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The Apple Technique

This technique is one I’ve been practicing and fine tuning for a few years. I call it “The Apple Technique” to convince your subconscious that the illusion you have created in your mind is real and new “feelings” are created from it causing you to vibrate a new vibration thus manifesting equal matches to that new vibration. I call it the apple technique because you start with an apple and use your 5 senses. An apple is such a common everyday object and you are so familiar with it that it is an object that is quick and easy to imagine.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths as if you’re meditating. Relax, clear your mind.

Start by imagining, as vividly as possible, an apple in your hand. Then using your senses as vividly as possible:

Feel, Feel its waxy skin. Feel the apple shape. Feel its weight. Feel its vibration. Feel the apple up against your lips.

Next, see the apple in your hand and look closely at it see the red and green colors and its waxy skin and the divots on each end, the stem sticking out one end. From your memory recall everything about what an apple looks like to you.

Next, smell the apple in your hand. The scent of an apple is easy to recall from memory.

Next, taste the apple by opening your mouth and sinking your teeth into it and it bursts with juices and flavor. The taste of apple completely fills your mouth.

Next, hear the crunch as you’re biting into the apple and the continuous crunch as you’re chewing it and smacking your lips.

Next, run all of your 5 senses at the same time. Your subconscious will think you're eating an apple.

This is an easy experience to recall, as we have eaten apples hundreds if not thousands of times in our lives. Practice this procedure a couple of times to become familiar because this is the warm up part. For some it may not be easy to do at first. If that's the case then start with 2 or 3 senses and work up to all 5.

Now, let's change the object to something else. Let’s say you want to meet a new romantic partner.

So let’s start again.....

A Romantic Partner

Feel, your hand touching this person. Feel your legs touching under a table, feel the vibration from their voice. Feel the exciting vibration coming from them because they are excited to be with you. (Faces, scenarios, and sounds can assist in the feeling revolving around this person) Please don’t have the feeling of nervousness because that is resistance.

Smell, is this person wearing cologne, or perfume? Are you in a bar scenario where you smell alcohol? A restaurant where you smell food? Scenarios can help with the feeling of say being out on a date with this person. Create your own scenario to assist in the feeling enhancement.

Taste, What would you taste with this person? Maybe you’re sharing a banana slit? Maybe a coffee? Or chewing gum or maybe you don’t taste anything at all?

Hear, what do you hear with this person? Music? Them saying they like you? They want to get married? Watch their mouth as they’re saying it and hear their words as they’re saying it. It’s creating stronger feelings.

See, what do you see with this person you created? Good looks? Good hygiene? Big, small, in shape, a cyclist, a jogger, a reader, wears glasses? Create a person that is going to create “feelings” inside you.

Now, run all 5 senses at the same time with the information you gave to each sense.

Takes a bit of practice, but run it over and over and over again. You may want to fine tune some things and that’s fine. You may actually play out an entire scene with this person or you may just repeat a still image with the sensations attached to that image.

It’s the “feelings” you are seeking!

As Bashar says "Your job is to only concentrate on the good feelings! Don't worry about what is going to show up because your higher self is only going to bring you the best of the best for your circumstance. It won't short change you......and in most cases you are going to be pleasantly surprised at what does show up!"

The 5 senses of seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting and touching are only being used for the purpose of enhancing the feelings. Your subconscious is going to think this is actually taking place and vibrations you have created are going to be matched in the material world.

Practicing this every day keeps the vibration continuous. What happens next? The exact manifestation to what you’re vibrating suddenly shows up, and you say “Whoa! That’s cool!” and this person who shows up is actually interested in you!

Use this technique for anything you want, a car, money etc.

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so you convince the water/mind that the illusion that you created in the water/mind is real and new waves are created in the water/heart and you relate the inside of the cup with the outside of the cup using the water to create using imagination inside the water what you are suppose to get from outside of the cup using your 5 sense? but did you see the light reflecting on the water in the cup?

(25 Oct '12, 22:50) white tiger

sounds like my 'ice cream technique'. I don't know if I shared it here, or just on facebook.

(25 Oct '12, 22:58) Fairy Princess

thanks for sharing.

(26 Oct '12, 02:28) releaser99

thanks for sharing...

(26 Oct '12, 04:41) supergirl

"The Apple Technique for Manifesting" - For some reason, I thought this was going to involve using an iPad ;)

(26 Oct '12, 08:32) Stingray

Love this Eldavo , thank you ♥♥♥

(26 Oct '12, 10:16) Starlight

@Eldavo- I feel as if you've made your romantic partner segment personally just for me. Thankyou for all your help and going through the effort to write this and help us all out :)

(26 Oct '12, 10:42) Nikulas

@Nikulas Yes you inspired the post Nikulas. Hope my ramblings made sense.

(28 Oct '12, 21:00) Eldavo

@Stingray Lol! No not the iPad but the original apple product. Lol

(28 Oct '12, 21:01) Eldavo

@Eldavo, I carefully followed your advice, and this got intense. I have done plenty of visualising before, but never in quite this way, deliberately, consciously experiencing each sense one by one, then all at the same time.... I felt engulfed in it, even the tiniest bit frightened by how real it was. But it was fun!

(29 Oct '12, 00:44) Grace

...and now, I can't begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to manifesting this. ;)

(29 Oct '12, 00:46) Grace

@Grace Yes yes yes! That's the feeling your after! Because it felt so real! and your subconscious "thought" it was real and it created feelings which shook you a bit. At first it can seem a bit scary but that's only because you've never experienced it before. With practice you can go into some really vivid scenarios, and create some wild stuff!!

(30 Oct '12, 09:36) Eldavo

@Eldavo - Hahaha your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for the confirmation that I'm on the right track. Did it again this morning, it is a lot of fun. :)

(30 Oct '12, 13:50) Grace
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Just wanted to share this little image , you might find it usefull.

Thanks to Deepak and :-)

alt text


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I Like It!...Thank you for sharing this Starlight, very nice and simple. Especially love the last 2 lines.

I have found that the problem people/myself have about imagining their futures/scenarios is that its not focused imagination but rather very vague. So vague results manifest. Just a simple break down of the 5 senses and giving each sense something to experience will really create a focused moment with created feelings. That was my aim with the Apple technique.

(28 Oct '12, 21:21) Eldavo

Most welcome @Eldavo , found after a posted this ,I sat with a green apple I'd sliced up and really explored your discription , funny how I have never really noticed the delicate smells that are within what many to consider an ordinary thing , also discovered the creaminess of my daily bananas thank you ♥♥♥ oh once seen then rest with eyes closed , lol

(28 Oct '12, 21:47) Starlight

@Starlight this is lovely, thank you for sharing.

(28 Oct '12, 23:34) Grace
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