry and caused me to be thirsty all the time. It will also cause disfigured babies if the person taking the medication is pregnant, so when you take the medicine you would have to sign an agreement that you cannot be pregnant while you are on this medication (if you are a girl) or an agreement that you cannot let any other person take your medication (if you are a guy). I forgot what was the name of it since it was so long ago but if you describe these symptoms to any GP I am quite sure they will have an idea what it is.


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It probably was accutane. I was taking it 2-3 years ago and it made my acne even worse in the long run. Couple of months after that I started using hypnosis and it made my skin clear until I stoppped using it. Then I tried essential oils and couple of other methods and some of them really worked but it was very annoying to me cause I want a clear skin without using 5 methods a day and spend 2 hours a day for this...

(07 Apr '13, 16:48) timmyy

Now did I mention it's not even that bad (but I still worry about it a lot)? Couple of pimples occasionally (I had acne 2 years ago) and I really think that I won't clear my skin 100% until I stop pushing against it...

Thanks for the advice though. Appreciate it. :)

(07 Apr '13, 16:50) timmyy

I have a friend with body acne and I know how awful it is, and what pain it causes her, so I do understand your desire to manifest better skin.

I think this is a case where you are going to have to actively go after clearer skin- in other words, help the universe along in making your dreams come true. I know that certain low doses of antibiotics can work miracles with body acne. Have you seen a doctor? Another thing is to bathe frequently because your have too much oil in your skin anyway. Avoid any oily foods, and there are certain other foods that can trigger acne... Coca-Cola was one for me when I was young, along with chocolate.

I say, help yourself achieve what you want. Go get 'em!




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hi there i just saw this post and i agree its good to make peace with wherever you are.. but i do honestly agree with some of the posts above, that sometimes physical issues are mainly just that: physical! ie: with acne it is usually either a case of a hormonal imbalance/ allergy or bad diet etc.. the skin is an organ of elmination, just like the bowels or kidneys so stuff is trying to be elminated from your body - whether it is toxins, heat or congestion from dairy stuff etc.. i don't know what type of acne it is without hearing more.. but imho the best thing is to keep up whatever spiritual outlook works best for you, but also see a naturopath as they will tell you how to cleanse the body and rebalance the hormones or a good one will also do lab tests to check for allergies or hormonal imbalances etc. I know that body/mind is linked etc but there are just physical reasons sometimes.. for example even if you were the Buddha and you sucked on sweets all day, you would get tooth decay! i'm sure you may have tried loads of these things anyway but just my take


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