Consider: And is War the only way to win?

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Is War an excuse for power, hungry war mongering lunatics, or is a case of money, power, and control? And can greediness lead to death, and does anyone really care about the lives lost? Has War really brought Peace to the people’s ability to resolve conflict, and to prevent future Wars, and is practicing peace a job everyone can do? Do War survivors receive praise, promotion, or even a medal, after the War ends?

The answer that I am looking for is: Has the nature of Warfare changed today, and does War just happen by accident, or is organized War a natural activity, also in general, is War a bad thing, or a good thing?

Here is a Link from youtube: Why Can’t We Be Friends? By Raky Maky

3:50 Add to War - Why Can't We Be Friends?by RakyMaky

Can someone please fix this link to listen to this Video?

Is this the one you are referring to?

Or is it this one with the scrolling lyrics?

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Hi Vee. If the link you are looking for is one of these, please delete my comment in front of it and re-position it at your intended location. To get the link, I just copied the URL address from the very top address bar of my browser (after clicking on the video that I wanted to watch) & pasted it in the edit window here. I think this last link is the original version and very entertaining to watch.

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Thank you Traveller for posting the link, and yes it is the correct link.

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31 verse Tao Te Ching

Armies are tools of violence;
They cause men to hate and fear.
The sage will not join them.
His purpose is creation;
Their purpose is destruction.

Weapons are tools of violence,
Not of the sage;
He uses them only when there is no choice,
And then calmly, and with tact,
For he finds no beauty in them.

Whoever finds beauty in weapons
Delights in the slaughter of men;
And who delights in slaughter
Cannot content himself with peace.

So slaughters must be mourned
And conquest celebrated with a funeral.



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Harsh reality, but true! Thank you.

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The fact that all things are existing at the same time (everything has a complement)...would make me think that peace and war are inseparable parts of one whole. The dominating and submitting is a force that we see in nature and all around us...and we cannot escape it. I think maybe we look at wars from only a very human perspective. Peace and War are merely opposite polarities of the same "thing". We look at only the symtoms of war (violence,bloodshed, rape and pillage, etc) and we grieve for that. The fact is since the day there was "peace"...there was also "war". War has only expanded, proportionately as our capabilty and overall evolution has expanded.

But what is war really ? within our own bodies our white blood cells/t-cells are constantly fighting or at war with free radicals, invading bacteria and viruses. When we walk on the ground going thru our everyday existence...our feet are killing innocent animals, creatures, insects, bacteria...whatever. They are at constant war with us...and we don't even know it. The war amongst chemical elements is what creates stars and planets. The earth is at war within itself (volcanos, tsunami, etc).

I believe when the One Human Race...separated into multiple races.... The Source had this hidden adgenda if you will... Can the races get along amongst each other .... recognizing the oneness within each other ? We don't really know how many mini-sub plots there are as they relate to our reason/existence here on earth.


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A well thought out answer, and you made a good point can races get along amongst each other? Thank you.

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do not believe that war is a natural condition of nature, rather a manmade calamity
emanating for a gross misunderstanding of what it is to be human, where our current beliefs in
relative truths have led and probably will lead us to it for awhile to come.
some say greed others say entitlement and separateness as proposing theories for it's necessity
maybe when we get tired of the killing there will be peace.
no, it does not have to happen, but what we keep on choosing to do.


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It depends on what you consider war, if it is fighting then yes this is very natural, like two bulls fighting over who is the boss. But if you mean organized groups against each-other no I don't believe that is in the animal or plant kingdom.

(16 May '11, 07:24) Wade Casaldi

wade, fighting may be acceptable amongst children, it is not natural amongst adults, but ratiocintative in lieu of our ignorance.

(16 May '11, 09:29) fred

@ fred, thank you for your answer. I get your point, but do you really think the time will come when mankind will be able to settle their differences peacefully without killing each other?

(17 May '11, 04:29) Inactive User ♦♦

vee, i hope we will see it, though little evidence points towards it happening soon. the hold of linear thinking needs to be seen for what it really is.

(18 May '11, 11:18) fred
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If we look at history I see your point, like after WWII everyone was so fed up with war it was a great time of peace, a complete release and relaxing time. To have world peace it seems like as the Twilights Zone said so many years ago, "The only time the world will unite and forget their differences is when they have a common outside enemy to fight together against." That was talking about space people but it does not need to be a war it could be disasters like has been happening around the earth lately. The thing I find interesting is these disasters seem to keep us from drifting too far into wars to get out of hand. Every time it seems that another disaster hits the compassion grows, another thing is the small uprisings that have been overtaking governments, again this is another common bonding situation. I other words we bond for the common good always even in wars like when France helped America win its freedom, it was compassion for America that gave this bond, this has been the same for every war countries get together deciding which side is the one that they feel compassion to help. This of course is the same for helping countries in disasters as well. If we were attacked from space by space robots or something all of the world would join for humanity to preserve human life.


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Wade Casaldi

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Yes, you are right, humanity will indeed get together to protect their world, if there were to be an attack on them from Outer Space! Thank you.

(17 May '11, 04:45) Inactive User ♦♦

@Wade "If we were attacked from space by space robots or something all of the world would join for humanity to preserve human life."

@Snow & I were discussing this a couple months ago....

"if an aliens attack our planet, we would all band together to save the human race. I certainly hope it doesn't take something like that for us to realize we are in this world together." ~ Shari Arsion

(24 Jun '13, 19:00) ele

"How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky?

yes and how many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry?

yes and how many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind"

Bob Dylan "Blowin' in the wind"

Bob Dylan is showing us the way in a musical fashion ♫ ♫ ♫

Here's a simple mathematical way;

The square symbolizes earth structure and the length of it's sides are rational. If the length of the sides is 1 meter then the length of the diagonal is the square root of 2(1+1)= 1.4142135623731 etc meters, this is a never ending irrational number.

alt text

If we center our attention on the mid point of the square, we are at the center of the two theoretically infinite diagonal lines, a symbolic portal that extends beyond the physical realm and into the infinite invisible realm - this is the secret of sacred geometry.

The same phenomenon can be shown from a colors angle. Colors are subtle energies that are holographic in nature and can be represented by a complete circle of vibrational energies from the infinitely small wavelengths to the infinitely big wavelengths.

Beyond the seven essential visible colors of the rainbow are invisible colors that extend into negative green and an infinite multidimensional realm.


answered 25 Jun '13, 11:28

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Welcome to IQ @jaz. Love your nom de plume & it's user friendly to boot - which always makes me happy. The song reminds me of when I learned to play the guitar. Our instructor taught us to play all the sixties peace songs .. Enjoy the music.

Yes, the answer is Blowin' in the Wind. Native Americans consider the wind symbol (the lozenge) to be a very sacred symbol - is it any wonder why?

(25 Jun '13, 23:19) ele

Nice edit "All this means is " All? I'm so tired of hearing "we live in a world of duality"; like there is no other choice. We don't have to live in a world of duality. You may be interested in this user's thoughts on the subject

I'll leave you with his most infamous quote "follow the path of duality & you'll always come across merde" Pardon my French..

(28 Jun '13, 03:01) ele

I can't edit my first comment; I didn't realize I linked a video w/no harmonica. It's not the same. I thought I clicked on this one.

Thanks for the clarification. If one would be still & listen, the answers are always Blowin' in the Wind. A little musical appreciation @jaz

(28 Jun '13, 03:05) ele

yes @ele be still in the center of a cube, lol

(28 Jun '13, 03:26) jaz

@jaz - lol? Does not compute. Sure as soon as I shut down my computer I get it - what other option does the center have than be still. Prob many if the center just learns to uses it's imagination.. I posted the wrong link to the above & cannot edit.. You may be interested in reading this user's thoughts on war & peace:

(28 Jun '13, 03:38) ele
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The money /free market system has most definitely caused a war system. Money = power and power = money.

Yes the fight for this planets limited resources ( nothing created nothing destroyed) has no doubt created a battlefield for dominance. Be there BE no money, what would we fight for? Our current socio-economic system has an inherent fight/battle mode. Think of all of the stress that money creates. Physical stress for the need of more money is number 1. Then mental health.

Yes Vee. Money is (the need and desire to have more) the reason for most of our societal problems.

You desire for money, change your habits because of money, we let money dictate our well being.

When this planet has enough resources to sustain the whole of man kind while people starve is sickening.

War is market driven nothing else. Problems are created to sustain a financial well being.

It makes me sad.

**I am talking about todays wars. The wars of pre 1900 were not wars of money


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It makes me sad too, especially, when I think of all the innocence lives lost! Thank you.

(17 May '11, 04:37) Inactive User ♦♦
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