I come from apart of the world where 99.9% of marriages happen through arranged marriage,

most of the time you are matched through your parents choice of who they think is "most appropriate" my parents seem to have a very different view of who they find suitable for me, and its very " conservative and old fashioned" while i want a modern, open minded husband who doesn't have traits of misogyny and sexism ( which is prevalent where i am from).

( i am ok with marrying via an arranged marriage, as long as the person fits most of my requirements)

what tips and advice can you offer to help me manifest the perfect husband?

I already know what i want in a husband:

-open minded

  • Lets me dress however I want ( most men in my culture force their women to wear a veil and cover up)

  • Wealthy

I am eager to get married, because I want to migrate and since I am under the control of my strict parents that is impossible, with a husband it would be easier and feasible to do so ( and even if i end up divorcing, i would have much more freedom as a divorced woman than i would as a single unmarried female). I would like to attract a suitor within the next 3-4 months.

Thank you.

asked 12 May '13, 09:45

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Wow.. Well, welcome to IQ..

This is a really rough question. And I'm going to sit back and let someone much more capable answer it. I do hope you find what you're looking for and I pray it works out well for you. I wish there was more I could offer..

(12 May '13, 20:42) Snow

Lol. When you find a wealthy one, take me for the ride. I could act as your adopted child.

(13 May '13, 04:54) CalonLan
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Hello tothebone, welcome to IQ ...

  • you wish to get married so as to be able to migrate

  • your future husband should allow you to dress as you want and should be wealthy

  • even before getting married you envisage the possibility to divorce

In other words at the moment you feel imprisoned and the only way of escaping seems to be get married and emigrate ... getting married to a man who "allows" you to dress as you please, a man who is wealthy, is in effect exchanging the prison that you feel you're in at the moment, for a prison dominated by your husband ... a husband who "allows" implies he has power over you, implies that you need his permission to dress as you wish, having a wealthy husband implies that you are kept in poverty and thus under his control.

Getting married to escape is thinking in terms of searching on the outside what is lacking on the inside, in other words you are continuing to manifest from a place of lack which means you'll continue to manifest the feeling of being imprisoned wherever you go.

To manifest the perfect marriage is first to find it on the inside, to feel in perfect harmony, to find that place of peace within, it's a union of three spiritual forces

alt text


answered 13 May '13, 03:17

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ru bis

@ru bis- i loved the pic..,can u explain more abt these 3 spiritual forces.?

(13 May '13, 03:45) supergirl

@supergirl ... it's using your mind, body and soul in all that you do

(13 May '13, 06:34) ru bis

"continuing to manifest from a place of lack which means you'll continue to manifest the feeling of being imprisoned wherever you go" - Nicely said. Resolving the underlying feeling of imprisonment will naturally bring about the appropriate solution whether that means marriage, emigration or something that hasn't presented itself yet.

(14 May '13, 12:52) Stingray
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I suggest using your imagination to see yourself already here in the states, wearing what you like and feeling your freedom to be yourself. Feel your loving husband beside you, the ring on your finger, smell the fresh air...in other words, use your every sense to strongly imagine the life you want to lead. Refresh this image daily and without doubts. It will happen, and under the right circumstances!


answered 14 May '13, 15:47

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LeeAnn 1

Pretty simple answer. Be the kind of woman the perfect husband would want. He will come along -- "arranged by Source"! I am dead serious. Anne


answered 13 May '13, 07:44

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No Brainer


i am the kind of women the man i want to manifest would want :)

  • open minded, caring and LOVING!
(13 May '13, 09:16) tothebone

@No Brainer "arranged by source" love it :)

(13 May '13, 09:24) ru bis

"open minded, caring and LOVING" i think you must have a whole lot of men wanting to marry you :)

(13 May '13, 09:28) ru bis

ru bis is right,u shld be vry specific :))

(13 May '13, 10:17) supergirl

@tothebone- be vry specific...,evn in physical characteristics...,evn in height, looks, complexion, profession,salary, home..,evythng :))

(13 May '13, 10:20) supergirl

Respectfully, my dear @supergirl - I suggest that @tothebone NOT be very specific. Don't limit the "Infinite Is" like that. Ask ONLY that you will be happy with the man. What else really matters?

(13 May '13, 12:41) No Brainer

@tothebone- Missed out "hot" :P

(13 May '13, 19:34) Nikulas
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as ru bis said..,for an ideal relationship/marraige, u need to fill that void with in u and be in prefect harmony with urself. so., first of all be in complete harmony with urself.

i would suggest u something, make a list of all the vital characteristics that u want in ur future partner and see to it that its all positive. write it in detail..,cover as many pages u want..and then,let go..,leave it on universe and have complete trust that at proper time..universe is gonna deliver u ur ideal life partner.

marraige is a beautiful institution of love..,where two souls grow with each other.,they complete each other,they are commited to each other ...its such a thing where these two souls are always there for each other and with each other..in all times..,good ones n evn bad ones..,and when it comes to arrange marraiges,i feel that sometimes arrange marraiges can be more fruitful and ideal, fulfilling than love marraiges cos the family acceptance in these kind of marraiges is very high and so, there is less familial resistance. wat so ever kind of marraige it be..either love / arranged, i think so that its ur attitude towards it and ur life partner that finally defines..,its gonna work or not.

so..all i wanna say is.."prepare a list and be super positive. see marraige as a beautiful part of life and union of ur soul with ur soulmate rather than simply a thing to escape. imagine ur first marraige to be so good n fulfilling that there won't be any divorse n all. and yepp..it is all possible. it is possible that u can find all good qualities and wishes in a single man. make urself believe that it is possible.

i hope i have helped u in any way..

may u get the ur dream guy asap..

love, light n blessings ur wayy..

supergirl.. :))


answered 13 May '13, 04:08

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Please see my answer to this question Here. I also answered this Here.

This may help too.


answered 13 May '13, 22:59

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Wade Casaldi

edited 13 May '13, 23:14

Dont take this the wrong way.....BUT are you wanting to marry just to get out of your country and end up in a better one?

Just seems that your not TOO bothered if the marriage breaks up.....as long as you migrate.

Nothing wrong with that tothebone, im going to do something similar,and frankly i may end up not taking the other half. But it does seem as if migration is what you REALLY want.

Maybe your future partner may not wish to be your ticket out of your country. He may well want you to love him for what he is.

It would be interesting to know where you want to go ( country wise ) and why your current home nation isnt suitable.

I have a close friend who goes abroad to see her family....but like yourself the oppressive regime ( aimed mostly at women ) puts her off wanting to stay there.

So i do see your reasoning. And im not judging. The best way to get the right partner? I would look at the manifesting method that entails putting your request in a box, forgetting it, and letting source/God do the rest.

After all, it isnt something that needs to be done in a rush is it? Its too important a decision for that. In fact i saw a show with Warren Buffet in it, hes worth quite a few million! He told a business student that his decision to marry the right person was the smartest choice he ever made! And thats coming from someone whos choices have netted him in excess of 40 Billion dollars.


answered 14 May '13, 12:41

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Monty Riviera

hey there,

you are somewhat right, i mostly do want marriage as an escape ticket, however i want to hit 2 birds with one stone, and get a suitable husband at the same time, however if eventually the marriage didnt work out, im not as bothered as i should be since i got my ticket to freedom, and as a divorced woman id have more freedom than if i was single. i am from the united arab emirates its a great country but tribal law and cultural restrictions are harsh towards women, im planning to migrate to the USA, which i have all the requirments to do so.

and i have put my requirments and desires in a wish box :)

(14 May '13, 13:16) tothebone

@tothebone, the answers box should only be used to provide answers to the original question and is not intended for making comments. If you wish to make a comment on an existing answer, please click on the "Add New Comment" link available under each answer. Thanks. I'm converting your "answer" into a comment.

(14 May '13, 13:20) Barry Allen ♦♦

thank you! im on my phone thus it was hard for me to see the page properly!

(14 May '13, 13:22) tothebone

I see tothebone. Cant really blame you for wanting more freedom, its what most of us crave. I hope things turn out well in the States,my friend visited Pakistan recently and had little freedom there.She was glad to get back to England. Its a shame some cultures and most religions discriminate against women. If your desire is in the wish box, its in the right place.Im sure your manifestation will be here soon.Enjoy America!

(16 May '13, 11:08) Monty Riviera
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