Why are some people more comfortable with phrases like "Infinite Intelligence" when referring to the Being I call "God"? Is there a difference between the two? Are we just playing a game of semantics? Or is this a real difference?

Blessings and Love, Jai

asked 09 May '11, 18:07

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"A rose by any other name , is still a rose "

After all Jai , are you not a mother , wife , daughter , sister , lover , friend... just for starters ;-) ♥♥♥

(18 Feb '13, 18:58) Starlight
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We are known as many names and react to each differently. It seems like we have all multiple personalities. To Joe's daughter he is called Daddy, to his boss he is called Whitman. Joe responds completely different to each of these names. But Joe is both of these names. Infinite intelligence is a quality of God. It is like just one of those names. All powerful is another. There are many more and they all are parts of the same being. GOD being the sum total, the full perspective of all that is is the best name.

Farther is good when we want closeness and Christ or Jesus is good when we want such closeness as to feel we are taking with our brother.


answered 18 Feb '13, 19:37

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade- Brilliant!!!

(18 Feb '13, 20:00) Jaianniah

I think that some people that believe in a higher source do not like to personify it (him).

As we are taught as children (most of us) we are given an image of an older white male that sits in the clouds and judges us, takes care of us, and ultimately grant us salvation.

him alt text

As we get older (me) we still might think of a sacred source, infinite intelligence and even the "Force" and some of us lose the word GOD to make it a point not to personify the [insert higher being here]


answered 09 May '11, 18:17

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I think I get it! Thanks!>>>>>>>>>

(09 May '11, 22:05) Jaianniah

Yeah, I agree with Michael... I don't think the terminology matters at all Jai, only the relationship we foster with that higher being.


answered 09 May '11, 18:27

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Bingo! >>>>>>>>>>>>

(09 May '11, 22:05) Jaianniah

The word "GOD" is an English word and technically isnt what the biblical teaching tells us to call Him. If indeed we can refer to God as "Him".

The bible has many differing names,in fact i heard somewhere that one of the names used for Him literally means " the breasty nurse".

Cant exactly remember where i got that from!

The phrase "I AM " seems relevant to me just now.

Different names same being.



answered 09 May '11, 19:09

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Monty Riviera

yes you are :).

(09 May '11, 21:07) you

I almost used the "I am that I am" phrase in my comments..."I am" has been on my mind, too! Love, >>>>>>>>>>>>>

(09 May '11, 22:07) Jaianniah

It will greatly depend on the difference. I met a new being in channeling who said if he was in our universe we would call him God. It is because he is a part of and IS everything in HIS universe,, some call god the entity directly responsible for co-creating this earth, Gia some call her, the infinite intelligence is oone that has created all that is, so it depends on what version of god you are ready for.
If you are only wanting to include our planet than your god is MUCH different than the infinite creator!

love n light,



answered 09 May '11, 19:27

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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infinite intelligence is only one of is attribute. infinite awareness,infinite peace,infinite wisdom,infinite goodness,infinite knowledge,infinite love,etc... yet you could give him many names just like religion as made.To try to define him. Yet it is God he is more then the some of is part he as personnality.

Just like you i could say you are intelligent,yet it is only one of your attribute.I do not think you would like it if someone started to call you intelligent when he refers to you.It would not properly represent you and eventually it would bother you.You would say he i am more then just intelligent i have other attribute also call me __.


answered 18 Feb '13, 20:27

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white tiger

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